Anderz Wrethov and Joy Deb to Compete in Melodifestivalen 2018 Semi-final 4

Anderz Wrethov and Joy Deb are each powerhouse composers/producers for Melodifestivalen. With numerous beloved entries in their catalogue over the years, they will now enter semi-final 4 with two excellent entries. Wrethov has written on a song called "Mitt paradis", a fun, energetic pop song originally intended to be released by Medina. The competing artist, Elias Abbas, is entering the show on the heels of his smash-hit "Min queen" which was one of Sweden's best summer releases. As for Deb, he came in late to help on the production for Felicia Olsson's "Break That Chain," giving the classic pop ballad a modern flair.

Watch our full interview with Anderz Wrethov and Joy Deb here:


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