Black Lightning S01E05 "And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light" Recap

Gambi makes alterations to Black Lightning's suits to allow him to fly. He enjoys testing out this new trick but begins to experience severe headaches. Black Lightning also saves another young black man from being killed by the cops due to being on a rampage for Green Light.

While Jefferson continues to test out the flight on his suit, Gambi is visited by Tobias who wants to know the identity of Black Lightning. Gambi claims not to know and reminds Tobias of the serum he took to keep him from aging as well as the fact that Tobias has broken their deal by coming to him. Tobias then leaves with his henchwoman.

Jennifer gets attacked by some schoolmates at a skating rink so she fights them off with no real injury to herself.

Jefferson continues to suffer from headaches while helping out a local man get some medicines for his sick daughter. He later tracks down a supply of Green Light and traces it to Joey Toledo. The headaches get worse until he passes out unconscious and Gambi calls Lynn to treat him since bringing him to the hospital will only cause more problems. When Jefferson wakes up, Lynn implores him to stay in for a while in order to rest.

Tori tells Tobias he needs to deal with his first enemy in order to resolve certain unresolved issues he has within himself. They had an abusive father, Eldridge, whom Tori has finally tracked down.

Anissa begins researching about people with enhanced abilities and discovers that her grandfather, Alvin Pierce, had written a story on the disappearance of nine enhanced teenagers. The newspaper refused to publish it and Alvin was murdered a week later. Anissa visits the editor of the paper who shuts down her questioning and says that "they" are still watching. The only thing he is willing to give her are some files with leads she can follow.

One of the girls that Jennifer defended herself against visits Jefferson and Lynn with her mothers. They make peace with the girl and her mothers, who all leave when Jennifer comes home. They reprimand her for her actions but Jefferson is also impressed to learn that it was two girls she defended herself against without having any injuries of her own.

Tori and Tobias visit Eldridge who is an elderly man who remains unapologetic for his treatment of them as kids. Tobias breaks his back and convinces Tori to leave him to die.

Anissa goes out shopping in search of supplies to put together an outfit to use as a supersuit while she follows the leads to a storage unit.

Black Lightning gets a tip from Inspector Henderson that he follows up on to confront Toledo. Bambi warns him not to go considering the headaches he's been having but Jefferson insists on going. When Black Lightning confronts Toledo, his headaches flare up and cause him to be incapacitated. This gives Toledo the opportunity to escape and on the way out, he declares that Tobias Whale will kill him.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


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