Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E05 "Princeton Offense" Recap

Tandy goes through the files she retrieved from what was left of Greg's office and begins organising them.

Detective O'Reilly has sex with one of her fellow officers in the back of her squad car before returning to the office to meet with Tyrone, whom Tandy had directed him to as someone he can trust. Tyrone shares how he saw Connors selling drugs he claimed to have lifted from evidence. O'Reilly agrees to help him, saying she isn't sure if she believes him entirely but admits to not trusting Connors. However, she warns Tyrone to stay out of trying to play detective and to leave that to actual police like herself.

Tyrone returns to school and Tandy meets him to apologise for how poorly their last encounter went and reveals that she has learned to control her powers, even manifesting her light dagger in the hallway which he quickly hides using his backpack. She asks Tyrone if the school has a computer lab, wanting to use it to research Roxxon. Tandy prints out some documents, saying there's a hole missing in the middle of the documents she's found which indicate a powerful figure at the center of it all but for now she can only follow the lead of B-list figures in the Roxxon scheme. She shares how she tried to kill herself and it unlocked the key to her not caring about all the other bad things in her life and to instead focus so she can use her powers. She proposes that they use their gifts to try to help right these injustices of their lives. Tyrone is saddened when Evita appears to now only be interested in a platonic relationship with him. Tandy uses her light dagger to break into some cheerleader lockers to steal some clothes in her size.

Tyrone returns home and accidentally teleports to Billy's friend Duane Porter who is now all grown up and runs a home building enterprise. This gives Tyrone the opportunity to catch up with an old friend after he was just thinking about him when looking at an old childhood photo. Duane advises him to look ahead and make the things matter most his priority.

Tandy decides to apply to be an intern at Roxxon Gulf, using a fake name and backstory, in the hopes of getting access to the higher positioned employees of the company. She aces her interviews and is accepted for the position.

Tyrone offers Evita his letterman jacket to wear for the game and reaffirms his interest in a romantic relationship with her. The big game is underway and Tyrone is working hard in the game, while Tandy is at a Roxxon party using her powers to see the hopes of different Roxxon employees.

O'Reilly visits a prisoner in custody and forces him to reveal the contact of someone that supplies cocaine.

Tyrone accidentally teleports the basketball from the game to the party Tandy is at and during halftime he accidentally teleports himself there too. Tandy has been discovering that numerous Roxxon employees hope to overthrow their CEO. Tandy is shocked to see Tyrone at the party and he claims that her using her powers has effected him. Because they are connected, all this extra hope-searching she's been doing has been causing his powers to go haywire during the basketball tournament. With Tyrone's help, Tandy is able to determine that the CEO of Rozon Gulf is Peter Scarborough. Peter had been the one to defame her father's name. When Tyrone struggles to figure out how to get back to the game, she tells him he needs to take a risk and she pushes him over the balcony. He falls into a fountain of water and emerges back at the game in time for the second half to start up.

Tandy meets a woman named Mina Hess at the party whose importance is revealed later...

O'Reilly gets a stash of cocaine from a local dealer who asks her if loose morals is what all cops have in common.

As Tyrone continues to play in the tournament, his abilities allow him to see the fears of the opposing team and how significant this game is for them. As a result, he deliberately (but barely) misses the final shot which causes the opposing team to win instead. He leaves feeling good about the kind deed he has done.

Tandy visits Scarborough at his home, claiming to have a flat tire and wanting to use his phone to call for help but instead he gets out his tools to teach her how to change the tire. During the encounter, she secretly manifests the light dagger and considers killing him with it but instead uses her powers to see into his head, learning that he is motivated by greed and doesn't care who he hurts in the pursuit of profit.

O'Reilly is 'caught' at the station by Connors huffing cocaine, but he is sympathetic to her feigned plight and even sniffs a line from her. The implication with this encounter is that she is attempting to bait him into revealing the supplier he is working with.

Tyrone returns home and finds Evita waiting for him in his room, saying she knows he threw the game to help the other team and admires him for being a good person. They spend the night together and she chooses to sneak out the following morning to spare him the hassle of explaining her presence to his parents. Tyrone then accidentally teleports to Duane's work site and spies Duane arguing with Connors. They've been working together and Duane even knows the truth about Billy's death.

Tandy discovers a diagram with her father's name on it along with "Ivan Hess" who was the father of Mina Hess, the woman she met at the party.

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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E04 "Call/Response" Recap

Tyrone and Tandy talk to each other about their personal lives and the issues they harbour within themselves while other scenes play out in-between, of what they do after the conversation. Tyrone and Tandy end up leaving their conversation feeling bitter about one another.

Tyrone decides to falsify a story about his bike being stolen to get into the police station but is unable to stand being in the police station for too long and decides to leave before following through with whatever plan he had formed. When Otis discovers that Tyrone had stolen his bolt cutter, he frconfronts him. Otis is afraid that Tyrone will go down a criminal path that his brother did so he takes him to see Big Chief Roland Duplantier of the Wild Red Hawks, a Mardi Gras tribe. Tyrone learns from Roland that Billy had been designing a cloak that was going to be used for the next march. Tyrone decides to finish making the cloak, which Otis approves as a method for helping him to focus and be productive instead of self-destructive.

Tandy is skeptical about her mother's relationship with Greg, as Greg is actually married. But upon questioning him further, she is able to see that he does care for her and Tandy and resolves to help him research Roxxon for the case. However, Melissa has decided to break up with Greg, prompting Tandy to go check up on him. However, when she gets near his office she witnesses him being killed by someone sent to do so and then burn his office down. Melissa then tries to call Greg, unaware of what has happened to him. Tandy attempts to kill herself by drowning by tying herself with rope and chains before dropping off the pier. But she ends up manifesting her powers and using the light dagger to free herself and rise back to the surface of the water.

Tyrone returns to the police station more determined to pursue his path for finding justice for his brother by returning to the police station and asking to see officer O'Reilly. Finally, Tandy returns to what's left of Greg's office and discovers some hidden Roxxon files in the back of the remains.

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Into The Badlands S03E08 "Leopard Catches Cloud" Recap

Sunny and Bajie finally make it to Pilgrim's Fortress where they are reunited with M.K. who furiously demands that Sunny give baby Henry to Bajie before attacking him. They fight, with Sunny not wanting to hurt M.K. who uses his Gift to enhance his strength while warning Bajie to stay out of the way of the fight. The fight continues until M.K. is able to beat Sunny into near unconsciousness and considers snapping his neck until Pilgrim uses his powers to deactivate M.K.'s gift and welcomes Sunny, saying it's been a long time.

Pilgrim tells Sunny that his real name is Sanzo and that his older sister had helped Pilgrim survive the attack when they were young but he doesn't know what happened to her. He considers Sunny to be a brother, and says that they can cure Henry if they open the Meridian Chamber which is an ancient underground vault from the Old World Pilgrim's followers have recently uncovered.

The Widow and Chau plot their attack on White Bone, Chau's sister's mansion. He swears to do anything for The Widow and it's revealed that they once had a romantic connection that they decide to rekindle as Chau promises to kill his sister if and when she commands him to. Meanwhile, Lydia also resumes her romantic relationship with Moon. The following day, The Widow works alongside Gaius Chau, Lydia, Moon, and other soldiers to set off for White Bone.

Sunny tries to make amends with M.K. who angrily yells at him for killing his mother, something Sunny doesn't remember doing but he still apologises for all the brutality of his past as a kller. M.K. doesn't want to forgive or mend his relationship with Sunny, though Nix appears moved by Sunny's words while standing in the same room as them while they speak. Bajie pulls Sunny aside to warn him that Pilgrim wants to make an army of Dark Ones for a new Azra but Sunny doesn't care about this consequence since he believes there is no other way to cure Henry. Bajie wants to blow up the chamber but Sunny and Pilgrim stop him and Bajie is taken prisoner to watch what's about to unfold.

The Widow, Gaius, and Tilda attack White Bone, while Moon battles Baron Chau's troops and Lydia helps to hold the line. Lydia saves Moon from being killed on the battlefield but she ends up being badly injured in battle. The Widow confront Baron Chau who orders her soldiers to shoot The Widow but the arrows are frozen in air and shot back from whence they came, with Baron Chau being nonfatally wounded in the process. A monk-like figure emerges and says that it's time for The Widow and Baron Chau to put aside their differences as there is a far greater threat coming.

Sunny helps Pilgrim to open the Meridian Chamber, as Sunny is the key while Pilgrim is the focus. Together, they are able to use the door and its powers so Pilgrim is able to absorb Henry's gift for himself. Henry is saved, while Pilgrim now has a dangerous power boost.

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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E03 "Stained Glass" Recap

Tyrone checks on Tandy after her car crash and assures her that the gun in his hand isn't meant for her. Despite her injuries, she gets back into the car and carries on driving out of town.

Detective O'Reilly visits Rick in the ICU to ask about his attack. She notes the scratches on his face that look like defensive wounds and informs him that the paramedics said that his pants were unbuckles when he was brought in. She is able to deduce that he was trying to rape Tandy when he was stabbed.

Tandy's car breaks down so she abandons it and returns home to Melissa and Greg's, heading to the bathroom to wipe the blood off her head injury. Melissa is alarmed to see that her daughter was bleeding but their conversation is interrupted by O'Reilly knocking on the door, asking to see Tandy. Melissa lies, saying that Tandy isn't there. Greg says that O'Reilly can't come in without a warrant. Tandy overhears O'Reilly say that Tandy isn't under arrest and likely a victim in an assault, leaving her card behind to be contacted if they want. When Melissa returns to the bathroom she discovers that Tandy has snuck out through the window. Tandy gets on a bus that night and falls asleep, only to 'wake' in a sort of spirit vision.

Tyrone meets his classmate/love-interest Evita who overhears him pondering if he is cursed. She brings him to her part-time job as a tour guide of New Orleans in order to introduce him to voodoo priestess Auntie Clarisse who can offer him spiritual guidance. After reading some cards on him, she determines he needs a bath and gives him a list of spices and charms to use with his bath. He also enters a spirit vision.

Both Tandy and Tyrone have visions of the other. In Tandy's vision she sees a young Tyrone playing basketball with his brother Billy. Billy rejects his friends offering to go steal a car radio, opting to stay and play with Tyrone instead. The vision shifts to the woods where Tyrone at his present age picks up a gun from the table and shoots Connors to avenge his brother. But then his parents collapse and police officers swarm him. The vision replays with Tyrone trying to kill Connors through different means but the end is always the same. Tandy pleads with Tyrone to try something else and then her light dagger emerges from her hand which she places on the table. Tyrone goes to pick it up and it transforms into a pair of handcuffs. He brings them to Connors who immediately flees.

Tyrone has a vision of a young Tandy doing ballet on the rooftop of a building. He shields her from a puddle of water when a light's electric current begins to run haywire. The vision then changes to Tandy at her current age in the woods watching in horror as a room depicts manifestations of her greatest fears and difficulties in life. Each time, Tandy tries to run away until Tyrone manifests his smoke powers to keep her in place and try something else instead of always running form her problems. She manifests a light dagger and this time the vision changes. Tyrone is alone in the woods and sees a large door which he attempts to open and get inside.

Tandy finds Tyrone as a child locked in a room crying over the loss of his brother, while Tyrone finds a child version of Tandy giving the different men in her life (both good and bad) pills that cause them to drop dead. Both Tandy and Tyrone begin to manifest their powers once more and try to reach out for each before waking with clear consciences and an understanding that they need each other for the journeys they find themselves on.

Connors meets with O'Reilly and informs her that her case on Rick's attack is being closed, claiming that he found Rick's license on a dead drug-dealer and that they were the attacker. She is frustrated by this development since it doesn't match the evidence. O'Reilly then gets a call from Tandy who agrees to meet with her privately to share her story about what happened at the attack. O'Reilly apologises to her for not being able to do more for her and Tandy leaves, despondent.

Tyrone finally initiates a romantic relationship with Evita before leaving to confront Tandy at the abandoned church she has been staying at, wanting to better understand and explore this connection they have.

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Into The Badlands S03E07 "Dragonfly's Last Dance" Recap

The Widow's butterflies are scheming to put together a mutiny against her, as they are suffering significantly from fighting on her behalf in the war. They are lead by a fighter named Wren who has the others set off some smoke bombs while they wear oxygen masks. They attack both The Widow and Chau, who fight for a bit but succumb to the effects of the smoke and are taken captive. Wren was formerly a fighter in the war till she lost a limb, much like other fighters serving Widow in the war against Baron Chau.

Pilgrim and his followers hold a funeral ceremony for Castor. He continues to have visions related to Sunny's impending arrival, while Sunny and Bajie have managed to hold the River King captive to compel him to assist them in getting passage to Pilgrim's Fortress. Nix questions Pilgrim about marks on Castor's neck and Pilgrim claims Castor died peacefully in his arms while also making subtle threats not to question him any further on the matter.

Sunny learns that he was on a boat during his childhood that was attacked by the Black Lotus, a group of menacing warriors hunting for him specifically. This prompts Sunny to seek out Captain Udo, the last survivor of the attack. He leaves baby Henry with Bajie to be looked after and during this time, Bajie seemingly begins to rekindle his relationship with Lydia.

Wren and her followers are searching for an important seal when Lydia emerges and manages to negotiate an armistice with the turncoats. Lydia then goes to The Widow to inform her that she has managed to negotiate terms that will end the war. The Widow signs an agreement which Lydia is supposed to bring to Baron Chau.

Sunny learns from Captain Udo further details about the massacre that he survived, and a stunning revelation that he had a sister who protected him as a child.

Lydia flees to Moon and Tilda with the intention that they'll work together to rescue The Widow and Chau, who manage to break out on their own and begin fighting off Wren's fighters. Just as Wren and her followers get them surrounded and are preparing to kill them, Tilda, Moon, and other reinforcements arrive to take out Wren's followers. Tilda tosses a sword to The Widow so she can decide for herself whether to kill Wren. Ultimately, The Widow decides to execute Wren and all of her remaining supporters.

More members of Black Lotus try to kill Sunny but he manages to kill them instead. The River King tries to offer up his assistance to Sunny but Sunny decides to kill him instead. With his position now vacant, Lily assumes the role of River Queen.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E02 "Suicide Sprints" Recap

Detective Brigid O'Reilly is assigned to investigate the stabbing of Rick, which both Tandy and Tyrone are struggling to understand their newly manifested powers. Tandy confides in Liam about stabbing Rick and she claims she simply had a knife on her that's gone now. She doesn't know what happened to Rick after she stabbed him. If he's alive, he can identify her. If he's dead, then she will have to live with the guilt of having killed someone. Liam decides to work on finding her a new identity so she can skip town.

Since Tyrone has now discovered that Connors is a real cop, he becomes obsessed with catching him to find justice for the death of his brother. As a result of falling asleep while staking out Connors, he misses basketball practice. He shows up to practice when it's already in progress and the coach forces him to sit on the bleachers and watch while his teammates have to run extra laps for punishment of his own deeds.

Tandy returns home to try to retrieve her cash stash to pay for her new identity papers but her mother has stolen her money and thrown it away on drugs. Desperate for money, she and Liam decide to rob a wedding to get the remaining portion since Liam had already put up half the money to pay for her paperwork.

Tyrone tries to make up for his neglect of the basketball team by following the advice of Father Delgado, but his teammates later corner him in the locker room and beat him up for all the ways he has wronged the team.

While at the wedding, Tandy is able to use her powers to see that Liam genuinely cares about her and wants to help her. This revelations scares her but they are still successful in robbing the wedding. They are forced to escape in a hurry and steal a car to do so.

Tyron returns home and makes up with his mother but his powers reveal her greatest fear, which is to lose him after already having lost his brother Billy.

Tandy leaves town and then Liam is arrested by O'Reilly. Liam calls Tandy from jail to beg for help because he put all the money he had into her new life but she ignores him. Tyrone takes Adina's gun and confronts Connors. He is about to pull the trigger but he becomes overwhelmed with anger, which triggers him to unintentionally teleport away. He reappears in the middle of the street Tandy is driving down and the bullet he had fired at Connors goes through Tandy's windshield instead, causing her to swerve off the road and crash.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E01 "First Light" Recap

A young Tandy Bowen is picked up from ballet late by her her father Nathan after she calls his office to remind him to come get her. A young Tyrone Johnson learns that his older brother Billy and his friends were scammed out of being paid for a job they did installing a car radio. Tyrone steals the car radio back but when his brother Billy finds out he instructs him not to steal and says they will put it back but they end up pursued by cops anyway.

Tandy's father Nathan is driving home in the rain while talking on the phone while the cops pursue Billy and Tyrone to a construction site. The Roxxon Gulf Platform explodes which distracts Nathan and causes him to crash the car and send it over the bridge into the water. The explosion also causes Detective Connors to "accidentally" shoot Billy, sending him falling into the water. Tyrone jumps in after him, desperate to save his brother. A strange energy force shoots out of rig which gifts Tany and Tyrone the powers of light and dark, and the two even join together to hold hands.

Years later, Tandy is involved in schemes with her boyfriend Liam to rob rich people. She goes home with one mark that she chats up at a club and drugs him before letting Liam in so they can steal his various expensive items. Meanwhile Tyrone is playing high school basketball and repeatedly gets knocked down before he punches a player from the opposing team that had been the latest to knock him down. The two get into a fight on the court that ends when one of his teammates pulls him off.

Tandy sneaks back into an abandoned building where she stays instead of living with her mother Melissa. She is revealed to have a habit of snorting prescription medication. Melissa's lawyer boyfriend Greg is working on a case against Roxxon, and is prone to coming home drunk. In a flashback it's revealed that the oil explosion rig was pinned on Nathan, as Roxxon claims that he went rogue on some off-the-books experiment.

Tandy is angry at Liam for getting scammed out a larger profit from their latest robbery and he tells her there's a party happening later in the woods. Meanwhile, Tyrone gets invited to the same party by a girl from school. Tandy later returns home when she knows that her mother is out in order to put some items into a hidden bag where she keeps various items stashed, including a cash stash, prescription drugs, and other important personal items.

Tandy and Tyrone meet at the party in the woods. She spills her drink on his jacket, and the two introduce themselves without knowing that they have met each other before. Tyrone prepares to buy his date a drink when he realises that Tandy stole his wallet. He chases her into the woods and upon catching up to her, he grabs her hand and a beam of light comes out of hers and send them both flying back. Then both stop and stare at their hands, as hers is glowing bright while his has dark smoke coming out of it. Tandy then realises that Tyrone is the boy she met after her childhood accident and the two have an emotional moment but Tandy runs off, afraid and confused by this new manifestation of her powers. She leaves her bag behind and Tyrone picks it up before heading off.

Tyrone returns home and goes to sleep in his room only to wake up the following morning wrapped in his sheet on the roof of a building in the city. In a flashback, Tyrone goes to the police station with his parents where a police chief captain claims that Billy's body was found with drugs in his system and denies there being a cop that shot Billy, even saying that no one works at the station that matches the description Tyrone gave. But Tyrone is caught on camera stealing the car radio and the surveillance footage of it is shown to Tyrone's parents. In the present, Tyrone discovers Detective Connors heading out for a day of work on the force.

Tandy is caught at home by her mother, who returned early after quitting her job. She accidentally cut her hand and has it wrapped in a towel, which her mother wants to look at but when she grabs Tandy's hand, Tandy has a vision of her parents talking about how much they loved each other and watching Tandy dance ballet. When Tandy comes out of the vision, her mother doesn't know what Tandy is talking about when she tries to explain the vision. It's also worth noting that in the commotion, Tandy forgets to put her stash of cash and drugs back in its proper hiding place.

Later that night, Tyrone does some searching online to track down the identity of his brother's killer. His mother reprimands him for missing a day of school and her concerns about the fighting and for the alcohol she smelled on his jacket. He scolds her for putting so much pressure on him to be perfect, believing that they think they'll lose him if he isn't the perfect son but she tells him that she's worried that even if he does everything right that they'll still lose him. Tyrone is sympathetic to her grief and worry, and promises to be better.

Tandy attends a ballet with a ticket to the show that she stole from one of her wealthy marks. However, she opts to watch the show from one of the stage rigs high above the stage instead of in the audience. When she is leaving the show, she is cornered by a man named Rick whom she had robbed earlier who has his friends to back him up. Rick tries to rape Tandy alone but she summons a light dagger and stabs him with it, confused as to how it appeared and then disappeared after she used it.

Tyrone wakes up in the trunk of Connors' car with no idea how he got there and finds a stash of cocaine. Connors is a dirty cop trying to sell some drugs from the police evident locker. While he is at the deal, he opens the trunk to show the buyer some of the supply but Tyrone throws the cocaine and makes a mess of it all over Connors before running off. Connors catches up to Tyrone, whom he grabs by the throat. Tyrone has a flashback to the night Connors killed his brother and is horrified to learn that Connors talked to another cop that was with him after shooting Billy and said that he would call his uncle to cover up the situation. Tyrone gets away, hides under a tarp, and somehow teleports back to his room and finds a bullet that Connors had shot at him has also ended up in his room.

In a flashback, Tandy and Tyrone wake up the morning after the storm, having washed up on the beach and holding each other's hands. Tandy is the first to wake up and she takes Tyrone's hoodie to wear, grabs her bag, and walks off. Tandy is revealed to still have the hoodie and wears it to feel safe, while she tries to figure out how to summon the light dagger again. Tyrone as a child had woken up after Tandy left and found one of her ballet slippers among the debris around him and taken it home. Tyrone also still has the slipper and pulls it out while thinking about the mysterious girl from his childhood.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #22 “Fuldans” — Rolandz

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Rolandz defied expectation of international fans unfamiliar with his brand of comedy to qualify direct to the finals from semi-final 4 alongside Mariette. The character he plays is an eccentric one and the Swedish song is about not being afraid of looking ridiculous when dancing. As the sound and style is less commercially appealing and Rolandz is a comedian more so than a singer, this silver-studded entry will not be ranking any higher in our ranking, despite Rolandz being entertainingly goofy.

Watch our press conference interview with Rolandz here:


Boris René Goes Independent (Interview)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Boris René was invited to make a guest appearance during semi-final 4 of Melodifestivalen 2018. We caught up with him in-between his rehearsals to talk a bit about the changes in his career. Since we last spoke, he has left his label to work as an independent artist, has been working extensively on new music to further modernise his sound in fusion with his retro music influences and even has made plans to shoot music videos for the content he releases.

Watch our full interview with Boris René here:


Into The Badlands S03E06 "Black Wind Howls" Recap

Sunny and Bajie are travelling through a rough patch in the Badlands that is home to many unsavory characters including petty thieves and pirates. They manage to find Lily, Bajie's ex-wife, who is now operating at a smuggler and get into a fight to help her after another thief accuses her of cheating in a gambling game. They need her help in getting to Azra, as she has a ship that they'll need to make the journey. She initially doesn't want to help but changes her mind after Bajie returns the money she had won in the gambling match and is reminded that he and Sunny helped her out in the scuffle.

After a disagreement with her girlfriend, Tilda decides to visit The Widow and make a truce so they can be realigned. Chau had taken some of the camp's refugees and Tilda hopes that making peace with The Widow will be better for the refugees in the long run.

While on Lily's boat, Sunny begins to experience visions of himself a boy on board the same ship, as it's revealed to have once belonged to the River King. Bajie tries to mend his relationship with Lily but she still feels resentment towards him for all the bad things that have transpired between them. The River King is later shown to be coming after them in search of bounties.

The Widow has taken Castor captive in the hopes of returning him to Pilgrim so they can continue down a relationship of peace, though she is also curious to learn about how Pilgrim is able to control Castor's Gift. Tilda accompanies her to the meeting where Pilgrim's second-in-command points out that The Widow once had the Gift and wants to get it back. The Widow later tells Moon and Tilda that they will need Pilgrim's army to be able to defeat the Dark Ones and returning Castor will help towards this end goal as well as buy them some needed time. However, once Pilgrim and his followers from the meeting make it back to the palace Castor gets into a fight with M.K. Pilgrim deems him too far out of control and apologises before killing him.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


Samir Badran: The Man Behind The Headlines (Interview)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Samir Badran is best known to international audiences as one half of the duo Samir & Viktor, who have competed in Melodifestivalen three times and each time made it to the finals in Friends Arena. With their fun-loving energy and charisma, they have amassed an adoring fan-following but often find themselves the punching bags from Swedish media outlets and other online haters.

It's unclear why exactly Samir in particular seems to be so frequently targeted for hateful articles and comments. Although Samir & Viktor's brand tends to be more light-hearted and fun, the deeper theme that runs through all their content is an unwavering push for positivity, inclusion, and acceptance. Samir already had an interest in music before he and Viktor joined up to be a pop-duo, having worked on his own hip-hop content. Following the success of Samir & Viktor's songs, Samir began to release his own songs again, including the hard-hitting "Karma is a B*tch" in which he rapped about the various ways people from the music/entertainment industry have tried to exploit and scam him.

Samir puts a considerable amount of thought and effort into his endeavors, whether it's his solo music, the Samir & Viktor releases, or his recent fashion line "You Made Me" that he uses to see items in his own personal style to fans wanting to dress like him. Regardless of the fast-talking, often hyperactive demeanor he is so harshly judged for, Samir displays an incredible level of self-awareness particularly in regards to his harshest critics who believe him to be lazy or stupid, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Watch our full interview with Samir Badran here:


"Shuffla" Composers Andreas Stone and Costa Leon (Exclusive Interview)

Costa Leon and Andreas Stone are part of a song-writing/production team known as "Hydra" (not at all like the Marvel villains). From the song-writing, producing, and publishing of their music, the team is based in Malmö but have already managed to extend their tendrils across the world. Both Leon and Stone are co-writers on the new SHINee (a famous Korean group) release "From Now On".

In this year's Melodifestivalen, both have written on Samir & Viktor's "Shuffla" and Barbi Escobar's "Stark". They are full of praise for both acts, with whom they worked closely in the creation of the tracks. In addition to being song-writers both have their own solo endeavors as artists, and big plans to carry on with their multi-faceted interests in the music industry.

Watch our full interview with Costa Leon and Andreas Stone here:


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