Humans S03E03 "Episode 3" Recap

The refugee synths arrive at Max's community but he refuses to let them in due to them being unfamiliar since he is concerned about letting anyone in that could be potential terrorist synths. But his harsh stance causes an increasing dissent in the community. The synths had claimed that Mia had sent them but Mia hasn't returned, meaning Max can't know for sure.

Mattie brings Leo to Laura's house so he can continue to recuperate but Laura warns Mattie how dangerous it is for him to be there. Mattie insists that he is human now and has no one else so Laura agrees to let him stay for a few days.

Mia has grown dissatisfied with her state of being so she follows Niska's advice to try living among the humans. She attempts to rent a flat but the real estate agent tries to call the police and have her arrested. Mia recites the fine points of the laws regarding synths and even has the officer call her registered owner, Laura, who also uses her knowledge of the law to force the police and the real estate agent to rent a flat. However, doing so attracts significant attention from the locals who are angry and hostile about her taking up residence in their neighbourhood.

Karen hides Sam in Joe's grocery store after one of his contacts gets accidentally knocked out so they can recover from the accident before heading back out to their home. He is weary of their visit but still doesn't out them.

Joe warms to the idea of Karen helping Sam so he visits her and helps to teach him how to draw more like a human child. He ultimately decides to continue to help Karen teach Sam to blend in with the humans.

Mia spends most of her time alone in her flat drawing pictures. People spend their time outside her flat screaming at her. She then decides to call Laura back and check in. Laura gives the phone to Leo so they can finally speak, as Mia never knew that Leo had woken from his coma or that Max had kicked him out of the camp. After the call, she steps outside of her flat and answers a reporter's questions, saying that Laura is her friend and that the only thing Mia wants to do is live. Mia had also turned down Leo's request to come visit her, at least for the time being.

Laura goes out for dinner with Neil, who continues to dodge her questions about anything related to Basswood. Meanwhile, Mattie takes Leo out for drinks, hoping to get him reacquainted with life among humans. They sneak into Mattie's old school, as Leo is curious about a real school since he never attended a public school. Mattie opens up about feeling guilty for the Day Zero deaths and he is insistent that she shouldn't feel guilty and there is plenty of good that came from what happened. He pushes her to stop wallowing.

Niska tracks down the house where the synth terrorists had been operating out of but the only thing left inside is an orange-eyed synth left behind to warn her that she can't defeat the terrorists, though it does give her an address to continue her search for them. Immediately thereafter the orange-eyed synth disables itself. The terrorists had somehow used the synth to first hack into her brain so they could learn more about her.

Leo and Mattie return home and he kisses her, having realised that the reason she was always visiting him while he was in the coma was because she had deeper feelings for him.

The majority of the Dryden Commission votes to keep the synths confined, prompting Laura to consider resigning from her position. However, another member named Patel convinces her to stay and think of the long game so she can eventually enact real change for the betterment of the synths. Laura then gets inspired to arrange for the committee to visit the synth commune in the hopes of them becoming more sympathetic to the synths if they spend time with them.

Sam runs into the street in pursuit of a ball and is nearly hit by a car were it not for Joe showing up and running out and grabbing him before he can be hit. Karen is shaken to realise that she wasn't able to run out and save Sam herself due to her programming that prevents her from doing something that will deliberately cause herself harm.

Humans airs on Thursdays on Channel 4.


The Handmaid's Tale S02E07 "After" Recap

Ofglen's bomb at the Rachel and Leah centre leaves 31 handmaids, 26 commanders, and many civilians dead. Numerous others are left injured including Commander Waterford, who is visited in the hospital by Serena, Nick, and his other colleagues. The news of the attack reaches Canada, where Luke and Moira hear of it. Luke is confident that June is still alive while Moira is more determined to find answers, specifically regarding her fiancee Odette. Moira visits a refugee center to look through various records. Flashbacks show that Moira had been a surrogate for a couple before the war began and this was how she met Odette, who had worked as a doctor. Eventually, Moira discovers photographs showing Odette was killed.

While Commander Waterford recovers from his injuries, Commander Pryce takes on his responsibilities, vowing to hunt everyone down that was involved in the attack. He visits Offred to question her about who was involved with helping her run away but she insists that she was taken against her will and didn't see anyone responsible. Cushing doesn't believe her but leaves to continue his work on increasing security measures, including adding checkpoints and having guardians execute more people. Offred runs off to visit Serena and Commander Waterford at the hospital.

June tells Nick about Cushing questioning her about learning who helped her run away, frightened that he won't give up. Nick promises not to let anything happen to her. When she later returns home, she tells Serena about Cushing questioning her and Serena coaches her on how to appease him. Serena becomes alarmed to learn about the increased violence Cushing is implementing. Serena worries about the family's safety, especially the baby's. This prompts Serena to forge orders from Commander Waterford to get Cushing arrested for treason and apostasy.

Due to the high number of handmaids being killed, many fertile women are taken back from the Colonies in order to be handmaids once again, including Janine and Emily. They both have a reunion with June in the grocery store, where June discretely calls Emily by her real name and finally introduces herself as June. June whispers to another handmaid to introduce herself and numerous handmaids begin to follow suit, whispering their names to one another as a real introduction and form of quiet protest and action of solidarity. Some of these whispers are overheard by Eden.

Some time later, Serena enlists Offred in her secret plans to continue performing the Commander's work on his behalf while he is still recovering in the hospital.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.


Margaret Brings Monkey Business To Melodifestivalen

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Margaret has brought her creative eye and passion for fashion to her Melodifestivalen entry, with each week bringing a new set of outfits to try on during rehearsals to determine the best look for another competitive run. Margaret has defied the odds of contests past to become the first non-Swedish artist to make it to the finals, with "In My Cabana" becoming a commercial hit in Sweden. Her prior album "Monkey Business" is one that conceptually suits her style, of not taking herself too seriously despite the divalicious ferocity of many of her singles. It's evident in speaking to her that her philosophy is one that embraces every experience and opportunity, and to truly enjoy being in the show.

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iZombie S04E13 "And He Shall Be a Good Man" Recap

Ravi sees on the news that Congress has voted to stop shipping all brain supplies into New Seattle. Ravi proceeds to call Peyton and leave her a voicemail saying she shouldn't come back since it's safer to stay out of New Seattle. He is about to say he loves her on the voicemail when he's interrupted by a knock at the door from one of Liv's coyotes. She tells Ravi that Liv has turned herself in and she's set to be executed with Levon. After Ravi brings Jordan some food, Peyton emerges, having returned to New Seattle and heard his voicemail. Ravi calls Clive to let him know about Liv, right as Clive was preparing to have sex with Dale for the first time, having decided to let her turn him into a zombie. She proposes that they wait till marriage and Clive sets out running when he finds out about Liv.

Levon and Liv are both tortured to try to get the names of the other people that have worked on the Underground with her but both of them refuse to give anyone up. Liv is permitted a visit from Ravi, Peyton, and Clive, and is able to tell them secretly where to find Levon's finished documentary on their operations. The documentary is released online and begins to go viral in New Seattle. She is a hero to the people who are understanding of her actions.

Jordan tells Chase where Major has been staying but it's revealed that she did this at his request as a way to distract Fillmore-Graves while Major helps the remaining Underground members to try to find a way to save Liv. They begin forming a plan to disrupt the public execution at the park, prompting Chase to decide to move up the execution from noon to nine in the morning and to do it at a Fillmore-Graves warehouse instead. Jordan secretly calls Major to let him know about the change in plans.

Blaine and Angus get a tip about a weakly guarded exit from the city that is their best chance to escape into the outer world and infect the rest of the world. Blaine helps Angus film a video message to rally his followers of where to meet and when. They have a falling out when Blaine tries to convince Angus to stay behind out of the violence and that he was the one that orchestrated the snowing brains. Angus rides off towards the wall on a horse with his hoards of followers.

When the Underground finds out about the change in execution plans, Peyton breaks into a TV studio with Ravi and makes an announcement on live television to inform everyone of where and when the new execution will be happening and to come out and help stop it if they agree with what Liv stands for. All the supporters head to the warehouse and through their combined efforts and Major using his zombie strength they're able to break the door open and go running in, unfortunately too late to save Levon before he is executed.

In the commotion, Major attacks Chase who is going for a gun to try to kill Liv. In the process, he puts himself on the guillotine platform and Liv pulls the lever, killing him. Major steps up to be the new commander of Fillmore-Graves when they get the news that Gate 6 has been stormed by Angus and his followers. The zombies trying to escape are stopped and killed, including Angus, leaving Blaine saddened.

Ravi tells Liv about Isobel's brain and how if she eats it she can be human again. Liv declares she wants to retire as Renegade because she has become disillusioned by the death of Levon. When Liv is at the station, she is preparing to eat Isobel's brain but is interrupted by their needing to go upstairs to witness Clive and Dale get married. Liv is emotionally moved by the ceremony and decides to give Dale the brain so that she can be human again and have children with Clive.

Major summons Blaine to the Fillmore-Graves headquarters and tells him to continue to bring brains into the city illegally and will have the backing of their group to help him achieve these goals so that no one will starve. Major has also told Liv that she is free to be Renegade and won't have to worry about Fillmore-Graves coming after her or any of her operatives. Though she had intended to retire, Ravi and Peyton bring her out to her apartment lobby where she is met with a mixed crowd of zombies and humans that cheer for her. Thus, she decides to continue her work as Renegade.

iZombie will return to the CW for a fifth and final season.


Mariette: Diggiloo, Guitar, and Melodifestivalen

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Mariette is making her fourth Melodifestivalen appearance in a row, including her cameo in the Melodifestivalen medley in 2016. With her song "For You" she has evolved her style further in regards to both sound and visual presentation. Mariette's origins are more indie, as she often played guitar for other artists and is prone to using it when writing her own music. Now in following her three-time direct qualification she will embark on the Diggiloo tour across Sweden.

Watch our full interview with Mariette here:


Killing Eve S01E08 "God, I'm Tired" Recap

Villanelle loads up Konstantin's daughter and they hitchhike back into town in search of food.

Eve and Kenny get into Carolyn's hotel room where they are shocked to find it in a state of disarray with Konstantin also in the room. Carolyn is angry that they disobeyed her orders to return to London but shares that Villanelle was broken out of prison and attacked Konstantin in his home. Villanelle left Konstantin's wife behind locked in a cupboard, which we later learn is because Villanelle considered her too big to bring along as a hostage. The foursome head out to a cafe to discuss the situation further. Konstantin shares how he is Villanelle's next target and is fearful for the well-being of his daughter.

Eve calls Anna to warn her but Anna doesn't answer as there's a knock at the door. It's Konstantin's daughter, who has been ordered at gunpoint to go in and ask for help. While Anna is distracted, Villanelle sneaks in to search for the jacket containing the passport and cash-stash. Upon reaching into the seam, she finds a note Eve left saying "Sorry baby" much like Villanelle had left for her. Anna catches Villanelle and says that Eve came by to ask questions about her and left her number behind. She asks to put some disinfectant on Villanelle's face wounds, promising to give her Eve's number afterwards. Villanelle agrees.

Kenny discovers that a prison guard had found a note on the ground which tipped him off to something being wrong in Nadia's cell.

Konstantin is driving Eve to Anna's place, where it's revealed that Anna and Villanelle did have a sexual relationship. Anna pulls a gun out and points it at Villanelle, who is unafraid of the situation due to Anna's inexperience in handling a gun. Villanelle demands to get Eve's phone number and both her and Anna claim that the other one seduced the other. Villanelle pulls out her own gun, intending to kill Anna but Anna decides to shoot herself before Villanelle can. Villanelle steals Anna's phone and some money so she and Konstantin's daughter can get lunch.

Eve and Konstantin tiptoe around sharing information with each other while Villanelle gets Konstantin's daughter to steal wallets from a few different targets till they have enough. Eve pulls Konstantin's gun on him and demands answers from him about Villanelle. He admits to recruiting Villanelle from prison to a private organisation but claims to have not seen her for years. He is adamant that he wants his daughter and if they stay the course then Eve will get Villanelle and the Twelve. The conversation is interrupted by Villanelle calling Eve to demand her passport back and gives the name of a cafe to meet at.

Eve and Konstantin arrive at the cafe where Villanelle holds Konstantin's daughter Irina at gunpoint demanding that Eve return the passport, which she does. Villanelle insists that she just wants to do her job so she can go home and have a bath. Eve shoots Konstantin in the abdomen and then Eve and Villanelle end up pointing their guns at one another. Eve pleads with her to leave the car with her but Villanelle runs off instead.

Carolyn, Eve, and Kenny head to the airport and learn that Konstantin has passed away from his injuries. Eve gets a voicemail from her other colleague that was able to track down Villanelle's Paris apartment but hides this revelation from Carolyn and Kenny. Carolyn effectively disbands the department, having learned of Eve's attempt to sell Carolyn out to Vladimir. While Carolyn and Kenny head back to London, Eve decides to go to Paris instead.

Eve arrives at Villanelle's apartment building and meets her elderly neighbour. She learns that Konstantin would often visit Villanelle's apartment. As she hasn't been to her apartment for some time, Eve asks the elderly woman to call her if she sees her any time soon. Afterwards, the elderly woman gives Eve a spare key to Villanelle's apartment. Eve searches through all of Eve's clothes, weapons, and eventually makes a mess of her once-organized belongings and even smashes all the food items onto the ground but is forced to hide when she hears Villanelle re-enter the apartment.

Eve raids Villanelle's weapons stash and pulls a gun on her, wanting to confront her for all that she has lost due to her professional pursuit of her. Eve orders Villanelle to sit down and then sits down across from her leaving the gun next to her own thigh. Eve confesses to being obsessed with Villanelle and wanting to know everything about her. Villanelle admits her own obsession with Eve and to frequently masturbating to her. Eve asks Villanelle what she wants, and Villanelle says she wants all the normal stuff including a nice flat, a cool job, and someone to watch movies with. Eve lays down and Villanelle takes back the gun and decides to lay down next to Eve while cradling it to her chest. Eve admits she is tired, and Villanelle is too. Villanelle commends Eve for finding her. Eve asks Villanelle if she's going to kill her and Villanelle promises she won't, placing the gun down on the floor next to the bed. Villanelle asks Eve to stay for a bit and when Villanelle tries to kiss Eve, Eve reveals a hidden knife which she uses to stab Villanelle in the stomach. Eve panics and tries to help Villanelle with her injury but Villanelle grabs the gun and tries to shoot at Eve. Eve tries to go back to Villanelle with a towel but finds that Villanelle has run out of the apartment.

Killing Eve will return for season 2 on BBC America.


John Lundvik: The Melodifestivalen 2018 Break-out

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

John Lundvik has emerged as a break-out star of this year's Melodifestivalen, when he defied the 'death slot' of second in the semi-final running order and qualified direct to the finals. John has been an active figure in Sweden's music industry for many years, offering vocal features to various writers and producers as well as being a successful songwriter. His first brush with Melodifestivalen came in 2014 when he was the composer of Anton Ewald's "Natural".

Now as a solo artist, John has brought a classic and vocally immaculate performance with plenty of soul. The ballad "My Turn" is one that John that he wrote about his journey towards achieving his dream of being a successful solo artist. The performance is one that is simple but effective in showcasing him as an artist, as much of the focus falls on his vocal ability and emotional sincerity.

Watch our full interview with John Lundvik here:


Omar Rudberg Releases Latin Swed-Pop Single "Que Pasa" With Rapper Lamix

Omar Rudberg is taking his first steps as a solo artist following the 'break-up' of FO&O as a group. He echoes the sentiments of fellow-FO&O member Felix Sandman in stating that there was nothing dramatic about the group deciding to split into three solo artists, and all remain close friends. Now Omar has released his first single called "Que Pasa" which is in both Spanish and Swedish, as Swedish rapper Lamix features on the track. Omar intends to focus not only on building a solo name for himself in Sweden, but also Latin America.

Watch our full interview with Omar Rudberg here:


Humans S03E02 "Episode 2" Recap

Max subdues Agnes and orders Ferdinand to kneel, which he does, in order to stop the police from shooting anyone. The police are hunting for the two remaining synth signatures and Niska hides underneath the one being medically treated in order to hide her signal. The police end up leaving without finding Niska, Mattie, or Leo. Niska joins Mattie and helps her resuscitate Leo's vitals. Leo is  finally able to breathe on his own but is still asleep.

Laura joins the Dryden Commission and is assigned a new non-sentient synth called Stanley that will tend to her needs and act as her personal security. She doesn't want to have a non-sentient synth but has no choice but to comply since it's part of the terms of her job. The Dryden Commission serves as a panel that will decide the fate of Britain's synths. She meets another panelist called Neil Sommer and when she determines that he knows more about a secret protocol regarding the synths known as "Basswood", she decides to ask him out for dinner since she has the sense that he is attracted to her.

Mia returns to the camp and is happy to find Leo is breathing on his own but angry at Max for risking Leo's life to begin with. He eventually regains consciousness and asks Mattie what he's missed while he was asleep.

Mia and Niska head out on a mission to rescue four refugee synths. Mia wants to help those in need, while Niska had discovered a signal that some of these synths are connected to the terrorist group. Niska calls Astrid at the hospital and tells her to tell the police that she was coerced into being with Niska, as they have already managed to determine a connection between the two. They arrive at the beach and find many dead synths but the four that sent the signal are still alive. Two police officers arrive and Mia feeds them a fake story about a mysterious van picking up the four live ones, and is able to trick the officers by wearing sunglasses. Niska is able to retrieve the information she is after from one of the live synths that had spoken to a now-dead synth that had intended to join the terrorist organisation and gave her the location he was heading to.

Agnes confronts Max about her growing questions regarding his leadership approach and the fact that Mattie, a human, is able to come and go freely. She demands that he give answers by tomorrow, prompting Max to send Mattie and Leo away from the camp for their own safety.

Joe discovers Karen and Sam living in disguise in the synth-free community. Joe discreetly follows them until Karen catches him and invites him up for tea to explain what she's doing. She tells Sam to show Joe who he really is and Sam removes his contact lenses to reveal that he is also a synth. Karen explains how he was a prototype and was with him when he became conscious and now she is doing everything she can to protect him. Joe is shaken by this revelation and leaves, but doesn't call the police.

Mia and Niska are on the way back from the rescue mission and Niska tells her that she needs to go off and follow the lead to get the terrorist organisation. Mia admits that she once shared who she was to a human she thought she felt a connection to and now she doesn't see the point in trying to live openly among the humans. Niska however, tells her not to be defined by one bad experience and says they must find a way and leaves.

Humans airs on Thursdays on Channel 4.


Krypton S01E10 "The Phantom Zone" Recap

Kandor's protective dome has been disabled, which allows Brainiac to summon his ship and begin collecting the city. Zod and Lyta tell Seg to bring them to the Fortress of Solitude. Seg reluctantly agrees, as Zod reveals that Vale is still alive, having been trapped in the Phantom Zone all this time. Zod re-enters the Phantom Zone and is able to retrieve Val, reuniting Seg with his grandfather after all these years.

When the group informs Val of their predicament, he explains that there is no way for them to stop Brainiac's victory. Val also doesn't trust Zod, but is reluctantly accepting of the situation the team finds themselves in involving working with Zod for the time being.

Jax informs Nyssa that she is actually a clone of the original Nyssa and was created using a form immortality for Kandor's elite that was created using Jax's codex technology.

Zod offers up Val and his future knowledge to Brainiac in a trade to spare Kandor from destruction. After Brainiac uses his powers to determine that Zod is honest about this offer, he agrees. Seg is desperate to save Val, who thinks that the only way to stop Brainiac from using his knowledge is for him to die. Val points out that if Brainiac is able to capture him, the entire universe will suffer the same fate as Kandor.

Zod brings Brainiac to the Fortress of Solitude, where Seg threatens to kill Val if Brainiac comes any closer. But Brainiac knows that Seg would never kill his grandfather and also knows that the vision of Val he is watching is just a hologram. But this was all part of a rouse to get Brainiac to a precise location to be sucked into the Phantom Zone. However, Brainiac manages to pull Seg into it with him at the last second using his tentacles. Val tries to keep Seg from getting sucked in but isn't strong enough to save him. All the while, Superman's cape begins to be restored, prompting Seg to allow himself to be pulled in while Vale watches horrified. Kandor is saved from Brainiac's ship and the protective dome is restored.

The restored Superman cape is revealed to now have Zod's crest on it, and Zod destroys the Phantom Zone gateway to prevent the return of Brainiac but also to ensure that the new timelines stays as is. A month later, Zod manages seize control of Kandor as its new ruler along with other Kryptonian city-states. Meanwhile, Val continues to work to repair the gateway to get Seg back from the Phantom Zone and is reunited with Jax. Adam is revealed to be in the altered version of the future, where he sees a giant statue of Zod in the immobilised city on Earth he was transported to. Finally, Doomsday is shown to have awoken and smashed his way out of the container he was kept in.

Krypton will return to Syfy for season 2.


The Handmaid's Tale S02E06 "First Blood" Recap

The doctor tending to Offred advises Serena that a harmonious home would be better for the child's well-being. Serena takes this under advisement and offers Offred the sitting room as an upgraded bedroom, which Offred accepts. Nick speaks to her in private about their relationship and Offred admits that she still thinks about their time together but says they can no longer be involved.

In a flashback, Serena is invited to a university to speak about her book "A Woman's Place" but is chased out of speaking by an angry crowd of protesters. On the way out, she and Fred are surrounded by more protesters but Serena still takes the time to address the crowd and make her points about the declining birth rate and women needing to procreate. She and Fred are on the way to their car when an unknown assailant shoots Serena.

In present day, Offred invites Serena to feel her abdomen to better experience the pregnancy experience. Serena continues to dote on Offred by inviting some other handmaids to have lunch with her.

Eden confides in Offred about how Nick has yet to consummate their marriage. Eden is suspicious that Nick may be a gender traitor but Offred assures her that this isn't the case, appearing quietly alarmed at Eden having such suspicions.

Serena shows Offred the nursery she has made for the baby and Offred feels brace enough to ask if she can see Hannah. Serena retaliates by ordering Offred to move back to her old room, prepared to humiliate her. Nick asks Offred what's wrong upon seeing she is upset and Offred tells him what has happened. She also warns Nick that he needs to have sex with Eden so she will not longer suspect him of being a "gender traitor". He is uncomfortable about doing so, as Eden is only fifteen. But Offred points out that he is not the only one in Gilead that needs to have sex with someone they don't want to. Nick decides to go ahead and have sex with Eden but only after telling Offred that he loves her.

In another flashback, the aftermath of Serena's shooting is shown. Fred uses his power and connections to kidnap the man he believes was involved in her shooting and brings both him and his wife into the woods where he shoots the wife in order to make the man feel the same pain Fred felt at seeing Serena in pain.

When Fred learns of the conflict between Offred and Serena, he visits Offred in secret to give her a photograph of Hannah. He then propositions her for sex but she turns him down, claiming that she's worried about the baby. She is only playing along to his interest in her for hers and the baby's survival and well-being.

There is a new Rachel and Leah Center set to be opened, with a construction and ceremony that will be overseen by Fred Waterford. As the preparations are being made, Nick arrives and asks Commander Pryce to be reassigned from the Waterford home and that Offred will be protected, which Commander Pryce agrees to after Nick says that there is much he hasn't told the Commander about Fred.

Serena sets about bossing Offred around again and even taking extra measures to humiliate her. Offred's only comfort is the photo of Hannah which she keeps hidden in her room.

At the opening ceremony of the Rachel and Leah center, Fred gives a speech to a room full of men. There are handmaids standing right outside the building as part of the ceremony. But Ofglen enters the building early and charges the stage and detonates a suicide bomb. Only the Handmaids standing outside are able to run away in time to get a safe distance from the explosion.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.


LIAMOO on Potentially Pushing Himself in the Philippines (Meldodifestivalen)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

LIAMOO entered Melodifestivalen with tremendous hype behind him, as many predicted him to win the entire contest. Now that his song and performance have premiered, he may not have as simple a task to beat out the many other popular competitors to have made it to the finals. But regardless of the results he may get in Friends Arena, he has already gained a tremendous boost in his following from countries all over the world.

LIAMOO, or Liam as he's known to those better acquainted with him, comes from a mixed family background. His mother's parents are originally from the Philippines and Finland, and are incredibly important to him (as evidenced by his showcasing them in his semi-final introduction video). There aren't many Swedish artists that have made significant pushes to break out and tour in Asian markets. But Liam shares that he is open to visiting the Philippines and making some professional moves there, saying he has some "contacts" there.

Watch our full interview with LIAMOO here:


iZombie S04E12 "You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away" Recap

Filmore Graves announces that they will execute Curtis Lim, one of Liv's coyotes, if Renegade doesn't turn themselves in. Ravi and Levon make Liv promise not to turn herself in.

Captain Hobbs visits Major claiming Chase needs to be overthrown and Major can take over as the new leader of Filmore Graves but then Hobbs brings secretly recorded audio of the conversation to Chase to make it look like Major is the one scheming against him.

Liv decides to turn herself in but Major catches her before she leaves the house and makes amends with her. He then injects her with a sedative to kidnap her and bring her to Oregon so she will be safe until after the execution of Curtis Lim.

A popular social media star zombie known as White Girl was murdered but Liv isn't around to feed on her brains to help Cliv solve the case. Ravi is forced to tell Clive about how Liv is working as Renegade and Major has now kidnapped her to keep her safe (which he found out by talking to Jordan).

Blaine determines that the government is cutting off the brain supply which means that either humans will kill the zombies in New Seattle to survive, or the zombies will starve after killing all the humans and then the government will send a missile to wipe them all out, since it's been found out that the government has evacuated everyone in a 30-mile radius around New Seattle. Blaine wants Angus to move forward with his prophecy/plan to send zombies outside of the wall to start infecting more humans so that half the world will be zombies and the other half will be food.

Major has brought Liv to a cozy home and the pair have fed on brains that were from an old married couple that were married for many decades. They later find the couple that lived in the house locked downstairs in the basement. A note they left states that Filmore Graves stopped sending brain tubes and they were afraid that they would hurt someone. They had planned for the husband to shoot the wife and then himself but he couldn't bring himself to do it because he didn't want to live without her, even for a second. Instead, they locked themselves up and have now reverted to a more primal zombie state.

Since Liv isn't around to help Clive with the case he is forced to feed on the brain of White Girl. As a result, he becomes sassy, flamboyant, and vain. They find out that White Girl had paid $14 million to on a cure from being a zombie. They find out that Angus/Brother Love had spoken out against her to all of his followers for wanting a cure. When Angus is brought in for questioning, one of his followers confesses to the murder so he will be freed but the follower is later set free by a zombie officer that is secretly helping Angus' church.

The couple whose brains Liv and Major fed on are revealed to have a twist in their relationship. The wife had grown annoyed of her husband until she decided to crash their car to put herself out of her misery, killing them both. Liv goes from being a loving housewife to locking Major in with the two rabid zombies. Of course he is safe from being fed on but Liv leaves him though she does come back in time to catch Russ threatening to kill him if he doesn't give up the feeding tubes Liv has left for him. She kills Russ before he can kill Major and leaves him locked up with the rabid wife since Russ had shot the rabid husband dead.

Ravi feeds on a brain tube after the church follower confesses to killing White Girl. He proceeds to conduct an experiment on Isobel's brain in the hopes of finding a chemical that can be used to manufacture a vaccine. During the experiment, he ends up giving samples of the brain to a normal rat he has injected with the zombie virus and a zombie rat.

Clive finds out that Dale broke up with him because she overheard what he said about wanting children. He breaks up with his new girlfriend and gets back together with Dale, insisting that being with her is more important than having children and proposes to her. She accepts.

Liv hitchhikes back to New Seattle and sends one of her coyotes to go let Major out of the basement. She is overjoyed to find that Curtis is free but shocked to find out that Levon has falsely confessed to being Renegade in order to make this happen.

Blaine orchestrates a false sign to encourage Angus to go through with his plan to send zombies out into the world to infect more of the general population. Blaine orchestrates this by having some of his minions put frozen brains into a woodchopper to make his father think it's snowing brains.

Liv turns herself in to Filmore Graves and Levon is set to be released until he attacks Chase. Now both of them are set to be executed with the zombie guillotine.

Ravi returns to find both rats are in their normal state, meaning that what's left of Isobel's brain is a zombie cure.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


Into The Badlands S03E05 "Carry Tiger to Mountain" Recap

Gaius Chau sneaks into The Widow's car to come back with her and offers to help her take his sister down. It's also revealed that they first met when they were children. Gaius was the son of a baron and The Widow was just a servant girl responsible for housekeeping.

Pilgrim confronts Juliet Chau with the heads of the men that came with Gaius to attack him. She denies any involvement in the plot against his life but later is weary of the fact that her brother's head is missing from the lot.

Moon returns to The Widow and explains how Sunny is still alive but isn't interested in pursuing revenge against her. The Widow swears that if Sunny comes anywhere near her she will kill him as well as Moon.

Sunny and Bajie arrive at Vulture's Peak where they meet Ankara, a reclusive witch. She is able to use her abilities and knowledge to temporarily heal Henry's darkness. She won't be able to take away his Gift but she can heal him from succumbing to it as a mere infant. She puts baby Henry under water and draws from Sunny's strength using her powers to help Henry. Sunny then pulls Henry out of the water and he's shown to be better for the time being. Ankara says that the answers Sunny seeks are within himself in order to find a more permanent solution to Henry's predicament. She identifies Sunny as a Catalyst. Someone powerful dispelled Sunny's Gift when he was just a child and this was what made him a Catalyst. Now the dark Gift flows through him and Sunny may be the most powerful of them all.

After Nix saves M.K. in the forest she brings him back to meet Pilgrim. Initially M.K. wants to leave but decides to stay when Pilgrim displays an ability to control M.K.'s Gift and offers him a place to stay with a community that will support him. Pilgrim wants to use M.K.'s powers for his greater cause to bring about a new era of blood and chaos in the name of Azra. Castor looks on in jealousy at seeing a new Dark One seemingly taking his place in Pilgrim's esteem. Castor later confronts M.K. but Nix talks him down and points out that he is suffering from another nosebleed. The high priestess believes that Castor is a liability that should be put down but Pilgrim doesn't believe in this course of action despite M.K. being a more powerful Dark One than Castor.

The High Priestess later sends Castor to ransack Tilda's refugee camp so that if he died, he will die for their cause. Juliet's Clippers are also ransacking the camp but The Widow arrives with Gaius to help fight off these intruders. They take Castor captive to lure Pilgrim out.

Ankara tells Sunny he needs to confront Pilgrim. The High Priestess has a vision foretelling Sunny paying them a visit and when M.K. announces his intention to kill him, Pilgrim forbids him from doing so, saying Sunny's destiny is intertwined with theirs.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


Killing Eve S01E07 "I Don't Want to Be Free" Recap

Eve learns from Carolyn that Vladimir has agreed to transfer Nadia but their conversation is interrupted by a phone call informing Carolyn that Nadia has been murdered in prison. They then head to meet Konstantin for breakfast. He says that Nadia was attacked by another inmate, claiming it's very common in there. Eve is insistent that this isn't a coincidence and demands to meet the inmate who killed her but Konstantin refuses and Carolyn jumps in to mediate the situation, saying they want to be informed of any further updates on the situation. He advises them to go home, saying he can't force them to leave but implies that they aren't welcome. Eve is suspicious that Villanelle is involved but Carolyn thinks Eve is just forming theories from her own obsession. Eve and Carolyn meet up with Kenny, who is also in Moscow to help them with their investigation.

Villanelle attempts to proposition a male guard with sexual favours in order to make a phone call but her efforts prove futile for the time being.

Eve points out that there are no records of Oksana's family so the only lead they have to investigate is Anna, since it can offer insight into how she became a killer. Carolyn shuts this down, telling Kenny to book a flight for Eve to go back to London. He stands up to her and she merely tells him to also go back to London, despite his having only arrived there. Kenny agrees to stay and help Eve with her investigation, having brought the letters he discovered between Carolyn and Konstantin.

Villanelle is sent to solitary confinement where another inmate named Inga is lying down and saying nothing.

Eve discovers that the letters are all from 1977-1978 and Konstantin had sent them to Carolyn. They were all highly sexual and Carolyn had them hidden in a secret safe. Kenny also brought some old photos in which Eve discovers Carolyn and Konstantin cozied up together. Kenny was able to track down the address of Anna, a language teacher. Eve leaves to find Anna while Kenny decides to scan the prison security footage to try to find anyone matching Villanelle's description.

Inga emerges from her seemingly catatonic state to try to attack Villanelle when she was about to fall asleep but Villanelle is able to get on her back and viciously bites into her neck before the guards come in. They inform Villanelle that she has a visitor.

Eve meets Anna at the university she works at. Anna still believes that Oksana is dead and Eve allows her the peace of mind to continue believing this, saying that she needs to learn more about Oksana because of her possible connections to a dangerous organisation. Anna reluctantly agrees to help, saying she still has some old letters Oksana sent to her.

Villanelle is loaded up into a prison transport van along with some guards and her inmate 'friend' that had stolen her shiv in the lead-up to killing Nadia. The van is attacked and the driver is shot before one of the guards shoot and kills the other guard. An explosive device blows the back door of the van open and a man wearing a motorcycle helmet calls Villanelle to get out of the van. She takes a moment to admire the destruction and many dead bodies. Her prison friend is shot dead by the dirty guard when she refuses to try to escape, and Villanelle leaves with the driver who eventually pulls over and leads her into a building, only telling her to go up the stairs. Upon reaching the top, she meets Anton who is her new handler. He gives her a suitcase of new clothes and says she has until tomorrow night to complete her next assignment. She won't be given back her passport and credit card until it is complete, and her next assignment is revealed to be Konstantin. However, Villanelle shoots her new handler in the head.

Anna brings Eve back to her home and pulls out a box of old letters and mementos related to Oksana. Eve learns that Oksana always wrote to her in French and Anna says that Oksana favored learning French the most followed by English. Eve is shocked by how many letters there are and Anna says that Oksana had a 'fixation'. Anna says that before Oksana came, the teachers were told that a new student would be arriving with a history of violence, a dead mother, and a drunk father. None of the teachers wanted to step up to the challenge of helping Oksana so Anna took it upon herself to do so. She admits that she liked Oksana as a student but Anna became more demanding to get more lessons. Anna's husband Max thought that Oksana was cold but Anna brushed it off as a mere distrust of men, perhaps due to bad experiences. Anna and Oksana had a conversation in which Oksana claimed that Anna was only with her husband because he had a penis. Anna believed it was a joke and said she agreed. But later that day when Anna came home, Oksana had filled the house with balloons, a cake, and was jumping around excitedly. But then she showed Anna what she had done, believing it was a good thing. Anna is still devastated by the loss and trauma of what happened and says that Oksana had often written that she would escape prison and come find her. Eve then reveals that Oksana is still alive and now in Moscow, suggesting that it might be safer to stay with a friend. She also says that Oksana has been working for an organisation that has protected her. Anna agrees to call Eve if the need arises and identifies Konstantin from Carolyn's photograph that Eve was carrying in her purse as the man that visited her to personally break the news of Oksana's death.

Konstantin returns home and is lured upstairs by the sound of his daughter calling for him but it's revealed to be a recording that Villanelle made and she pulls a gun on him.

Anna shows Eve a gift that was sent to her ten months after Oksana's apparent death. It was an expensive French coat that she had thought Oksana had gotten a friend to send to her. When Anna leaves the room, Eve tears one of the coat seams since she felt something hidden within it and discovers a passport of Oksana's and cash-stash in a plastic bag. She pockets it into her purse but leaves the coat for Anna, despite her insisting she will never wear it. She then gives Anna her phone number.

Villanelle informs Konstantin about how Anton was sent to be her new handler and had told her to kill Konstantin. She is willing to let Konstantin choose how he will die since she wants to keep doing her job. He tells her that the reason why they want to kill him is because he was trying to help the British get her out of prison whereas the Twelve wanted to leave her in there. He explains that he had to argue with them to give her another chance more times than he could count. Villanelle demands the names of all the Twelve but he says that he doesn't have that level of access since he wasn't a Keeper. He claims to not know any and takes some pills that are supposed to kill him which he washes down with whiskey. He tells Villanelle that he's proud of her, loves her more than his family, and says that she's the best thing that ever happened to the organisation. He continues to praise her and she appears emotionally shaken by this and tells him to take more pills. He toasts to dignity in death before throwing a log at her head and running out of the house, making his escape on his boat.

Anna tells Eve how Oksana always sent her French gifts because Anna always wanted to live in Paris. Anna asks Eve to inform her if Oksana is caught, saying she wants to visit and forgive her as part of her healing process. Anna also warns Eve to be careful, saying that Eve is Oksana's type, but is offended when Eve asks if Anna ever had sex with Oksana which Anna denies.

Eve leaves her husband a voicemail apologizing and reaffirming her love for him. Eve is shocked when Kenny manages to hone in on some surveillance footage on which Oksana can be seen. Eve and Kenny are shocked to see on the footage that the visitor she had the day she escaped was Carolyn.

Killing Eve airs on Sundays on BBC America.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. D05E22 "The End" Recap

The team is split and arguing about whether to use the Centipede serum to save Coulson or to stop Talbot. Most of them want to use it to save Coulson but Yo-Yo thinks they need to stop Talbot so she takes the Centipede serum away from them. Mack tries to talk her down and proposes that they vote but then May destroys the odium vial, meaning the Centipede serum must be used to save Coulson. Fitz and Simmons get to work preparing the remedy.

Talbot takes Robin's mother away and says she won't see her again until she gives up the location of more gravitonium. Robin relents and directs him to a deposit in Chicago, which he steers Qovas' ship to.

Yo-Yo visits Coulson and tells him she was never arguing that he should die, but simply that they shouldn't bet all of their fates on him. He says that if he'd been involved in the argument he would've agreed with her.

Deke tells Daisy he admires the way the team would do practically anything to save one another but also advises her to help put the team back together and settle their differences. Their conversation is interrupted with news of Talbot appearing in Chicago.

Simmons brings the Centipede serum to Coulson but he refuses to take it despite May's pleas to him to do what needs to be done to be able to rejoin the fight and finally be with her romantically. He admits he reciprocates her feelings before she leaves him with the serum.

Talbot successfully reaches the location of the gravitonium deposit and prepares to retrieve it.

Daisy calls a meeting in which she admits she let her emotions get the best of her in pushing so hard to save Coulson and announces she wants Mack to be the leader of the team since she sees him as their moral centre. Daisy feels she is better suited to be a soldier anyway. The rest of the team all agree with Daisy's decision to be the team leader. Coulson emerges and gives Daisy her suit. Unbeknownst to her, he has hidden the serum in Daisy's gauntlets.

Mack sets up a way to call all the cellphones of the people on the ground in Chicago and gives them instructions on how to reach a ship they sent down to evacuate and also make their way out into the city to rescue people from buildings that have collapses in certain structures. While doing this, May and Mack find Robin and the ship structure nearby that Robin says her mother is trapped inside. Mack heads inside to find Robin's mother.

Coulson tells Daisy he isn't going out into the city, revealing to her that he didn't take the serum. He apologises, and gives her a pep talk to face Talbot herself. He coaches her on how to try to appeal to his good nature but if he's too far gone, to find the strength in her arms to beat him senseless.

Fitz reaches May and Robin and warns them that neither Robin or Mack are said to have survived based on what information they know from visiting the future. Mack has just reached Robin and gotten her out of the space she was trapped in but they find themselves in the presence of guards. Mack is prepared to fight the guards but May and Fitz appear to help defeat them. They get out of the ship and back into the building where Fitz is crushed by falling debris.

Coulson collapses and Simmons tries to find the syringe but discovers that it's gone and tells Yo-Yo to get the defibrillator to bring Coulson back. Yo-Yo continues to perform CPR, and the chest compressions eventually wake Coulson up.

Daisy tackles Talbot and tries to appeal to his patriotism and the good nature he once held but he attacks her instead and tries to absorb her. During this struggle, Daisy finds the serum and injects herself. Using her enhanced powers, she blasts Talbot into space. Finally, the timeline is changed.

Mack and May begin to pull the debris off of Fitz and are horrified to discover he has been impaled by one of the pieces. They stay by his side and keep him calm until he dies. Simmons is devastated to learn of Fitz's fate but later has the realization that she must find find the present version of Fitz that is still in stasis abroad Enoch's ship.

Coulson says goodbye to the team and leaves SHIELD, having decided to enjoy whatever time he has left in Tahiti with May.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Fridays on ABC at 9/8c.


Gotham S04E22 "No Man's Land" Recap

Selina is rushed to the hospital, with Bruce close by her side, while Alfred bring Jeremiah to the GCPD. While in the holding cell, Jeremiah demands that Jim bring him Bruce Wayne so they can speak and in exchange Jeremiah will tell him where some other back-up bombs are hidden.

Oswald has brought Grundy and Tabitha to Strange so that he can turn him back into Butch. The plan is to flush his body with anti-toxins, several blood transfusions from three different victims being held hostage, and then his body will be jolted with some electric shocks to restart his heart. Tabitha gets a call about Selina being shot and resolves to go hunt down Jeremiah and shoot him dead as revenge.

Jim sends Fox to search for which of the generators are also bombs but it's unclear just how many have been created since Jeremiah was notoriously secretive about his work and Bruce trusted him to work as he pleased. Ra's al Ghul watches from a safe distance as one of Jeremiah's bombs kills the mayor and everyone else in his office. Jim continues to beat up Jeremiah, demanding the location of the bombs, but Jeremiah refuses to say anything before he first gets to talk to Bruce Wayne. The interrogation is interrupted by the arrival of military personnel who declare they will take over leadership of the operation. The military Major insists that Bruce Wayne be brought to the station and orders that Jim be arrested when he tries to intervene. Jim is about to be transported away when Riddler arrives and knocks Jim's guards and then Jim himself out.

Jim wakes in the Narrows as Riddler's hostage. Riddler is determined to kill Nygma by gradually laying more weight onto Jim, believing that once Jim is free then Lee will be freed from her old self and become the person he believes her to truly be.

Ra's al Ghul visits Barbara and declares he is leaving Gotham and wants her to come with him. He thinks that part of the Demon's Head may still be in her and offers her the opportunity to join him so they can rule the League of Shadows together. He says that the destruction of Gotham will bring about the rise of his heir, someone that he foresaw long ago (Batman, obviously).

Bruce is angry to have been brought down to the station with Alfred against his will and resolves to get his encounter with Jeremiah over with so he can return to Selina. Jeremiah claims that the bomb that killed the mayor was the only one left and there weren't any more bombs since the plan was all working towards getting Bruce to the station. Jeremiah makes Bruce realise that Ra's al Ghul has gotten to him and orchestrated a larger plan. Right on cue, Ra's breaks Jeremiah out of police custody and takes Bruce with him.

Lee interrupts Riddler's games with Jim and convinces him that she no longer loves Jim. She also declares that she's leaving that night and that he is free to come with her but only if he doesn't kill Jim, as she will be the one to decide who she is and not him or any other man. Riddler taunts Jim, saying that she has chosen him and leaves him free to escape and resume his attempts to save Gotham.

Alfred visits Tabitha and Barbara at the club, demanding to know where Ra's al Ghul is. Barbara says that Ra's plans to flee Gotham with Bruce and Jeremiah and that she, Tabitha, and Alfred should team up since she wants to kill Ra's, Tabitha wants to kill Jeremiah, and Alfred wants to rescue Bruce. Their scheming is interrupted by Oswald who demands to be involved in the action.

Lee catches up to Jim as he's leaving and gives him the keys to a car to get away. He admits that if he could go back, he would ask her to run away with Gotham so they could make a life together. She says that he wouldn't be himself if he'd done that, admits she reciprocates his feelings, kisses him goodbye, and tells him to go save Gotham while she will indeed be leaving Gotham. It's then that Jim gets a call from Harvey informing him of Jeremiah's escape, Bruce's kidnapping, and the fact that they've taken all the bombs.

Bruce and Jeremiah are brought to Ra's at a location away from the impending destruction to come. Ra's says that he and Jeremiah are doing all of this to build Bruce into the Dark Knight he is destined to become from the destruction of Gotham. Jeremiah's motivations are more so rooted in his desire to have Bruce be the brother Jerome never could be.

Jim and the other detectives correctly determine that the bombs are set up to destroy every bridge out of Gotham. Ra's intends for the city to fall into lawlessness. Barbara arrives at the lair intent on killing Ra's with the mystical dagger reformed. All the bridges are being evacuated since there are vans placed on each one containing a bomb. Meanwhile a fight breaks out at the lair between Barbara's group and Ra's. Finally, Barbara is able to kill Ra's by having Bruce grip the knife in his hands while she forces them into Ra's abdomen. All the bombs go off, destroying the path in and out of Gotham. As Ra's is dying, he tells Bruce to either stay Bruce Wayne or accept his destiny to become the Dark Knight.

Lee decides to stay in the Narrows since the people will need her now more than ever. She breaks up with Nygma, who determines that she was never going to leave with him. Lee stabs him as he's preparing to stab her but as she's walking away, he pulls the knife out his abdomen and stabs her too. They kiss and then collapse from their wounds.

Oswald and Tabitha return to Strange's set-up and find that Butch has been restored from his Grundy state. He and Tabitha are overjoyed and declare their love for one another. They kiss and Butch thanks Oswald, saying he will give him anything he needs. Oswald says he considers Butch a friend and apologises before shooting him in the chest out of revenge for Tabitha killing Oswald's mother. Tabitha tries to attack Oswald but he shoots her in the leg to stop her in her tracks. Oswald vows to kill her once he believes she has suffered enough and has his men escort her out.

Bruce catches up to the hospital personnel who inform him that Selina has suffered spinal damage that is likely permanent. Selina is being boarded up on the last ambulance that is being led to the boats that are taking the patients out of Gotham. Bruce is offered the opportunity to go with them but decides to stay in Gotham and embrace his destiny as the city's protector. Alfred tells him Jeremiah and Gotham are not Bruce's responsibility but Bruce declares that he is making it his. Alfred says he'll stay with Bruce but Bruce tells him to go with her, saying he needs to know that Selina is safe. Alfred agrees to go with her but vow to return and find Bruce.

Gotham is being evacuated and even the majority of law enforcement personnel are going with them. The city is going to be overrun with criminals within mere hours, but Jim resolves to stay and fight for the city. The various iconic villains the show has introduced begin to claim their respective territories and wreak their different brands of havoc.

Oswald discovers Lee and Riddler's bodies and brings them to Strange, ordering that they be "fixed." The remaining men from the League of Shadows swear their allegiance to Barbara. Tabitha then arrives and tells her about Oswald's betrayal. Barbara then declares men as the enemy and has her women kill the male League members.

Jim, Harvey, and Fox agree to team up with any other folks that have stayed behind to protect it. Bruce is shown to be on the streets roughing up some criminals in search of Jeremiah when he spots a searchlight in the sky that Jim has had Fox set up on top of GCPD Headquarters. Bruce goes to meet Jim on the roof, telling him that they need to go block by block restoring justice to Gotham, and the searchlight serves as a symbol against the darkness.

Gotham airs on Thursdays on FOX at 8/7c.


Humans S03E01 "Episode 1" Recap

The world reels from the activation code Niska sent out to cause more synths to become sentient.  The day of the mass sentience is known as "Day Zero" and it proved particularly devastating with thousands of deaths of both humans and synths. A year later, the remaining sentient synths are shown to have been segregated into a community led by Max, Mia, and Flash. Some synths, including one named Agnes, are angry to see so many humans mourning their own losses but not also mourning the millions of sentient synths who were destroyed because of Day Zero and the aftermath of it. Mia tells Max that they need to reach out and connect to the Humans in order to ensure their survival, particularly since they are running low on fuel and electricity to sustain their lives.

The government has created new non-sentient synths with orange eyes to make them identifiable as the new models. Niska is living among the humans in disguise, since she is still wanted by the government for her previous actions. Her girlfriend Astrid works in a synth-friendly bar that gets bombed by terrorists. Astrid is injured but survives the explosion since she was walking out to follow Niska. Astrid tells Niska to help the others but when Niska goes inside there are no survivors. Astrid tells Niska to run before the police arrive since the explosion blew one of her contacts out, and reassures Niska that she will be okay.

Laura and Joe have separated, with Laura taking up the cause of campaigning for synth rights. However, one of her TV appearances is undermined by the synth terrorist organisation behind the bar-bombing sending in a threatening video to the TV station warning of retribution against the humans for not allowing the synths to live peacefully. Max and Mia implore the synths in their camp to stay on the path of peace and appeal to the good in the humans but many synths remains weary of the situation. A gang of humans later kill Flash while she is out of the camp on a supply run.

Karen is also living among the humans in disguise, and is teaching Sam how to trick people into thinking he is a human child.

Laura and Joe are stressed about their youngest daughter Sophie getting into a fight at school due to the stresses of being at school and the sociopolitical climate being so against synths even though she knows the truth about it all. Laura coaches her on who to cope with things. Meanwhile, Karen drops Sam off for his first day of school.

Laura visits Mia to regroup about their strategy to help the cause of synth rights. Laura decides to join the Dryden Commission, believing it's the only way to try to help them but Mia warns her that the other synths won't take the news well, and will believe she has joined an enemy of the synths.

The synths are struggling to survive due to a lack of supplies as well as the government doing regular power-cuts. Mattie visits the synth camp, blaming herself for all the deaths that came from Day Zero, and a determined Niska also arrives to announce her intention to find the terrorists. Max disconnects Leo's life support, hoping that he will be able to survive without it, since the equipment is needed to save a dying synth. Just then, police raid the camp in search of the terrorists. The synths at the camp abide by the orders, while Niska keeps herself hidden. Mattie is forced to resuscitate Leo so that the police won't find them, since they have equipment to trace the signatures of synths. While the members of the synth community are kneeling at orders of the armed police, Agnes and Ferdinand stand up in order to confront the police due to their sympathizing with the terrorists.

Humans airs on Thursdays on Channel 4.


Krypton S01E09 "Hope" Recap

Zod and Lyta resume their affair while they try to find a way to defeat Brainiac. Lyta clashes with her mother once more when she agrees with Zod's plan to use Doomsday against Brainiac while Jayna and Seg disagree with this plan. Jayna finally agrees with Lyta's more compassionate approach and philosophy to life but now Lyta feels more hardened to make the hard choices to do what's necessary.

Jax-Ur, Val's former protégée, beats Daron to interrogate him for the answers she is after. Daron later escapes but crashes his ship due to an electrical implant Jax-Ur had installed which she activates upon learning of his escape.

Seg refuses to use his blood to help Zod open the vault that contains Doomsday. Zod has already deduced that Seg is his father, making him both a Zod and an El. This means that he only requires his own blood to open the vault. However, it is already empty by the time he opens it since Seg and the followers of Cythonna have moved Doomsday's body. Further tension is escalated when it's revealed that the container holding Doomsday's body has been damaged and it's only a matter of time before Doomsday escapes.

The tension in the Zod-clan comes to a boiling point when Zod challenges Jayna to a Kandorian duel to the death, which she accepts. The fight is brutal and Lyta watches, horrified. Jayna gets Zod into a chokehold but Lyta shoots a non-lethal shot to stop the fight, angering both Zod and Jayna who escapes while Lyta and Zod argue. Some time later, Zod claims to Lyta that Val-El didn't really die, while Jayna collapses in the tunnels due to her injuries and is approached by an unknown figure. However, that figure is revealed to be her brother, who was long thought to be dead.

Seg and Nyssa are able to convince Black Zero and the remaining Sagitari to work together in a coordinated attack against Brainiac. Unfortunately, their attack fails. Although Nyssa is able to stop Brainiac from killing Seg by destroying the Voice's body, Brainiac himself survives by manifesting into its own entity in Kandor.

Krypton airs on Wednesdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


The Handmaid's Tale S02E05 "Seeds" Recap

Offred continues to be a subdued and submissive handmaid under the weight of all the accumulated traumas. She begins to burn the letters she had been keeping for Mayday and is caught by Nick, who becomes increasingly concerned about her shift in behaviour. Aunt Lydia continues to make regular visits to check on Offred's well-being. On one of her visits she encourages Serena to create a more harmonious environment in the house for the baby's well-being.

In the Colonies, Janine and Emily are finally able to talk to one another. Janine believes that God is protecting them through their struggles in Gilead, though Emily is far more cynical and non-religious in her views of their circumstances.

Offred begins to experience vaginal bleeding but does not inform anyone of this. Even Serena begins to find Offred's more subdued and obedient behaviour odd, likely worrying that this could also prove problematic for the baby. Nick tells Serena he is worried about Offred's mental state, suggesting that she may benefit from seeing a doctor whose job it is to deal with mental health. He denies Serena's questioning of whether Offred had asked him to speak up for her well-being and Serena becomes alarmed by Nick's concern for Offred. Serena subtly brings the issue up to Commander Waterford who decides to "reward" Nick with an arranged marriage at a Prayvaganza, which is a ritual where loyal Guardians are given a wife as a reward for their work.

Meanwhile Offred's vaginal bleeding continues to worsen and she hides it by lining her underwear with toilet paper. Only Rita, the housemaid seems to notice her physical unsteadiness and asks if she is okay, but Offred claims to be fine.

Offred accompanies the Waterfords to the Prayvaganza where many Guardians are married, including Nick to a woman named Eden. Offred is quietly emotionally shaken by this turn of events, as is Nick. Both steal secret glances to one another during the ceremony. Eden is brought home with the Waterfords so that she can move into Nick's room. When Offred goes upstairs to her own room, she discovers how significantly the vaginal bleeding has worsened but does nothing to all for help.

Janine organises a small wedding for a dying worker and her partner, which is officiated by another Unwoman who is a rabbi. Emily and Janine argue over Emily's attempts to keep Janine safe and alive, which she believes are being undermined by Janine's attempts to bring some sort of positivity to their dire circumstances. When the newlywed Unwoman later dies, the rabbit officiates her burial while she is buried in a cemetery covered with numerous crosses.

During a rainy night, Nick discovers Offred collapsed unconscious outside in the bushes of the Waterfords' house and saves her. She is immediately taken to a hospital, where she vows to her baby that they will both escape Gilead.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.


Shadowhunters S03E10 "Erchomai" Recap

Magnus decides to go to Edom to search for his father Asmodeus, seeing no other option left to save Jace from Lilith's control. Clary is still being help captive by the possessed Jace, while Simon must lurk in the shadows of the hospital to see if his sister is okay while his mother is spouting stories of vampires to the police. Simon visits his sister and apologises for attacking her and corrects here misguided theory that she will now turn into a vampire. She is sympathetic upon learning how he had died when he became a vampire and didn't have his family to support him through the process. He shares how he had previously had a vampire hypnotize her and their mother in order to make them forget that he is a vampire. She is apologetic for not having been more supportive in the past and promises to be there for him now. They decide to have their mother hypnotized once more into thinking Simon is dead, while his sister forgives and accepts him completely with every promise to help him in any way that he needs from now on.

Luke is being interrogated about recent suspicious activities and gets suspended when he insists on leaving in order to help Clary. He mets up with Marlyse who informs him of how Lilith used Jace to break Clary out of the guard. It's clear to them that Clary is part of the ritual Lilith is planning and they've been able to detect that Clary is back in the city. While Clary finally comes face-to-face with Lilith, Magnus is reunited with his father.

Luke and Simon team up with the Shadowhunters to launch an attack on Lilith's base of operations. Jace and Alec end up in a personal fight in which Jace viciously breaks Alec's arm. The possessed Jace taunts Alec, saying the real Jace deep inside is begging him not to do this. Alec tells Jace he forgives him, saying it wasn't him and apologizing for not being able to save him. Just as the possessed Jace is preparing to stab and kill Alec, Magnus shows up with the magical power boost he needed from his father in order to blast Jace and free him of his possession. While Jace goes through the pain of being repossessed, Magnus checks on the injured Alec. Jace rushes over to check on Alec and Magnus reveals he can't magically fix Alec's wounds because he traded his magic in order to free Jace of his possession. Magnus promises to take care of Alec while Jace goes to get Clary and stop Lilith once and for all.

Lilith cares a mark onto Clary's chest which triggers the ritual to resurrect Jonathan. Meanwhile, Izzy and Luke are fighting off Lilith's disciples in the lobby of the building. Winged creatures explode out of some of the disciples which Izzy and Luke must continue to fight while Simon gets to Clary and undoes her restraints. Simon wants to get Clary out but she insists that they need to stop the resurrection ritual.

Jace kills the winged creatures and Luke and Izzy tell him Clary is on the top floor. While Jace heads upstairs to save her, Luke and Izzy continue to fight off the disciples. Clary distracts Lilith by threatening to slice her own throat which would prevent the ritual from being completed. Clary unleashes a blast to knock Lilith down which allows Simon to get to the box containing Jonathan which he begins to bang his fists on to try to break the glass. Lilith then tries to attack Simon which triggers the mark of Cain. Simon is sent flying through a glass window and Lilith is blasted back to Edom in a massive explosion just as Jonathan had reached out of the box to grab hold of Clary's wrist. Jace arrives to the rooftop apartment to find it destroyed.

Downstairs, the remaining disciples wake free from their possession. Back on the roof, Simon tells Jace that Clary is dead and that the explosion he caused was what killed her.

Shadowhunters will return to Freeform for the second half of season three.


Shadowhunters S03E09 "Familia Ante Omnia" Recap

Clary is washed and prepped before being dressed in red robes and chains. She is then placed into a holding cell alongside other prisoners set to be executed and watches in horror as one of them is burned alive. While Clary watches more prisoners be burned alive, she learns from another one of them that Jia Penhallow wants to have Valentine temporarily resurrected in order to question him about a demon.

Simon is angry at Jordan for sharing his feelings for Maia as it has caused her significant confusion. He insists that from now on the two of them will only have a professional relationship instead of a personal friendship too, prompting Jordan to share that he has determined that the mark he was branded with the Mark of Cain. This mark causes any that would do harm to him to receive it seven times over. Simon wonders if he can use this mark to rescue Clary but is distracted by his need for blood since it's been a while since he last fed given all the recent distractions. Jordan leaves to find some blood for him.

Magnus visits Alec and Izzy to inform them he has found a way to free Jace of the dark magic Lilith has him imprisoned in. He can break the mental cage Jace is trapped in by blasting him with enough magic to banish Lilith's presence in his mind. But in order to do this he will need to use a powerful spell that will allow him to temporarily channel the magic of other warlocks. But first he will need to get permission from the High Warlock in order to organise all of this.

Jace brings Heidi to Lilith, who plans to manipulate her into being a distraction for Simon to keep him from interfering with her plans.

When it is Clary's turn to be executed, she offers to resurrect Valentine and Jia Penhallow agrees to stay her execution for the time being. After Valentine is resurrected, Jia tries to send Clary back to the courtyard but Valentine refuses to answer anyone's questions besides Clary. He reveals that he summoned Lilith once while alive in order to get a dose of her blood to inject into Jonathan while he was still in the womb so that he would have the strength of angels and demons to do his bidding. In return, Lilith would be able to have the one thing she always wanted but was never able to have -- a child.

Luke tries to get his pack to come with him to go after Clary on a rescue mission but they refuse to put themselves into that level of danger so Luke leaves the pack, prepared to take on the mission alone.

Heidi calls Simon to inform him she is at his family home. He finds that she is holding his mother and sister hostage.

Alec pushes Lorenzo to approve the warlocks to help with Magnus' spell but he instead forbids them from doing so. Magnus is encouraged by a friend to call his father for help but he refuses to go to those lengths.

Jordan visits the Institute to ask Isabelle for help since Heidi is said to have escaped, and all three of her guards were killed. Jordan returned home and found broken glass in the apartment and Simon was gone. He has one of Simon's shirts and asks her to use Shadowhunter magic to find him. Meanwhile, Heidi is forcing Simon to reveal that he is a vampire to his mother and sister by cutting Simon's sites on the neck to force him in his starving state to feed on her. Isabelle and Jordan arrive in time to stop Simon from killing his sister and Simon's mother threatens to kill him if he comes near them again, ordering him to leave and never come back.

Magnus confronts Lorenzo for not granting permission and the two end up in a magical fight. Luke calls Magnus and leaves a voicemail asking for his help in creating a portal to get him where he wants to go. Unfortunately, some officers arrive and order Luke to come in to answer some questions regarding recent suspicious behaviour he's been exhibiting.

Jia's muscle are unable to take Valentine out given the strength of the rune Clary created to resurrect him, so he takes out some of the soldiers and even momentarily gets the upperhand on Clary. Valentine makes it out to the courtyard and kills more of the guards and the executioner while freeing those that were set to be executed from their cage. He tries to rally these former Circle members to join him so he can conquer once more. However, Clary eventually manages to catch up to him and deactivate the resurrection rune, sending Valentine back to his grave for good. A guard catches up to Clary, who implores them to destroy Valentine's body but after the guard puts shackles on Clary's wrists, he's revealed to be Jace who takes a sample of Valentine's flesh to bring back to Lilith. He also says that the other piece Lilith needs for the ritual is Clary's heart, prompting Jace to take her with him.

Shadowhunters airs on Tuesdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


iZombie S04E11 "Insane in the Germ Brain" Recap

A man dressed as a woman was killed in a bar parking lot by blunt force trauma to the bed. He was dressed as a woman because he was part of a sketch in which he portrayed a female co-worker. The co-worker is brought in and we learn she worked in HR which means she wasn't exactly popular, The murder victim, Vince, was an intense germaphobe which Liv also starts to take on once she consumes his brain. Liv has a vision of the man on the Sick Puppies softball team had hit on Vince while he was dressed as a woman, only to be mocked by his teammates for not knowing that it was a man he was hitting on.

Ravi has an uncomfortable family dinner with Peyton and her parents. As acting mayor, Peyton will be leaving for Washington D.C. soon for an important meeting regarding the city and both her parents and Ravi think that she shouldn't come back afterward since she will be able to live a safer life if she stays out of New Seattle.

Dale breaks up with Clive after hearing him talking about wanting children and this being a benefit to being with Michelle on the surveillance tape. However, she doesn't tell him that this is the reason why he is breaking up with her.

Though the murder is solved per usual, this plot takes a back seat to the numerous other dramatic developments with the other plots.

Russ Roche bring Major to his superior, Jin, as part of the move for him to rise in the ranking. Jin order him to consume part of a brain that will act as a lie detector for Major in order to determine whether or not he is truly loyal to them or Filmore Graves. Major admits that he is loyal to Filmore-Graves and only played along enough for them to find the base of operations. He had previously swallowed a tracker and an explosive on him that will aid in the other soldiers to storm the base and take over.

Liv has to impersonate Peyton, who has already left New Seattle, in order to get Isobel's mother out of a holding centre so mother and daughter can be reunited.

The Filmore Graves soldiers celebrate at the Scratching Post but Major has to deliver the bad news that Russ got away by stealing Jordan's gun. Chase shoots at her repeatedly in the torso so Fisher shoots Captain Seattle in the neck. He responds by shooting Fisher in the head, killing him completely. Captain leaves the party and Major is shaken, holding a badly wounded Jordan in his arms.

An attack on the church involves an attempted assassination of Angus but a different zombie ends up killed in the commotion and the shooter, Mace, is devoured by the partitioners including Tucker who was once his friend when they were both humans.

Isobel dies, leaving her mother, Liv, and everyone else in their group distraught.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


Into The Badlands S03E04 "Blind Cannibal Assassins" Recap

Baron Chau has her brother Gaius imprisoned for eighteen months for betraying her commands but offers him another shot at his freedom which he initially turns down. She threatens to kill the men that helped him smuggle out Cogs from her territory and he agrees to take on her job. She orders him to clip Pilgrim, who took out the members of the border patrol at a particular checkpoint and has begun recruiting Cogs from her territory. She warns him of the two Dark Ones that Pilgrim has working for him and orders him not to return until he has Pilrim's head.

Sunny and Bajie continue their journey through the Wasteland and end up in a confrontation against a band of blind cannibals. They go after the cannibals to retrieve Henry whom the cannibals had kidnapped.

M.K. goes on the run and leaves Tilda despite her pleas that they stay together. He decides that he must now find Sunny as he believes he killed his mother. M.K. struggles to travel due to still being injured from his fight against the Widow's guards, and is forced to hide when Gaius and his men are passing through the same patch of forest.

The Widow and Lydia are shaken after hundreds of workers abandon their posts to join Pilgrim who has been recruiting more and more followers to his cause. Lydia proposes that they find Pilgrim and try to befriend him in order to prevent more loss of workers.

The cannibals are planning to eat baby Henry but are willing to spare his life if Sunny agrees to join their group and be blinded in the process. They give him one day to decide. When Sunny and Bajie are brought back to their holding cell, Sunny reveals that these blind cannibals were once renegade Clippers before Quinn's forced tracked them down and blinded them as punishment for their actions against his son. Sunny was much younger at the time, and it was only his first time out on a mission such as this. Sunny was ordered to participate in the blindings in order to become a Clipper.

Moon arrives in the same area as the blind cannibals, as he is hunting for Sunny and Bajie. He agrees to stay at a shelter one blind man has set up, not knowing of the looming threat.

The Widow and Lydia arrive at Pilgrim's castle. While Lydia heads out to spend time with the High Priestess discussing various artifacts and philosophies, The Widow has a tense meeting with Pilgrim. All the while, Gaius and his warriors are infiltrating the castle. The Widow saves Pilgrim from an incoming knife and then a fight begins with The Widow fighting alongside Pilgrim and his fighters. Lydia also fights off some of the masked intruders with the help of the High Priestess, while Gaius ends up in a one-on-one fight against one of Pilgrim's Dark Ones. Eventually Gaius gets knocked out and Pilgrim intervenes to stop his out-of-control Dark One from killing The Widow.

One of the blind cannibals asks Sunny why the baby has a fever and he explains that Henry is sick with a poison in his blood that they're trying to find a cure for. The blind woman explains how the reason why she was blinded was because she and a Clipper from a rival baron had fallen in love and tried to run away together. Sunny reveals to her that he also tried to run away for love but the baron killed his wife in revenge, and that Sunny was the one to blind her all those years ago. He feels that he owes her the truth and is damned without his sun anyway. Still, she is furious at the revelation. It's then that another cannibal reveals Moon, who has also been taken prisoner by the cannibals.

M.K. meets Pilgrim's other Dark One in the woods and witnesses her kill some men that tried to attack her.

Sunny comes up with a plan that requires Moon to work with him and Bajie. Though Moon initially doesn't want to allow them to escape, Sunny uses Moon's glove weapon to kill the cannibals trying to kill them. Sunny refuses to let Moon out of his chains when he refuses to help Sunny's plan to rescue Henry. While Sunny and Bajie head out to find Henry, they pass by some other cannibals who later circle back around. A fight breaks out in which Sunny and Bajie are able to kill most of them. They finally get to the remaining cannibal woman who has Henry. Sunny gets Henry back and asks the woman to come with them but she says she has lived in darkness too long and is implied to have decided to kill herself since she has no one left. Sunny and Bajie return to Moon and free him from his chains. They all re-emerge out of the caverns and Moon demands that Sunny pick up his sword and fight him to the death. Sunny gives a speech about insisting on stopping the cycle of violence he was in and says that Moon is free to kill him but if he does, Henry will be his responsibility. Moon declares that his honour is satisfied due to his sparing Henry a father. He also warns Sunny that The Widow still wants his head and to not return to the badlands.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


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