Olivia Eliasson To Debut in Melodifestivalen

Olivia Eliasson first garnered public attention for doing a cover of Anton Ewald's Melodifestivalen 2013 entry "Begging" on YouTube. It was an acoustic rendition performed on a guitar but now that Olivia is kick-starting her own solo career, she is taking a more glossy approach to her pop. Her 2018 entry, "Never Learn," has a retro dance-pop flair in the chorus through the use of soulful backing vocalists. The song was written on by Anton Ewald himself along with fellow pop singer Astrid S. Now that she has her own opportunity to be the star of the show, Tomas Benstem has been brought on to choreograph a team of backing dancers all dressed in neon-yellow hazmat suits.

Watch our full interview with Olivia Eliasson here:


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