The Tick S01E11 "The Beginning of the End" Recap

Karamazov tells Arthur that with the VLM approaching the city, the Terror is planning to detonate the VLM because the big bismuth within him will kill Superian since it is his weakness. Arthur's suit is crucial to all of this because it is the detonator to the explosion.

Lint has Overkill in her captivity and interrogates him, revealing to the audience in the process that they used to have a relationship beyond that of hero and villain. But their entanglement ended with her using him in the Terror's plan to kill the Flag Five. She offers to help Overkill finally take out Terror by revealing the location of his tower. However, Overkill rejects her offer of aligning since he cannot trust her after all she's done. Dot disconnects the power in order to rescue Overkill and tells both him and Lint that they need some therapy to work out their respective issues.

Karamazov alters the catalyser in the suit which disables Terror's remote detonation capabilities. Instead the detonation should shrink the VLM back to his normal size but only with a 20% chance of it working. Arthur and Tick head to the military blockade and share a pep-talk before they will take on the VLM.

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