The Punisher S01E13 "Memento Mori" Recap

Lieberman and Madani bring a badly wounded Castle to Madani's father, a doctor. They can't bring him to the hospital because then police will surely ask questions and take him into custody, putting him at risk of being hunted down by Billy before he is ready to fight him off. One of Frank's many injuries is a broken rib that has puncture his lung but Madani's father is able to drain the fluid so Frank can breathe again. While Madani's father continues to tend to Frank's wounds, Billy patches up his own injuries from the fight. Billy kills some agents that were sent to bring him in.

Frank leaves Madani's place after being patched up and learning that Billy got away. Madani is reprimanded for letting Frank go, despite her claims that he overpowered her and escaped. But ultimately she convinces them that they're better off not having Castle or Lieberman in custody since they have plenty to say about the agency's misdeeds. Lieberman reunites with his family in protective custody.

Billy snakes into Hoyle's house and takes him captive to lure Frank out. Frank begins shooting up the place with a sniper rifle and in the commotion Billy manages to land a shot in Hoyle's shoulder. Frank calls Hoyle, who passes Billy the phone so they can talk. The two agree to meet that night at midnight at the carousel where Frank's family died. Madani is able to trace Frank's phone to the carousel and decides to pursue him despite Hernandez and James ordering her not to take any further action besides writing up her report.

Frank arrives at the carousel and stakes it out, discovering that Billy has taken two young carnival-workers hostage, wounded them, and tied them up to the horses. Billy calls Frank and warns him that the two of them are bleeding out and it's up to Frank to save them. Frank and Billy begin to shoot at each other, eventually making it onto the carousel. Frank manages to shoot Billy in the cheek, but Billy threatens to shoot the kids if Frank doesn't come out. Billy begins to shoot at Frank but gets distracted by Madani showing up. Billy shoots her and Frank attacks Billy. The two fight viciously until Frank eventually manages to get the upper hand. Frank decides to not kill Billy, instead cutting up his face with glass so that he will have to live disfigured instead of having his pretty face to rely on.

Frank is taken into custody and is told that he's been given a pass to go free without being pursued by law enforcement. Madani and Russo are brought to the hospital with both surviving their injuries, though it may be some time before either can be active once more. Frank's freedom was also pushed along due to Madani's request. Now he has a new chance at life like never before. Russo is officially set to be reprimanded for his crimes, while Lieberman is freed and returned to his family. Finally, Frank decides to join Hoyle's support group for veterans.

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