The Tick S01E07 "Tale from the Crypt" Recap

The Tick is searching all over the city for Arthur, who was kidnapped at the end of the mid-season finale. Arthur is being held prisoner in a cell in the Terror's lair. In the next cell over, a Dr. Karamazov is also being held against his will. Karamazov was the man who designed Arthur's suit.

Dot is also searching for Arthur and arrives at his apartment to find the door broken and all the wreckage on the walls from his being taken. She also finds Overkill hiding in a corner, not long after which The Tick also arrives since he hadn't yet checked Arthur's apartment yet. Dot informs them of how she overheard that Rameses has been killed, while Overkill shares how he heard Arthur being kidnapped. They decide to form a plan together to rescue Arthur from the Terror's lair.

Ms. Lint gives Arthur access to his suit so he can use it to escape. As he makes his attempt, it's revealed that this is all part of a larger scheme orchestrated by Lint and Terror. Arthur puts on the suit and visits Karamazov to rescue him too. Karamazov has been shrunk and is half of Arthur's size. As they make their escape together, Karamazov turns on Arthur by punching him in the groin and making his own escape.

Meanwhile, The Tick, Overkill, and Dot have teamed up and tracked down Terror's lair. The Tick and Overkill storm the lair while Dot stands guard just outside. The alarms have been set off, so once Terror and Lint get away they proceed to bomb the lair.

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