Méndez Makes Long-Awaited Return to Melodifestivalen

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Méndez is a prominent name in the Melodifestivalen hall of fame. Back in 2002 when the semi-final format was first introduced, he finished as runner-up to Afro-dite's "Never Let It Go" with his song "Adrenaline," an energetic Latin pop song that he would return to perform in the 2016 medley of the contest's greatest hits.

As Méndez returned to the contest in 2003 but only finished in Andra Chansen, Méndez hasn't been particularly active in Sweden's music/entertainment industry for a good fifteen years. Though he has made other attempts to return to the contest before now, this was finally the right song that gave SVT the push to allow him back in. He has kept busier in his motherland, Chile, where he has not only continued to be a musical artist but appeared on a reality show with his family "Los Méndez" and run for mayor of his hometown to bring about necessary change.

Despite not winning his mayoral race, Méndez is happy to have worked well with the other candidates to get the former mayor out of office. Whether it's music, television, or politics, Méndez always aims to bring about a positive energy that can inspire others to make the world a better place and to spread happiness. With this 2018 entry "Everyday," Méndez's joy for being on stage in front of an audience radiates from his entire being. He has worked with Zain Odelstål and Dennis Brochner to create a show that uses warm colours to cohesively bring together the tone of the song and Méndez himself.

Watch our full interview with Méndez here:


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