Margaret "In My Cabana" Composers Anderz Wrethov and Linnea Deb are a HOOT!

Swedish composers Anderz Wrethov and Linnea Deb are no strangers to writing hits for Margaret. They previously worked together to pen her smash-hit "Cool Me Down" and Wrethov also worked on her other hit in Sweden, "What You Do". There's no doubt that these two have a knack for writing hits, both for Margaret and numerous others. But what's even more compelling about them is the genuine joy they have for creating.

While some will analyse "In My Cabana" with all the critical nitpicking one can muster to drain the fun out of a party like Melodifestivalen, there is plenty of thought that has been put into creating the entry. It would be easy and predictable to put out another 'banger' to follow in the steps of what's already done well for Margaret in Sweden. But in order to try to establish a greater longevity to her appeal in the Swedish market, Margaret must display a greater range in the style of song she can have become a hit in Sweden.

Anderz Wrethov and Linnea Deb have tremendous energy and charisma, as well as a true zest and humour. It's this same appeal that translates well when we sit down to talk about their song as well as the infectiously fun entry that can charm a whole new fanbase for Margaret in the Swedish public.

Watch our full interview with Anderz Wrethov and Linnea Deb here:


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