The Tick S01E10 "Risky Bismuth" Recap

Karamazov is now functioning by using a robot suit designed by Kevin. He being to tell Arthur and Tick his story while they tend to Superian, who is burning up in temperature and still unconscious. Throughout all of this, Tick is also operating under the theory that he is actually a robot but Arthur tells him that he isn't one since he still has free will to do the right thing.

Karamazov shares how he discovered a supply of "big bismuth" in the mountains of his home country. He used it to create a growth ray and tested it out while Superian was in in attendance. But the machine malfunctioned and Karamazov was shrunken to a small size. The government seized Karamazov's weapons in the hopes of using them to fight Superian but the Terror intervened and seized the weapons for himself. Karamazov continues on and shares that the entire supply of weapons and supply of big bismuth was destroyed by the Tick.

Karamazov states that the big bismuth is responsible for Superian's sickness as well as the growth of the VLM. The Terror is planning to use the big bismuth inside of the VLM to kill Superian once and for all.

While all of this is going on, Dot is following a lead on a mission the Pyramid Gang are going on. She decides to go after it and Overkill follows to help her out. Overkill ends up in a confrontation with Lint, who is able to overpower him with some gas. Dot shuts off the power to the building but Lint uses her powers to restore it, which triggers a ray which hits the VLM. This causes him to begin moving towards the city. Karamazov declares that this is the beginning of the finals stage of the Terror's plan.

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