Mélovin To Represent Ukraine At Eurovision 2018

Ukrainian song contest Vidbir has come to a close and a victor has emerged. X-Factor winner Mélovin has won after a second run. In 2017, he won the televote in the finals but could not win over the juries enough to place higher than third overall with the combined points. Now he has turned the experience of what he considers a failure into something more fruitful, as "Under The Ladder" was written from a place of wanting to persevere.

Sporting an eccentric look of ever-changing hairstyles and a single light-shaded contact, Mélovin's visuals are every bit as important to his artistry as the songs themselves. Though his career is still at the beginning stages, he has already garnered a devoted fan-following, affectionately known as "Mélovinators" to whom he credits much of his success. With a fiery stage show and energetic charisma having pushed him to victory, only time will tell how sufficiently he will maintain this momentum to Lisbon.


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