The Tick S01E12 "The End of the Beginning (Of the Start of the Dawn of the Age of Superheroes)" Recap

Superian wakes from his sickness when he hears people calling for him to help with the VLM. Arthur flies towards the VLM's face to activate the catalyser but is thrown by Superian's arrival. Arthur tries to warn him to leave but his suit goes off, while Terror watches stunned since he wasn't the one to set off the explosion. Tick looks on from the ground and is overjoyed when the device works and the VLM begins to shrink back to his normal size. Superian falls to the ground somewhat disoriented but relatively unharmed.

Dot calls Arthur to say that she and Overkill know where the Terror's hidden. This is their one chance to go after him because now that his plan has been foiled he will likely move to somewhere else. Terror and Lint have an argument since she has lost faith in his madness while he knows that she tried to sell him out to Overkill. Terror decides to attack the Flag Five memorial ceremony where Arthur's mother and step-father will be, as he wants to get revenge on Arthur for his interference in his plan to kill Superian.

Overkill's ship calls Arthur to inform him of the impending attack on the ceremony. Lint is dismayed to learn that the bracelets Terror gave her have been little more than a way to keep her under his control. Terror's minions capture Arthur's mother and step-father, prompting Tick to attack Terror's ship while Arthur uses his suit to fight off the many henchmen.

Once Tick manages to tear through the ship's hull, the Terror tries to abandon the ship but Lint gets away in the escape pod before he can use it. The ship fully crashes and the Terror emerges. Arthur confronts him for all his crimes but the Terror gets the upper hand and prepares to kill Arthur. But Superman arrives and saves Arthur by using his frost breath power to subdue the Terror.

Superian is revered by the public for stopping the Terror once again, while Arthur and Dot celebrate still being alive and reuniting with the rest of their family. Overkill is upset that he was not the one to stop the Terror but Dot reminds him that the Terror will likely escape. Overkill is appreciative of Dot making him feel better.

Arthur and Tick meet with Midnight, who warns them to be careful in the public eye, as Big Brother is watching. But Midnight leaves before Arthur can ask for clarification on this warning. While Arthur and Tick walk away, and AEGIS drone is shown to be behind them monitoring their actions before flying up and meeting with more drones.

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