The Tick S01E08 "After Midnight" Recap

The origins story of the giant naked man is revealed. Clifford was a regular man with a wife and family but on his way to work, some masked men kidnapped him, pulled him into a van, and used a strange machine to make him giant.

Arthur is reunited with The Tick, who has made it out of the lair explosion alive along with Overkill who only has some injuries. Overkill is furious that they lost the Terror and blames Arthur, and is ready to abandon them until Arthur mentions he met Karamazov. Once Arthur reveals how Lint helped him escape he realises that the escape was part of a larger scheme. Overkill wants to go into hiding and Dot tries to stop him but to no avail.

Arthur decides the safest course of action is to go on the run with the Tick to try to stay out of danger due to the Terror being on the loose. Before leaving, Arthur asks Tinfoil Kevin to keep an eye on the apartment.

Lint takes over Rameses' crew, the Pyramid Gang, and orders his henchmen to now do her bidding.

Arthur and Tick go to a book signing event of Midnight, a talking dog who was once a member of the Flag Five. The Flag Five was a superhero group that Arthur idolised as a child and the Terror killed the majority of. Arthur and Tick want to tell Midnight that the Terror is plotting to kill Superian and hopes that Midnight will pass on the message. While Arthur is being escorted out by security, he deduces that Overkill is actually a former member of the Flag Five who managed to survive the Terror's onslaught but ended up losing his eyes and hands in the process, which have now been replaced by robotic enhancements. Overkill was once 'Straight Shooter'. Arthur implores Overkill to tell Midnight about the Terror's plans to kill Superian.

Eventually, Overkill agrees to confront Midnight. Despite his insistence, Overkill is unable to convince Midnight of the Terror still being alive so the two get into an altercation.

Meanwhile, a mysterious car is shown to be following Arthur all over the city. Dot also begins to start practicing how to shoot a gun.

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