Barbi Escobar's Emotionally Compelling Melodifestivalen Entry

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Barbi Escobar has a back-catalogue full of urban, R&B tracks from a music career under the artist name "Barbi Esco"; but in entering Melodifestivalen she is debuting an artistic rebirth. She co-wrote her song "Stark" with Andreas "Stone" Johansson and Costa Leon, the latter of whom brought his DJ background to invigorate the production and make the chorus pop in a burst of dance-inducing energy. The performance has been designed for Barbi to stand strong despite the grief she feels at the loss of her father. This personal tragedy was the inspiration behind the song's narrative and causes a lump to form in her throat each time she has to sing it. But by powering through this, she consistently gives it her best effort.

Watch our full interview with Barbi Escobar here:


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