Felix Sandman Makes Solo Debut at Melodifestivalen

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Felix Sandman's sophomore foray into Melodifestivalen differs for a number of reasons. His 2017 premiere in the show was alongside his close friends Oscar and Omar, together with whom he comprised the group FO&O. They were often known for putting on shows jam-packed with choreography they often worked on themselves. Their 2017 entry "Gotta Thing About You" was an uplifting pop song about love. But now in standing alone as Felix Sandman the solo artist, the show and song-narrative are considerably darker.

"Every Single Day" is a deeply personal song about heartbreak following the demise of a relationship. The staging is minimalistic with mostly dim lighting. The camera shots are designed to focus in on Felix as he emotes the heart of a song he co-wrote on in Los Angeles. Despite being best known for flips and similar acrobatic tricks, this is an entirely new version of himself that he will debut on one of the biggest stages in all of Sweden.

Watch our full interview with Felix Sandman here:


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