The Librarians S04E12 "And the Echoes of Memory" Recap

Nicole is revealed to have knocked out and kidnapped Flynn when he had chosen to stay with Baird and tether to the Library. In the present, Eve follows a lead Flynn left her on a TV ring. In this new alternate world, Eve tracks down Jake and brings him along to try to find the others, though he only remembers working in the Library as a sort of dream as opposed to remembering it as a true memory.

They track down Cassandra next working at a paper company and Eve finds she is struggling to remember the Library as vividly as when she entered this world. Finally they find Ezekiel working as a television host. Here he is the most famous person in the world. Eve continues to struggle with a rapid degeneration of her memory until she is confronted by Nicole, who puts her into a mental institution. While inside, she meets Flynn but the two don't remember one another.

Flynn is reprimanded for making trouble, which leads to Nicole punishing him with electroshock therapy to try to push him to forget his former life entirely. Meanwhile Jake and Cassandra recruit Ezekiel, who is convinced to join them due to his instincts and his otherwise inexplicable ability to know Cassandra's name despite her never having told it to him.

Eve tracks down Flynn and the two are able to reconnect their relationship as well as regain their memories. Nicole catches them and orders that they be lobotomized. Jake, Cassandra, and Ezekiel rescue Eve in time, and together they manage to rescue Flynn. They all run away while being pursued by Nicole and her minions but eventually find themselves trapped with no way out. Flynn instructs them on how to remanifest the Library, which restores the world but Jenkins is still dead.

Flynn uses an artifact and has Nicole help him with it so he can go back in time and right his wrong of never having gone back for Nicole. Flynn tells Nicole that she needs to stay in the past but convinces her to have adventures for the Library instead of going against it. As a result, she never became immortal. When Flynn returns to the present, time has been restored and none of the evil Nicole caused has taken place. Flynn and Eve are the only ones that remember the other world and are overjoyed to find that Jenkins is alive and immortal once more. They then decide to undergo the tethering ceremony as Librarian and Guardian.

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