iZombie S04E01 "Are You Ready for Some Zombies?" Recap

Seattle has been transformed to a quarantined zone known as New Seattle which is surrounded by a wall built by the U.S. Government in order to contain the zombie outbreak. The military working within the wall have also developed a zombie-guillotine as a zero-tolerance enforcement measure against zombies who make more zombies.

Liv and Clive are brought in to investigate the murder of a zombie-hating Seattle Seahawks fan who resented the town being turned into a zombie quarantine zone which in turn kept him from being able to enjoy the job he once had working at a sports arena. Instead he had to work at a packaging centre of human brain supplies to feed the zombies.

Major is working on the military team to enforce a curfew when the group is attacked by some zombie-haters with Molotov cocktails. Major's boss tells him he needs to work with the young homeless zombies that have been kicked out of their homes by their bigoted parents. This role of mentorship is one that Major is familiar with and eager to take on once more.

Blaine has been keeping his father Angus in a well as revenge for their past deeds.

Clive and Liv visit the the murder victim Clint's family and learn that he was in a feud with someone from work named Doc. They bring Doc in for questioning and learn that he's from San Francisco and a fan of the 49'ers. He claims to have been home all night but surveillance footage shows that he went to work in the two-hour window that Clint was murdered in the grinder at work. He claims that he found 20 brain tubes in his bag when he got home and only came back to return them since stealing brains is a highly punishable offense.

Ravi's zombie cure is revealed to have worked to a degree, but the side effect is that he relapses into a zombie of sorts but only for 72 hours once a month. During this time his hair begins to turn white and he craves brains just like a regular zombie.

Major is shocked to learn that there are starving zombie kids on the streets struggling to get enough brains to survive while he has an elite military member has a consistent access to a significant supply of brain sustenance.

Liv has a vision of the victim overhearing a member of the military saying he would be selling brains on the black market. Liv and Clive confront him at a bar but don't get anywhere. Blaine is the one running the bar and send them away. After Blaine angers one of his employees, the man decides to get revenge by freeing Angus from the well. The man wants a reward for freeing him but Angus kills him instead.

Blaine is shown to still be pining after Peyton, who is dating someone new following the demise of their relationship.

Liv and Clive determine that Clint's son Zorn had become a zombie through sexual contact with his zombie girlfriend. The two got in a fight in which Clint pushed Zorn down the stairs. Eventually Zorn's mother admits to killing Clint for making her choose between her husband or her son and she tried to frame Doc for the murder.

Chase Graves reveals that the reason he asked Major to work with homeless teen zombies is to look for new recruits to join the military. He reluctantly selects two of the teens that he thinks stands out enough to join them in the ranks of keeping the peace in the city. Chase says that they will join Major's squad and he will be responsible for teaching them what they need to know to complete the job.

Angus begins preaching to other zombies, beginning the path to being a new cult leader of sorts.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


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