Moncho: From Hip-Hop to Melodifestivalen

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Moncho is a Cuban-Swedish hip-hop artist best known for releasing hip-hop/rap tracks with hard-hitting beats. He's also the brother of famed artist Dani M. When Axel Schylström and the other composers of "Cuba Libre" put the song together, it was up to Universal to find an artist to perform the song in the contest and they reached out to Moncho.

Though the style is a shift for Moncho compared to his back catalogue, this presents a unique opportunity for him both creatively and professionally. Not only does he get to experiment with a different genre in music, he can also get tremendous exposure from being on Sweden's largest television show.

Moncho has collaborated with artistic directors Zain Odelstål and Dennis Brochner to put together a bright, colourful number that establishes a fun, wholesome party atmosphere. Despite being a competitive underdog, it's Moncho's positive attitude that only allows him to enjoy the experience for all that it has to offer and staying grateful all the while.

Watch our full interview with Moncho here:


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