Samir & Viktor, Margaret, and LIAMOO Among Competitive Favourites in Melodifestivalen Semi-final 2

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

In true Melodifestivalen tradition, the most competitive line-up has been drawn for Göteborg. In their return to the contest, Samir & Viktor have brought their most impressive entry yet, "Shuffla". With a catchier melody, more diverse genres incorporated in the production, and actual choreography that they perform with their dancers, Samir & Viktor have elevated their capabilities as entertainers to a whole new level.

Margaret enters as a fan-favourite among Melodifestivalen viewers for her previous pop bangers including "Cool Me Down" and "What You Do", both of which brought her success outside of her native country Poland and onto Swedish streaming charts and television programs. Now she has brought a lighter but nonetheless stellar "In My Cabana" complete with intricate camera works to show a narrative of having fun with her dancers and getting her flirt on all the while.

LIAMOO shot up to number one in the betting odds early on, along with other bookie-favourites Benjamin Ingrosso and Mariette. After winning Swedish Idol, LIAMOO spent much of his tie touring across Sweden and only releasing a couple singles along the way. Now he has teamed up with famed choreographer and artistic director Sacha Jean-Baptiste to create an intimate, well-designed show with dark colours and close-up camera shots to allow viewers to better connect with LIAMOO and the lyrics he worked on himself.

Watch our interviews with Samir & Viktor, Margaret, and LIAMOO here:


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