The Tick S01E09 "My Dinner with Android" Recap

Midnight passes on the message to Superian about the return of the Terror and his plans to kill Superian, but Superian doesn't believe or take the threat seriously. Further proof will be needed to convince him of its validity.

The Terror invades the main office of Brown Tingle Cola, a soda company he founded many years ago, with many henchmen. He resumes control and decides to use the office as his new headquarters. Arthur and the Tick decide to leave Overkill's lair to stay elsewhere but are approached by two diplomats, a woman and a robot, who are from Karamazov's home country. They are searching for Karamazov after receiving a tip from the Terror since Karamazov had defected from the country. The woman leaves them a card to get in contact with them if they hear from Karamazov. Arthur wants to find a tower to amplify the signal from the helmet that he believes is Karamazov trying to contact him.

Superian ponders the possibility of the Terror being alive when he has a revelation about teeth when staring at the large naked man.

Arthur and Tick return to Arthur's apartment and find that Kevin has tidied up the place. Kevin also helps them to amplify the signal of the helmet. This allows Karamazov to speak with Arthur, asking for help and to meet since now his own countrymen are after him due to the Terror framing him for the destruction of the lab.

Dot visits Overkill and returns his gun. He determines that she has shot it 53 times and she admits to bringing it to a shooting range to try to learn how to protect herself. He gifts her with a gun better suited to her and begins teaching her how to use it.

Arthur and Tick meet with Karamazov to try to learn more about the weapon that is supposed to kill Superman. Karamazov's head has shrunk even more but his head is now normal-sized. They must go on the run when the diplomats emerge, having bugged Tick's car to follow them to find Karamazov. Tick fights the robot and finds they are at a bit of an impasse in their fight moves and strategies. Tick wonders if he is a later model of the old, nearly out-of-comission robot. Arthur flees out back with the stroller Karamazov is hiding in. The female diplomat uses an explosive device to blow up the stroller but after she leaves, it's revealed that Arthur swapped it out with a frozen turkey Kevin gifted him.

Sueprian discovers that Richter, the giant naked man, was the man who found the Terror's teeth on the day that Superian had apparently killed Terror. Superian realises that Richter is part of a larger plan and flies off.

Arthur and Tick bring Karamazov to Kevin's 'office', hidden in an old robot head, with the intent that they will nurse him back to health. When Arthur and Tick return to Arthur's apartment, they find Superian waiting there, delirious and rambling about the plot to kill him before fainting.

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