Costa Leon Brings DJ-Production To Melodifestivalen

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Costa Leon is a composer and DJ that has been working on the releases for his own music career. But in teaming up with fellow Malmö-based composers Andreas "Stone" Johansson and Denniz Jamm, they have created one of the most popular hits of this year's contest, "Shuffla" by Samir & Viktor. Leon has also worked with Johansson and Barbi Escobar for her own Melodifestivalen entry, "Stark".

With Greek origins and a vibrant charisma, Leon has all the makings of another rising star in Sweden's music industry. After a run on Sweden's Next Top Model, Leon hoped to use the newfound attention as a promotional boost for his music career. But as so many reality-show stints go, the attention faded, and now Melodifestivalen is proving a fruitful endeavour. Only time will tell how Leon's momentum tracks following the contest wrapping.

Watch our full interview with Costa Leon here:


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