Gotham S04E12 "Pieces of a Broken Mirror" Recap

A group of drug addicts sneak into an abandoned building with a lab within. They're looking for some abandoned supplies but instead they come across a further physically matured version of Ivy Pepper emerging from a strange plant-like cocoon. One of the addicts gets too close and upon trying to touch her, she uses her abilities to sedate him.

Jim visits a brothel in search of Harvey Bullock. Harvey isn't there but Jim leaves a note for him with the owner of the brothel. He then runs into Alfred, who has been living in the Narrows after Bruce fired him and kicked him out of Wayne Manor. He helps Alfred fight off some thugs who tried to rob him.

Lee holds a meeting with the citizens of the Narrows. She wants to discuss a better way for everyone to conduct business. The meeting is going well until a man sends a toy plane armed with an explosive device after her. Grundy throws it at a window and it explodes to starting a fire in the building. Alfred and Jim help the citizens escape the building while Lee, Ed, and Grundy escape on their own. Grundy begins to have flashbacks from his formed life and regains his ability to speak, saying that he is Butch Gilzean. Butch later visits Tabitha and says that he still loves her.

The thugs that tried to rob Alfred thank him for saving the people from the burning building and revere him as a hero when they re-encounter him in a local diner. Alfred becomes concerned when he sees the waitress sporting a suspicious bruise on her head.

Jim and Fox visit the local toy maker Cosmo Frank, whose father is charge of managing the workshop. They want to trace the origins of the toy armed with explosives. Cosmo's father Griffin uses a toy to shoot bullets which creates enough of a distraction when combined with another explosion for him to get away.

Ivy breaks into a house where she steals some clothes and eats food from the fridge. She turns on the television and sees a commercial for Sirens. Selina is in the commercial and she recognises her. Once Ivy visits the club she is kicked out for acting up.

Alfred becomes friends with the diner waitress, Tiffany, who is revealed to have an abusive boyfriend. Alfred implores her to leave the man but she still goes with him. Alfred can't force her to do anything she doesn't want but does get physical with the abusive boyfriend before the couple leave together.

Selina has her own confrontation to handle with Bruce, who has been acting increasingly reckless. Once Selina spots Ivy, she follows her to the apartment she's begun staying at and the pair strike up a new alliance.

Tiffany's abusive boyfriend beats her to death and tries to frame Alfred for it by using the ring that fell off Alfred's hand in their confrontation. Alfred become the prime suspect and gets away before he can be brought in for questioning. Alfred tracks down the abusive boyfriend in a bar and nearly gets stabbed when his friends help to restrain Alfred. But Harvey intervenes since he is the new bartender working there. They call the police and the boyfriend is arrested.

Jim learns that Lee is now a leader in the Narrows and visits her and Ed to tell them that the toymaker Krank was the one to try to take Lee out. It's unclear exactly why Lee is being targeted but Jim continues his work. Later on Krank confronts Ed alone and claims that Ed was the one to hired him while using the "Riddler" alias. Ed has no memory of this encounter. Jim arrives and when Krank tries to attack him Jim shoots him dead. Jim asks him about who hired him and Ed claims that Krank was acting entirely on his own. Ed is shown to see his Riddler persona reflected back at him in the mirror.

Finally, Jim visits Harvey in the bar and tries to get him to come back to the GCPD but Harvey refuses to do so.

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