Black Lightning S01E06 "Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder" Recap

Joey Toledo calls in a tip to Deputy Chief Cayman about a sighting of Black Lightning. Black Lightning is disoriented from the recurring headaches he's been suffering from lately and his powers are also on the fritz. Gambi picks Black Lightning up before the police can catch him and brings him back to the lair where he calls Lynn to help tend to him. She is angry that she is being pulled back in to the dangers his super heroism causes, despite her diagnosis that he was able to heal thanks to his powers, though his rate of healing isn't as fast as when he was younger.

Anissa is reprimanded on campus for being involved in a protest where a Confederate general's statue was vandalized.

Lynn observe the brain scans of individuals on Green Light and the scans she took of Black Lightning's brain. Her co-worker secretly observes her comparing the scans. Gambi visits Lynn to speak with her about his concerns regarding Jefferson, believing that he will kill the man who murdered his father. Gambi claims that his taking out Tobias will only end in the destruction of himself.

Jennifer begins to be harassed with videos cyber-bullying her from the bully she fought back against. Jennifer has a falling out with Khalil who has been lashing out against her due to his anger and resentment over becoming paralysed.

Anissa asks Lynn for help with some of the files she's been looking over. Lynn knows that she's hiding something and pleads with Anissa to tell her as soon as she can. Anissa agrees.

Black Lightning heads out to confront Tobias, despite Gambi pleading with him to not do so. Black Lightning follows a lead by tracking down the doctor that treats his albinism.

A protest breaks out at the confederate statue that escalates till a white nationalist drives a car through the crowd which results in the death of a student. Anissa uses her powers to destroy statue and then calls her mother, ready to reveal her powers just as soon as she can meet up with her. There is an attack at the hospital when some thieves show up and tie Lynn up. Anissa arrive and stops them and while trying to free her mother, Black Lightning arrives and the two get into a fight since neither of them recognise one another while they're in their costumes. After Black Lightnign injures her, he realises that he is fighting his daughter. Lynn and Jefferson call Gambi for help.

Khalil decides to take up Tobias on his offer in order to hopefully be able to walk again.

Gambi visits Lady Eve and is revealed to have been the one who trained her. He strikes up a deal to keep the Pierce family off-limits to The 100, who are on the path to try to stop Lynn's research. Lady Eve says they only wanted to take her files and weren't expecting to be her. Gambi lies and says he doesn't know anything about the new metahuman. Anissa wakes from falling unconscious and finally learns that her father is Black Lightning.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


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