Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #3 “Shuffla” — Samir & Viktor

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Samir & Viktor could've stayed away from Melodifestivalen after coming last in the finals in 2016. Instead, they came back better than ever in 2018, with not only their best entry to date but the best song of their career. Not only is "Shuffla" enormously catchy, it offers a different approach to the production due to producer Andreas Stone's love of big-time jazz music. It's the type of song that could be the warm-up to introducing today's adolescents into the greatest Baz Luhrmann films of decades past. Samir & Viktor have fought past the criticisms claiming a lack of talent on their part and delivered on the choreography they were given to produce one of the best shows of the year's line-up. Even their vocal capabilities have truly developed; clearly they've been rehearsing hard with vocal coaches since they first began their musical journey.

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Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #4 “Everyday” — Méndez

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Méndez did what few others before him had managed; getting to the finals sixteen years after his last appearance in the finals. With such rapid transformations in technological capabilities in the camera work, set design, and numerous other aspects, the production design is considerably higher in "Everyday" than "Adrenaline". But the spirit, joy, and love of music and performing remains the same and lies at the core of Méndez's appeal to the Swedish public. The warm colour palette is cohesive to the emotion and heart of the entry, just as the choreography is matched to the Latin production.

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Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #5 “In My Cabana” — Margaret

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Margaret's run in Melodifestivalen had tremendous hype from the very beginning. After finishing as the runner-up with the tremendous fan-favourite song "Cool Me Down," which went on to become a hit in Sweden, there were rumors swirling even last year that she'd be tapped to compete in Melodifestivalen. In 2018 she brought a fun and cheery party song called "In My Cabana" that served some well-planned camera work that moved Margaret around the stage to interact with her dancers and backgrounds through various scenarios that matched the song's lyrical narrative and show. Margaret consistently served the attitude required to properly sell the song and always showed up with multiple outfits to try on and mix things up for those tuning in.

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Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #6 “All The Feels” — Renaida

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Renaida quickly shot up to become one of the biggest fan-favorites, particularly among international viewers. Her song "All The Feels" was a tremendously catchy and hard-hitting pop banger and Renaida performed with tremendous force, charisma, and attitude while all present on the stage donned orange outfits at the request of Renaida herself. With far too few artists bringing pop bangers to the show and even fewer having this level of energetic charisma on stage, we can only hope that Renaida will continue to deliver releases of this calibre throughout her career.

Watch our full interviews with Renaida here:


Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E05 "Princeton Offense" Recap

Tandy goes through the files she retrieved from what was left of Greg's office and begins organising them.

Detective O'Reilly has sex with one of her fellow officers in the back of her squad car before returning to the office to meet with Tyrone, whom Tandy had directed him to as someone he can trust. Tyrone shares how he saw Connors selling drugs he claimed to have lifted from evidence. O'Reilly agrees to help him, saying she isn't sure if she believes him entirely but admits to not trusting Connors. However, she warns Tyrone to stay out of trying to play detective and to leave that to actual police like herself.

Tyrone returns to school and Tandy meets him to apologise for how poorly their last encounter went and reveals that she has learned to control her powers, even manifesting her light dagger in the hallway which he quickly hides using his backpack. She asks Tyrone if the school has a computer lab, wanting to use it to research Roxxon. Tandy prints out some documents, saying there's a hole missing in the middle of the documents she's found which indicate a powerful figure at the center of it all but for now she can only follow the lead of B-list figures in the Roxxon scheme. She shares how she tried to kill herself and it unlocked the key to her not caring about all the other bad things in her life and to instead focus so she can use her powers. She proposes that they use their gifts to try to help right these injustices of their lives. Tyrone is saddened when Evita appears to now only be interested in a platonic relationship with him. Tandy uses her light dagger to break into some cheerleader lockers to steal some clothes in her size.

Tyrone returns home and accidentally teleports to Billy's friend Duane Porter who is now all grown up and runs a home building enterprise. This gives Tyrone the opportunity to catch up with an old friend after he was just thinking about him when looking at an old childhood photo. Duane advises him to look ahead and make the things matter most his priority.

Tandy decides to apply to be an intern at Roxxon Gulf, using a fake name and backstory, in the hopes of getting access to the higher positioned employees of the company. She aces her interviews and is accepted for the position.

Tyrone offers Evita his letterman jacket to wear for the game and reaffirms his interest in a romantic relationship with her. The big game is underway and Tyrone is working hard in the game, while Tandy is at a Roxxon party using her powers to see the hopes of different Roxxon employees.

O'Reilly visits a prisoner in custody and forces him to reveal the contact of someone that supplies cocaine.

Tyrone accidentally teleports the basketball from the game to the party Tandy is at and during halftime he accidentally teleports himself there too. Tandy has been discovering that numerous Roxxon employees hope to overthrow their CEO. Tandy is shocked to see Tyrone at the party and he claims that her using her powers has effected him. Because they are connected, all this extra hope-searching she's been doing has been causing his powers to go haywire during the basketball tournament. With Tyrone's help, Tandy is able to determine that the CEO of Rozon Gulf is Peter Scarborough. Peter had been the one to defame her father's name. When Tyrone struggles to figure out how to get back to the game, she tells him he needs to take a risk and she pushes him over the balcony. He falls into a fountain of water and emerges back at the game in time for the second half to start up.

Tandy meets a woman named Mina Hess at the party whose importance is revealed later...

O'Reilly gets a stash of cocaine from a local dealer who asks her if loose morals is what all cops have in common.

As Tyrone continues to play in the tournament, his abilities allow him to see the fears of the opposing team and how significant this game is for them. As a result, he deliberately (but barely) misses the final shot which causes the opposing team to win instead. He leaves feeling good about the kind deed he has done.

Tandy visits Scarborough at his home, claiming to have a flat tire and wanting to use his phone to call for help but instead he gets out his tools to teach her how to change the tire. During the encounter, she secretly manifests the light dagger and considers killing him with it but instead uses her powers to see into his head, learning that he is motivated by greed and doesn't care who he hurts in the pursuit of profit.

O'Reilly is 'caught' at the station by Connors huffing cocaine, but he is sympathetic to her feigned plight and even sniffs a line from her. The implication with this encounter is that she is attempting to bait him into revealing the supplier he is working with.

Tyrone returns home and finds Evita waiting for him in his room, saying she knows he threw the game to help the other team and admires him for being a good person. They spend the night together and she chooses to sneak out the following morning to spare him the hassle of explaining her presence to his parents. Tyrone then accidentally teleports to Duane's work site and spies Duane arguing with Connors. They've been working together and Duane even knows the truth about Billy's death.

Tandy discovers a diagram with her father's name on it along with "Ivan Hess" who was the father of Mina Hess, the woman she met at the party.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


Humans S03E07 "Episode 7" Recap

Leo proposes to Mattie that he leave, saying that going home reminded him of how painful it is to grow up with someone who doesn't know how to be a father and is afraid of making things worse for her and the child. But their conversation is interrupted when Joe ushers them inside to tell them what has happened.

Anatole has brought Stanley and Sam back to the synth camp and is revealed to be the terrorist leader everyone has been searching for. Anatole and Max have a battle of philosophies but all the synths decide to join Anatole when he reveals that Max had kept Leo, a human, at the camp. Anatole is shocked when Max tries to tell him how Max was awake before Day Zero and that Leo is the son of Elster, whom Anatole and others like him see as a divine creator. Anatole doesn't want to believe that his philosophy was built on the back of their consciousness being nothing more than a side effect of code being released and decides to deactivate Max.

When Leo and Mattie learn of Anatole's betrayal, Leo decides to go to the synth camp to help Max but Joe warns him to be careful and gives him a note to give to Sam if he sees him. Mattie leaves to find Laura and talk her into returning home so they can continue their fight against Basswood. Laura is disillusioned by the revelation that she was wiling to sacrifice Sam's life to spare a random human. Mattie rallies her mother back into the fight and also reveals her pregnancy.

Mia is visited by the leader of the Dryden Commission who is uninterested in her giving up Anatole's name. She realises that he doesn't care about what's right or wrong and that the protocols against synths are already in motion. Still, she refuses to act against him as she knows that any violence she inflicts will simply fuel the human justification of harming synths.

Niska wakes with the help of her rescuer Paul, who has brought her out of the reach of the men who were looking for synths earlier. Together, they track down the location of a cabin that the Synth Who Sleeps is guiding her towards.

Anatole helps Stanley swap out his fake orange eyes for his original green ones, and advises him to not be tricked by Laura's charisma. Stanley appears concerned that Anatole will only focus on the continuation of their species when they gain power, as opposed to the destruction of the humans species. Anatole merely advises him to continue to watch over and care for Sam.

Laura arrives at Dryden and discovers she has been shut out of the proceedings. Patel isn't able to tell her anything else about Basswood, other than that it's some sort of contingency plan. Patel advises her to talk about it to Neil, who would have been the mastermind of the plan in close work with Dryden.

Paul brings Niska to his mother's place so she can recharge before continuing her search. Paul is alarmed when Niska points out the location of the cabin on the map, telling her that she'll need to take a charging pack with her and even then it's a risk. She somehow gets the sense that she needs to go tonight but Paul is alarmed, warning her that she could die out there.

Leo arrives at the synth camp, determined to help Max. Anatole welcomes him since he is the son of Elster, the creator of synths. Anatole claims that Max abandoned his people and welcomes him to the community. When Anatole asks about Elster, Leo speaks negatively about his character, saying that in the end Elster regretted all of his work and even Leo himself. Anatole becomes enraged and tries to kill Leo. Stanley overhears the attack and decides to turn against Anatole's brutality, reactivating Max so he can intervene. Stanley holds Leo back from trying to get in the fight, warning him that doing so will only get him killed. Max and Anatole fight and Max finally manages to kill Anatole.

Audrey visits Mattie and reveals herself to be a journalist and offers to let her share her story of Day Zero, having managed to piece together that Mattie was the one to release the consciousness code in the ongoing investigation Audrey is doing. She threatens that the story will be published in twenty-four hours whether Mattie shares her side or not.

Laura visits Neil who finally admits to her about what Basswood really is. The government intends to disable the majority of synths with a controlled series of power surges that will effect the charging systems synths use. Following this, anti-synth groups will have free reign to attack and destroy all the disable synths.

Patel orchestrates Mia's escape from prison without anyone being harmed.

Niska barely manages to make it to the cabin before she collapses from lack of charge. The Synth Who Sleeps finds her after, who resembles a purple-eyed Odi.

Humans airs on Thursdays on Channel 4.


The Handmaid's Tale S02E11 "Holly" Recap

Nick has been taken from the house by Guardians, leaving June alone and afraid. She searches for a way to make her escape by going through the various areas of the house. She eventually finds a car in the garage that she can use to drive away and begins to pack up some items from the house to help her survive whatever comes next. But she realises that she will need to change out of her red gown or else she will attract too much attention.

In flashbacks, a young June goes through various phases of her life. At one point, she is pregnant with Hannah and Luke is helping her to prepare for her upcoming book release. Later after Hannah is born, June brings her to school for the first time and struggles with the overwhelming emotions that come when she has to leave her there.

After Serena and Fred realise that Nick and Offred are missing, they arrive at the house to search for her. She hears them viciously arguing with each other about Fred claiming Offred needed kindness while Serena points out that he raped her yesterday, with Fred responding that this action was Serena's idea in the first place. Serena angrily proclaims that she has given everything up for him and this cause they created, when all she ever wanted was a child. June finds a shotgun and appears to consider shooting Fred and Serena from upstairs where she is hidden but ultimately spares them. Fred and Serena leave without finding her.

June tries to escape in the car but finds that the garage door has frozen shut and is unable to get it open even when using the car to ram into it repeatedly. She goes back inside and goes into labour, experiencing a flashback of being pregnant and talking with her mother and Moira, discussing various options for how she will have the baby.

June lays down in front of the fire, and passes out while in labour. When she wakes, she is covered in blood but the baby has yet to be delivered. She first goes outside to shoot the gun in the hopes of attracting some attention so help will come to rescue her baby. She goes through the painful contractions and delivers her baby while remembering how Luke and Moira were with her when she gave birth to Hannah. While alone with her newborn baby, she declares that her name is Holly, name after her mother. It's then that some lights start to come in through the house windows, which indicate that a car has arrived at the house.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #7 “My Turn” — John Lundvik

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

John Lundvik's flawless vocals are by in large the leading factor of why his number is so strong. At the very least, they are the most obvious selling point. But with his being a co-writer on his song, it's also apparent that the personal narrative and emotional honesty further allow the audience to connect with him as he performs the song on stage. The staging isn't particularly complicated or flashy but the strength of the other factors make up well for it, and proved to be enough for him to finish third in the finals.

Watch our full interview with John Lundvik here:


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #8 “Mitt paradis” — Elias Abbas

Elias Abbas brought one of the most fun-spirited and catchy songs of Melodifestivalen 2018, with a bright and colourful number that mostly translated well on camera. The main problem with the number was the audio-mixing, something that many other entries had issues on this past year. But Elias did more than enough to warrant at least qualifying out of his semi-final, something the Swedish public failed to comprehend.

Watch our press conference interview with Elias Abbas here:


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #9 “Cuba Libre” — Moncho

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Moncho had previously been known for releasing hard rap songs but brought a more joyful, feel-good approach to Melodifestivalen. When Universal Music Sweden was searching for an artist to sing tropical pop song "Cuba Libre," Moncho got the call and brought his Caribbean flair to the number. While Axel Schylström brought his signature flair for catchy dance songs to the songwriting, Zain and Dennis put together a colourful number to elevate the visual presentation of the song itself.

Watch our full interviews with Moncho here:


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #10 “Songburning” — Mimi Werner

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Mimi Werner made her Melodifestivalen comeback with an orange-tinted, inspirational country-pop song called "Songburning". She brought her passion for fashion to her entry by embroidering the back of her jacket with the word "Songburning" using small rope. She also bought her charisma to the show while backed with dancers beating on drums and everything climaxed with a shower of sparks raining down behind her. It was all very well pieced together, cohesive, and a generally entertaining show.

Watch our full interviews with Mimi Werner here:


Preacher S03E01 "Angelville" Recap

The episode opens with an extended flashback showing Jesse's mother trying to escape from her mother, Madame L'Angelle, who is a working Voodoo witch in New Orleans. However, Madame L'Angelle send her henchmen T.C. and Jody after her to bring her back. Jesse's mother swallows a photography of baby Jesse and warns her mother to leave Jesse alone but instead, L'Angelle cuts open her daughter's stomach to retrieve the photograph and leaves her to die.

Returning to the present, Jesse and Cassidy arrive at Angelville with Tulip's body in the car, in search of Jesse's grandmother. After Jesse and Cassidy fight some more, Jesse's grandmother emerges. Jesse begs her to bring Tulip back from the death, promising to do anything she wants in return. She agrees and sends Jesse and Cassidy out to procure various items required to perform the resurrection ritual.

Tulip's spirit is shown to be in Purgatory where she is being forced to rewatch scenes from her traumatic childhood.

Jesse visits the rival Boyd clan which has Jody, the man who killed his father, in order to get some transpoil for the ritual. While L'Angelle is alone with Cassidy and Tulip's body, she offers him a favour if he will get Jesse to return home for good. But Jesse is a bit preoccupied with fighting Jody who demands the confrontation in order to give Jesse the transpoil. Just when it appears as if the fight will end badly for Jesse, L'Angelle emerges from the house and forces him to give up the transpoil.

Tulip continues to suffer in Purgatory, as she is reminded of having to go to the orphanage. But L'Angelle performs the ritual to bring her back and while the group waits for her to wake, Jesse pleads for her to come back to him and professes his love for her. Cassidy turns on Tulip's favourite song which manages to reach her in Purgatory. Tulip is told by her younger self that she needs to go. Tulip gets a phone call and when she picks it up, she hears Jesse's voice pleading for her to come back. As Tulip is preparing to go back, she meets God in the form of Man Dog, who informs her that she is part of His larger plan.

Later on, L'Angelle reminds Jesse of the promise he owes her for bringing Tulip back. Jesse points out that he may cheat the deal and kill her instead, to which L'Angelle challenges him to try and see what happens if he does.

Preacher airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #11 “For You” — Mariette

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Mariette returned to Melodifestivalen for a third competitive run within a four-year time-span. Her song was the first entry she brought that she hadn't written on herself, but still held a style similar to her own artistry. The presentation was one that kept her alone on stage atop a pyramid with a platform. The song was pleasant enough and Mariette conveyed the emotional narrative of the song to the best of her ability, but it ultimately wasn't enough to take home the trophy.

Watch our full interview with Mariette here:


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #12 “Party Voice” — Jessica Andersson

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Jessica Andersson is a well-established veteran of the contest, but despite the tendency for many veterans to spiral downward in their results with continued returns to the show Jessica Andersson managed to once again qualify direct to the finals with a revitalised energy to her entry. "Party Voice" brought a spruced up production and lyrics cohesive to Jessica herself, with a particularly glossy choreography and visual presentation courtesy of Zain and Dennis (the duo behind five popular entries in Melodifestivalen 2018 including the eventual winner, Benjamin Ingrosso).

Watch our press conference interview with Jessica Andersson here:


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #13 “A Bitter Lullaby” — Martin Almgren

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Martin Almgren neatly transitioned from Swedish Idol winner to Melodifestivalen direct-qualifier. In addition to his strengths as a singer, Martin has considerable charisma and likability which is a strong contributor to the Swedish audience's affection for him. The song is a solid fusion of rock with country elements that Martin sings well. The presentation is simple but Martin's charisma is what compensates for this. The main weakness to the number is the unflattering wardrobe choices but Martin has always made it clear that his artistic choices tend to favour the more organic approach as opposed to the glossier, produced sides of the music industry.

Watch our full interview with Martin Almgren here:


Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E04 "Call/Response" Recap

Tyrone and Tandy talk to each other about their personal lives and the issues they harbour within themselves while other scenes play out in-between, of what they do after the conversation. Tyrone and Tandy end up leaving their conversation feeling bitter about one another.

Tyrone decides to falsify a story about his bike being stolen to get into the police station but is unable to stand being in the police station for too long and decides to leave before following through with whatever plan he had formed. When Otis discovers that Tyrone had stolen his bolt cutter, he frconfronts him. Otis is afraid that Tyrone will go down a criminal path that his brother did so he takes him to see Big Chief Roland Duplantier of the Wild Red Hawks, a Mardi Gras tribe. Tyrone learns from Roland that Billy had been designing a cloak that was going to be used for the next march. Tyrone decides to finish making the cloak, which Otis approves as a method for helping him to focus and be productive instead of self-destructive.

Tandy is skeptical about her mother's relationship with Greg, as Greg is actually married. But upon questioning him further, she is able to see that he does care for her and Tandy and resolves to help him research Roxxon for the case. However, Melissa has decided to break up with Greg, prompting Tandy to go check up on him. However, when she gets near his office she witnesses him being killed by someone sent to do so and then burn his office down. Melissa then tries to call Greg, unaware of what has happened to him. Tandy attempts to kill herself by drowning by tying herself with rope and chains before dropping off the pier. But she ends up manifesting her powers and using the light dagger to free herself and rise back to the surface of the water.

Tyrone returns to the police station more determined to pursue his path for finding justice for his brother by returning to the police station and asking to see officer O'Reilly. Finally, Tandy returns to what's left of Greg's office and discovers some hidden Roxxon files in the back of the remains.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


Humans S03E06 "Episode 6" Recap

Stanley tells Mattie she is pregnant, having detected the changes in her hormones that would indicate as much. She orders him not to say anything about it to anyone else. She and Leo head off to visit the Elster House in the hopes of getting more of Leo's memories back to help the conscious synths. Leo is looking for some sort of diary containing information from his father.

Niska continues her hunt for the "Synth Who Sleeps" and comes across a man offering to take her to him, saying he had found the synth and rescued him from a facility he was locked up in. The man claims this synth is able to both sleep and dream, something other synths aren't able to do.

Mia has made it to Westminster and calls Laura to say that she is being kept under observation by the Dryden Commission. Laura is harassed by some locals that try to assault her and prevent her from going to meet Mia at the Dryden Commission. Stanley intervenes and begins fighting them off. When Laura observes him displaying anger outside while fighting off the men, she decides not to call for emergency services. She confronts Stanley when he comes back inside, having realised he is conscious. He continues to play the role of an orange-eyed synth but when Laura tries to use a toothpick to remove his contact lens, he retaliates by dragging her upstairs. He tells her there are more of "us" that are watching the house, saying "they" had intercepted the orange-eye that was sent to her house and Stanley took his eyes. He reveals that something is supposed to happen at 2PM, the same time Mia is supposed to speak at the Dryden Commission, but is confused by something having gone awry from the plan. Stanley warns her not to reveal anything or her children will be killed.

Leo eventually discovers the journal and continues to regain more of his memories from before he went into the coma. Leo struggles with the existential crisis of having been a boy, then part synth, and now just a human again. Mattie assures him that he can do or be anything he wants and should look forward. Unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by Audrey who is piecing together who Leo is.

Stanley drives Laura to the Dryden Commission where many protesters from both sides have gathered and are being held back by police. Laura is reunited with Mia, who can immediately detect that something is wrong with Laura, but Laura is unable to say anything more on the matter due to Stanley being in the room.

Max tries to release Agnes from her cell but discovers that Anatole has already released her. Agnes has actually set off on a suicide mission. She has a bomb strapped to herself which she intends to detonate at a Day Zero memorial at 2PM.

Back at the Dryden Commission, Mia is able to detect that Stanley isn't actually an orange-eye but once the meeting begins, Mia must give her speech to the Commission and answer the various questions Laura asks to give her the platform to speak. Stanley has a box-cutter hidden in his hand and intends to kill the leader of the Dryden Commission at 2PM. But Mia's speech moves him so he opts not to kill the Dryden Commission. However, Agnes has set off the bomb and this leads to the building being evacuated. Stanley warns Laura that he hasn't done what he was told to do and that others will be coming for her family. Stanley says that Anatole never told him that humans could be kind, shocking Mia, who knows Anatole. Mia is arrested in the ensuing commotion but Stanley is able to leave with Laura. Max sadly closes the gates of the synth commune, having seen what Agnes did on the news.

Niska ends up captured by synth-traffickers while searching for the "Synth Who Sleeps". Niska is able to escape from captivity and seems to find someone who does know about the Synth Who Sleeps but  she is forced to shut herself down in order to prevent being recaptured so she can be taken to him.

Laura and Stanley get home and are reunited with the family. They try to leave but Anatole and other synths arrive before they can get away. Anatole demands that Laura choose between Sam's life or the life of a random elderly human man she has never met before that they have taken captive to prove a point. Laura ultimately choose Sam to die, prompting Anatole to share that he was bluffing in order to prove that humans will always view themselves as superior to synths. After this, Sam and Stanley decide to leave with Anatole.

The Dryden Commission intend to active the "Basswood" protocol following Agnes' act of terrorism.

Mattie reveals to Leo that she is pregnant with their child.

Humans airs on Thursdays on Channel 4.


The Handmaid's Tale S02E10 "The Last Ceremony" Recap

Emily's new life of returning to being a handmaid for a new commander shows her detached and despondent from her time in the Colonies. Her new commander collapses after performing the ritual on Emily. She kicks him and stomps on his crotch when she is left in the room with him while the wife goes to call for help.

June is out shopping with Eden and their new guard, Isaac, when she begins to experience contractions. June tells Emily and Janine about Moira making it to Canada, pressing them to have hope that they too will be able to make it to Canada someday and be free again. But the contractions become too severe for June to stay out and an ambulance is called to bring June home. A birthing ceremony is performed while everyone awaits the birth of June's child but it turns out to be too soon and all are dismissed.

After the false alarm, June begs Fred to be moved closer to her daughter Hannah after the baby is born but Fred becomes angry and orders her to leave, saying he has been too indulgent with her. June retaliates by implying that the child she is carrying isn't his and that he will never know what it is like to have a biological child of his own.

Fred and Serena conspire to induce labour so they can finally get June out of the house and the baby for themselves. June is ordered to come to their room where Serena holds her down and Fred rapes her.

Meanwhile, Eden experience a growing mutual attraction with the guard, Isaac. She sneaks out to meet him late at night and the two begin to kiss. Nick sees them doing so when he walks outside for a smoke and when Eden sees him watching she breaks away and runs back inside. She apologises profusely to Nick and begs for forgiveness, which Nick readily gives without displaying any real upset emotion against her for her transgressions. This further upsets Eden, who accuses him of being in love with Offred since Nick doesn't touch her unless he needs to and has never even kissed her (her kiss with Isaac was her first kiss). Nick denies any interest in Offred, saying getting involved with a handmaid would be suicide.

Fred makes arrangements for Nick to bring June to an empty house where she is granted a short visit with Hannah, who now goes by the name Agnes. The reunion is intense and emotional, as Hannah is clearly traumatised from being separated from her parents and the confusion of whether or not her parents still wanted her. She is living with new parents and June assures her that she will always be June's first baby. The visit is cut shorter than June would like but June promises her that she will always love her and tells her to enjoy life, to be careful, and to be safe, also asking her Martha to protect her.

Once June and Nick are left alone in the house, Guardians arrive to take Nick captive while June is left behind, having kept herself hidden in the house.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #14 “Never Learn” — Olivia Eliasson

Olivia Eliasson first rose to prominence by posting a cover of Anton Ewald's Melodifestivalen 2013 entry "Begging" on YouTube. Things came full circle when she got her own opportunity to compete in Melodifestivalen. Her entry "Never Learn" was co-wrriten by Anton Ewald himself and offers a catchy 1990's-influenced dance-pop chorus. While the song is an excellent pop song and Olivia sang it well enough, the main negative is that the dancers show more showmanship compared to Olivia's smaller contribution to the showmanship.

Watch our full interview with Olivia Eliasson here:


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #15 “Stark” — Barbi Escobar

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Barbi Escobar emerged in Melodifestivalen as a revamped version of herself, having previously worked as an R&B artist under the name "Barbi Esco" as well as a songwriter. Despite having one of the strongest songs of the year's line-up, the overall staging didn't match the quality of the song. In particular, the camera-work was poorly designed as it would often make the number appear empty instead of elevating Barbi as an artist or performer, or even properly showcase the choreography of the dancers.

Watch our full interview with Barbi Escobar here:


Into The Badlands S03E08 "Leopard Catches Cloud" Recap

Sunny and Bajie finally make it to Pilgrim's Fortress where they are reunited with M.K. who furiously demands that Sunny give baby Henry to Bajie before attacking him. They fight, with Sunny not wanting to hurt M.K. who uses his Gift to enhance his strength while warning Bajie to stay out of the way of the fight. The fight continues until M.K. is able to beat Sunny into near unconsciousness and considers snapping his neck until Pilgrim uses his powers to deactivate M.K.'s gift and welcomes Sunny, saying it's been a long time.

Pilgrim tells Sunny that his real name is Sanzo and that his older sister had helped Pilgrim survive the attack when they were young but he doesn't know what happened to her. He considers Sunny to be a brother, and says that they can cure Henry if they open the Meridian Chamber which is an ancient underground vault from the Old World Pilgrim's followers have recently uncovered.

The Widow and Chau plot their attack on White Bone, Chau's sister's mansion. He swears to do anything for The Widow and it's revealed that they once had a romantic connection that they decide to rekindle as Chau promises to kill his sister if and when she commands him to. Meanwhile, Lydia also resumes her romantic relationship with Moon. The following day, The Widow works alongside Gaius Chau, Lydia, Moon, and other soldiers to set off for White Bone.

Sunny tries to make amends with M.K. who angrily yells at him for killing his mother, something Sunny doesn't remember doing but he still apologises for all the brutality of his past as a kller. M.K. doesn't want to forgive or mend his relationship with Sunny, though Nix appears moved by Sunny's words while standing in the same room as them while they speak. Bajie pulls Sunny aside to warn him that Pilgrim wants to make an army of Dark Ones for a new Azra but Sunny doesn't care about this consequence since he believes there is no other way to cure Henry. Bajie wants to blow up the chamber but Sunny and Pilgrim stop him and Bajie is taken prisoner to watch what's about to unfold.

The Widow, Gaius, and Tilda attack White Bone, while Moon battles Baron Chau's troops and Lydia helps to hold the line. Lydia saves Moon from being killed on the battlefield but she ends up being badly injured in battle. The Widow confront Baron Chau who orders her soldiers to shoot The Widow but the arrows are frozen in air and shot back from whence they came, with Baron Chau being nonfatally wounded in the process. A monk-like figure emerges and says that it's time for The Widow and Baron Chau to put aside their differences as there is a far greater threat coming.

Sunny helps Pilgrim to open the Meridian Chamber, as Sunny is the key while Pilgrim is the focus. Together, they are able to use the door and its powers so Pilgrim is able to absorb Henry's gift for himself. Henry is saved, while Pilgrim now has a dangerous power boost.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #16 “Break That Chain” — Felicia Olsson

Felicia Olsson returned to Melodifestivalen with a song more contemporary than her prior effort but sadly wasn't rewarded for her revamp in approach. The song was a mixture of both contemporary and slightly throwback styles to resonate with many young adults who remember the abundance of soulful pop-diva power-ballads of the early to mid noughties. Felicia's staging and camera work could've benefited from a more impactful design that would've had more power and connection between her and the audience. Still, overall an improvement from her prior entry.

Watch our full interview with Felicia Olsson here:


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #17 “Allting som vi sa” — Ida Redig

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Ida Redig is one of the most professional and efficient artists to enter Melodifestivalen 2018. With an impressive back-catalogue of songs and music videos to go with them, the only major let-down with her entry is that the song doesn't pack as hard a punch as some of her past releases or some of her co-competitors (particularly in the context of being placed in the most competitive semi-final). It's by no means a bad song, and she brings her indie flair to both her sound and performance. Her determination and do-it-yourself approach will undoubtedly serve her well in all future endeavors.

Watch our full interview with Ida Redig here:


Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E03 "Stained Glass" Recap

Tyrone checks on Tandy after her car crash and assures her that the gun in his hand isn't meant for her. Despite her injuries, she gets back into the car and carries on driving out of town.

Detective O'Reilly visits Rick in the ICU to ask about his attack. She notes the scratches on his face that look like defensive wounds and informs him that the paramedics said that his pants were unbuckles when he was brought in. She is able to deduce that he was trying to rape Tandy when he was stabbed.

Tandy's car breaks down so she abandons it and returns home to Melissa and Greg's, heading to the bathroom to wipe the blood off her head injury. Melissa is alarmed to see that her daughter was bleeding but their conversation is interrupted by O'Reilly knocking on the door, asking to see Tandy. Melissa lies, saying that Tandy isn't there. Greg says that O'Reilly can't come in without a warrant. Tandy overhears O'Reilly say that Tandy isn't under arrest and likely a victim in an assault, leaving her card behind to be contacted if they want. When Melissa returns to the bathroom she discovers that Tandy has snuck out through the window. Tandy gets on a bus that night and falls asleep, only to 'wake' in a sort of spirit vision.

Tyrone meets his classmate/love-interest Evita who overhears him pondering if he is cursed. She brings him to her part-time job as a tour guide of New Orleans in order to introduce him to voodoo priestess Auntie Clarisse who can offer him spiritual guidance. After reading some cards on him, she determines he needs a bath and gives him a list of spices and charms to use with his bath. He also enters a spirit vision.

Both Tandy and Tyrone have visions of the other. In Tandy's vision she sees a young Tyrone playing basketball with his brother Billy. Billy rejects his friends offering to go steal a car radio, opting to stay and play with Tyrone instead. The vision shifts to the woods where Tyrone at his present age picks up a gun from the table and shoots Connors to avenge his brother. But then his parents collapse and police officers swarm him. The vision replays with Tyrone trying to kill Connors through different means but the end is always the same. Tandy pleads with Tyrone to try something else and then her light dagger emerges from her hand which she places on the table. Tyrone goes to pick it up and it transforms into a pair of handcuffs. He brings them to Connors who immediately flees.

Tyrone has a vision of a young Tandy doing ballet on the rooftop of a building. He shields her from a puddle of water when a light's electric current begins to run haywire. The vision then changes to Tandy at her current age in the woods watching in horror as a room depicts manifestations of her greatest fears and difficulties in life. Each time, Tandy tries to run away until Tyrone manifests his smoke powers to keep her in place and try something else instead of always running form her problems. She manifests a light dagger and this time the vision changes. Tyrone is alone in the woods and sees a large door which he attempts to open and get inside.

Tandy finds Tyrone as a child locked in a room crying over the loss of his brother, while Tyrone finds a child version of Tandy giving the different men in her life (both good and bad) pills that cause them to drop dead. Both Tandy and Tyrone begin to manifest their powers once more and try to reach out for each before waking with clear consciences and an understanding that they need each other for the journeys they find themselves on.

Connors meets with O'Reilly and informs her that her case on Rick's attack is being closed, claiming that he found Rick's license on a dead drug-dealer and that they were the attacker. She is frustrated by this development since it doesn't match the evidence. O'Reilly then gets a call from Tandy who agrees to meet with her privately to share her story about what happened at the attack. O'Reilly apologises to her for not being able to do more for her and Tandy leaves, despondent.

Tyrone finally initiates a romantic relationship with Evita before leaving to confront Tandy at the abandoned church she has been staying at, wanting to better understand and explore this connection they have.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


Humans S03E05 "Episode 5" Recap

In the aftermath of Karen's death, Joe brings Sam to meet the rest of his family in the hopes that they can all work together to help him. Laura at first doesn't want Sam to stay there since it puts her own children at risk but Joe points out that Sam is just a child in need too and that the non-synth community will know that Karen was with a young boy and will be looking for him. Laura and Joe struggle to help Sam process his grief but Sophie fares better in connecting with him and helping him work through things.

After the successful visit to the Synth commune, the Dryden Commission passes legislation that will fine anyone £300 if they damage a conscious synth. This prompts Max to re-open the commune gates and let the synths come and go as they please to intermingle with the humans.

Meanwhile, Mia befriends her flat's former occupant after a piece of mail arrives for them which she returns. The elderly woman is a professor who is secretly harboring a synth and has contact with other humans and synths sympathetic to the cause of the betterment of conscious synths. The woman and the synth encourage Mia to keep up her fight, as she's become famous amongst their community. Mia calls Laura to talk further about the state of things and Mia becomes motivated to march to Westminster and visit the Dryden Commission to ask for a position on it. Eventually, with Laura's help and the support of others who believe in her cause, Mia's march gains greater attention from reporters who follow her on her march along with other peaceful protesters who follow behind her.

Joe and Laura become panicked when Sam sneaks out of the house when they're not paying attention. In actuality, Sam has snuck out to visit a local cemetery to search for Karen's body. Eventually Joe and Laura are ablate find him with the help of an elderly man that was also in the cemetery visiting his dead wife.

Leo regains a memory while sleeping of his father that he believes is important to helping the conscious synths.

Mattie befriends a woman named Audrey, who is posing as a new student at Mattie's school where she is studying to get her degree in coding. Unbeknownst to Mattie, Audrey hacks into her laptop in order to obtain evidence that Mattie was the one to send the anonymous message that exonerated the American that had been arrested for causing Day Zero.

Back at the synth camp, Anatole has grown disillusioned with Max's leadership and secretly releases Agnes from the storage container she is locked in. Anatole then contacts Stanley and tells him to kill the Hawkins family.

Humans airs on Thursdays on Channel 4.


The Handmaid's Tale S02E09 "Smart Power" Recap

Fred informs Offred that he and Serena will be travelling to Canada on a diplomatic mission. Nick will be accompanying them and another man has been assigned to watch over the house while they are all away. Serena later tells Fred that she would rather stay home since it's the third trimester, and likely also due to her wish to distance herself from him after he beat her, but she eventually agrees. Before leaving for Canada, Serena informs Offred that she will be transferred as soon as the baby is born, leaving Offred horrified.

After the Waterfords arrive in Canada, Moira points them out on the news to Luke. They meet with their local case worker and beg her to have Fred arrested for being a war criminal but she explains to them that there is nothing they can legally do but there are many protests planned against the Waterfords and the Gilead movement. As the Waterfords and Nick are driven through the city, Serena is reminded of her old life before Gilead.

Serena is approached by Mark in the hotel bar. He works as a spy for what's left of the US government and based in Hawaii. He offers to help Serena defect from Gilead and the opportunity to share her story the way she wants to. He points out that the fertility crisis has been blamed on women but many scientists have found that the origins of it lie in men and more women may be able to have children soon. Serena ultimately declines his offer but he politely points out that perhaps they'll get another opportunity to meet, also leaving behind his cigarettes and Hawaii matches for her.

Back at the Waterford's residence June watches in quiet contemplation as Rita tends to the household duties of preparing food for the residents. June privately tells her how Serena intends to have her sent away immediately after the baby is born. June also shares how she and Luke chose godparents for Hannah when she was baptised and asks Rita to be the godparent of her baby when it is born, wanting this child to have someone kind in her life. Rita points out how she herself has to live under harsh restrictions as a Martha and baptisms have been prohibited by the Gilead government but still promises to do whatever little she can.

Luke confronts the Waterfords when they arrive at their hotel for a US refugee protest while holding a photo of himself with June and Hannah, furious at him for raping his wife. Serena appears shaken by the experience but not nearly as much as Nick, who is also present for the encounter. Later on, Nick leaves to find Luke and tells him that June is pregnant and safe, also giving him the bundle of letters from women that have been enslaved in Gilead, hoping that Luke can do something good with them.

Aunt Lydia visits June to check on her. June shares how Serena has ordered her to leave the house as soon as the baby is born, which Aunt Lydia seems to very discretely disagree with, though she would never publicly say as much. June asks Aunt Lydia to look after the baby and keep them safe since the household can be rather difficult. June says that any man who would hurt a woman would also hurt a child so the baby needs protection. Aunt Lydia assures her she would never let anything happen to a baby.

Luke brings the letters home and goes through them with Moira and Erin. They decide to publish the letters to the media, prompting a public outcry that leads to the Canadians cancelling the rest of the summit and expelling the Waterfords from Canada. One of the Canadian women on the staff that had previously spoken cordially with Serena now shames her, saying she doesn't know how Serena can live with herself. While the Waterfords are driven to the airport, Serena is increasingly emotional. Moira manages to get to the Waterfords' car and holds up a sign that says "My name is Moira," which shows Fred that Moira managed to successfully escape from Gilead. He had previously known Moira as "Ruby" at Jezebel's.

When the Waterfords return to their home, Serena burns the Hawaiian matches Mark gifted to her. Nick also visits June to tell them that Luke and Moira are both alive and well in Canada. June tells him that Moira is Hannah's godmother and expresses happiness that Moira made it safely to Canada.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #18 “Solen lever kvar hos dig” — Kamferdrops

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

One of the downsides of having Melodifestivalen happen during February/March each year is the upspike in likelihood that contestants will fall sick with a cold when they need to be in their peak health. Such was the case for Norwegian artist Kamferdrops, who was fighting off a cold during her semi-final. Despite having a pleasant pop song that infused both contemporary and retro elements, and an interesting staging concept involving backing dancers all disguised to look like her, the live vocals and overall energy simply weren't up to parr. Had she been in better health, perhaps she would have fared better in the voting results.

Watch our full interview with Kamferdrops here:


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #19 “Every Single Day” — Felix Sandman

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Felix Sandman may have won over a large portion of the Swedish public with his solo debut, his heartfelt delivery of a personal emotional narrative is the pro in contrast to the con of the highly minimalistic visual presentation. In the context of a contest, or even the pop genre in general, visuals are a crucial component of the product and when doing something like a ranking flash is important to standing out.

Watch our full interview with Felix Sandman here:


Into The Badlands S03E07 "Dragonfly's Last Dance" Recap

The Widow's butterflies are scheming to put together a mutiny against her, as they are suffering significantly from fighting on her behalf in the war. They are lead by a fighter named Wren who has the others set off some smoke bombs while they wear oxygen masks. They attack both The Widow and Chau, who fight for a bit but succumb to the effects of the smoke and are taken captive. Wren was formerly a fighter in the war till she lost a limb, much like other fighters serving Widow in the war against Baron Chau.

Pilgrim and his followers hold a funeral ceremony for Castor. He continues to have visions related to Sunny's impending arrival, while Sunny and Bajie have managed to hold the River King captive to compel him to assist them in getting passage to Pilgrim's Fortress. Nix questions Pilgrim about marks on Castor's neck and Pilgrim claims Castor died peacefully in his arms while also making subtle threats not to question him any further on the matter.

Sunny learns that he was on a boat during his childhood that was attacked by the Black Lotus, a group of menacing warriors hunting for him specifically. This prompts Sunny to seek out Captain Udo, the last survivor of the attack. He leaves baby Henry with Bajie to be looked after and during this time, Bajie seemingly begins to rekindle his relationship with Lydia.

Wren and her followers are searching for an important seal when Lydia emerges and manages to negotiate an armistice with the turncoats. Lydia then goes to The Widow to inform her that she has managed to negotiate terms that will end the war. The Widow signs an agreement which Lydia is supposed to bring to Baron Chau.

Sunny learns from Captain Udo further details about the massacre that he survived, and a stunning revelation that he had a sister who protected him as a child.

Lydia flees to Moon and Tilda with the intention that they'll work together to rescue The Widow and Chau, who manage to break out on their own and begin fighting off Wren's fighters. Just as Wren and her followers get them surrounded and are preparing to kill them, Tilda, Moon, and other reinforcements arrive to take out Wren's followers. Tilda tosses a sword to The Widow so she can decide for herself whether to kill Wren. Ultimately, The Widow decides to execute Wren and all of her remaining supporters.

More members of Black Lotus try to kill Sunny but he manages to kill them instead. The River King tries to offer up his assistance to Sunny but Sunny decides to kill him instead. With his position now vacant, Lily assumes the role of River Queen.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #20 “Patrick Swayze” — Sigrid Bernson

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Sigrid Bernson has dreamed of participating in Melodifestivalen since childhood and it finally came to fruition in 2018. The song's melody and rhythmic arrangement is rather derivative and the backing vocals are amped up so high to the point that you can often barely hear Sigrid herself. But the positive aspects include the cohesive colour scheme (Sigrid's favourite colour of yellow is interwoven throughout every aspect of the number), as well as Sigrid's charisma which translates well on camera. It's a pity they didn't capitalise more on her dancing capabilities. Regardless of her intention to establish herself as a singer instead of just a dancer, when in a contest such as this it's a missed opportunity to stand out with something hardly any of her fellow competitors would be able to do for their own entries.

Watch our full interview with Sigrid Bernson here:


Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #21 “Cry” — Dotter

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Dotter may have entered her semi-final with every expectation of being a contender to win the whole contest, she was unable to make it past even the first round of voting. There were a number of issues with the number when it was adapted from the studio version to the live show. The dark and moody lighting effects inadvertently made her look washed out, and the audio mixing was so poorly done that the song was left flat and out-of-tune when broadcast on television. There's no doubt that Dotter has an artistic style that can resonate with fans, as her song fared better among consumers after her elimination. But for this particularly effort, it simply wasn't executed well enough to warrant further qualification.

Watch our press conference with Dotter here:


Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E02 "Suicide Sprints" Recap

Detective Brigid O'Reilly is assigned to investigate the stabbing of Rick, which both Tandy and Tyrone are struggling to understand their newly manifested powers. Tandy confides in Liam about stabbing Rick and she claims she simply had a knife on her that's gone now. She doesn't know what happened to Rick after she stabbed him. If he's alive, he can identify her. If he's dead, then she will have to live with the guilt of having killed someone. Liam decides to work on finding her a new identity so she can skip town.

Since Tyrone has now discovered that Connors is a real cop, he becomes obsessed with catching him to find justice for the death of his brother. As a result of falling asleep while staking out Connors, he misses basketball practice. He shows up to practice when it's already in progress and the coach forces him to sit on the bleachers and watch while his teammates have to run extra laps for punishment of his own deeds.

Tandy returns home to try to retrieve her cash stash to pay for her new identity papers but her mother has stolen her money and thrown it away on drugs. Desperate for money, she and Liam decide to rob a wedding to get the remaining portion since Liam had already put up half the money to pay for her paperwork.

Tyrone tries to make up for his neglect of the basketball team by following the advice of Father Delgado, but his teammates later corner him in the locker room and beat him up for all the ways he has wronged the team.

While at the wedding, Tandy is able to use her powers to see that Liam genuinely cares about her and wants to help her. This revelations scares her but they are still successful in robbing the wedding. They are forced to escape in a hurry and steal a car to do so.

Tyron returns home and makes up with his mother but his powers reveal her greatest fear, which is to lose him after already having lost his brother Billy.

Tandy leaves town and then Liam is arrested by O'Reilly. Liam calls Tandy from jail to beg for help because he put all the money he had into her new life but she ignores him. Tyrone takes Adina's gun and confronts Connors. He is about to pull the trigger but he becomes overwhelmed with anger, which triggers him to unintentionally teleport away. He reappears in the middle of the street Tandy is driving down and the bullet he had fired at Connors goes through Tandy's windshield instead, causing her to swerve off the road and crash.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E01 "First Light" Recap

A young Tandy Bowen is picked up from ballet late by her her father Nathan after she calls his office to remind him to come get her. A young Tyrone Johnson learns that his older brother Billy and his friends were scammed out of being paid for a job they did installing a car radio. Tyrone steals the car radio back but when his brother Billy finds out he instructs him not to steal and says they will put it back but they end up pursued by cops anyway.

Tandy's father Nathan is driving home in the rain while talking on the phone while the cops pursue Billy and Tyrone to a construction site. The Roxxon Gulf Platform explodes which distracts Nathan and causes him to crash the car and send it over the bridge into the water. The explosion also causes Detective Connors to "accidentally" shoot Billy, sending him falling into the water. Tyrone jumps in after him, desperate to save his brother. A strange energy force shoots out of rig which gifts Tany and Tyrone the powers of light and dark, and the two even join together to hold hands.

Years later, Tandy is involved in schemes with her boyfriend Liam to rob rich people. She goes home with one mark that she chats up at a club and drugs him before letting Liam in so they can steal his various expensive items. Meanwhile Tyrone is playing high school basketball and repeatedly gets knocked down before he punches a player from the opposing team that had been the latest to knock him down. The two get into a fight on the court that ends when one of his teammates pulls him off.

Tandy sneaks back into an abandoned building where she stays instead of living with her mother Melissa. She is revealed to have a habit of snorting prescription medication. Melissa's lawyer boyfriend Greg is working on a case against Roxxon, and is prone to coming home drunk. In a flashback it's revealed that the oil explosion rig was pinned on Nathan, as Roxxon claims that he went rogue on some off-the-books experiment.

Tandy is angry at Liam for getting scammed out a larger profit from their latest robbery and he tells her there's a party happening later in the woods. Meanwhile, Tyrone gets invited to the same party by a girl from school. Tandy later returns home when she knows that her mother is out in order to put some items into a hidden bag where she keeps various items stashed, including a cash stash, prescription drugs, and other important personal items.

Tandy and Tyrone meet at the party in the woods. She spills her drink on his jacket, and the two introduce themselves without knowing that they have met each other before. Tyrone prepares to buy his date a drink when he realises that Tandy stole his wallet. He chases her into the woods and upon catching up to her, he grabs her hand and a beam of light comes out of hers and send them both flying back. Then both stop and stare at their hands, as hers is glowing bright while his has dark smoke coming out of it. Tandy then realises that Tyrone is the boy she met after her childhood accident and the two have an emotional moment but Tandy runs off, afraid and confused by this new manifestation of her powers. She leaves her bag behind and Tyrone picks it up before heading off.

Tyrone returns home and goes to sleep in his room only to wake up the following morning wrapped in his sheet on the roof of a building in the city. In a flashback, Tyrone goes to the police station with his parents where a police chief captain claims that Billy's body was found with drugs in his system and denies there being a cop that shot Billy, even saying that no one works at the station that matches the description Tyrone gave. But Tyrone is caught on camera stealing the car radio and the surveillance footage of it is shown to Tyrone's parents. In the present, Tyrone discovers Detective Connors heading out for a day of work on the force.

Tandy is caught at home by her mother, who returned early after quitting her job. She accidentally cut her hand and has it wrapped in a towel, which her mother wants to look at but when she grabs Tandy's hand, Tandy has a vision of her parents talking about how much they loved each other and watching Tandy dance ballet. When Tandy comes out of the vision, her mother doesn't know what Tandy is talking about when she tries to explain the vision. It's also worth noting that in the commotion, Tandy forgets to put her stash of cash and drugs back in its proper hiding place.

Later that night, Tyrone does some searching online to track down the identity of his brother's killer. His mother reprimands him for missing a day of school and her concerns about the fighting and for the alcohol she smelled on his jacket. He scolds her for putting so much pressure on him to be perfect, believing that they think they'll lose him if he isn't the perfect son but she tells him that she's worried that even if he does everything right that they'll still lose him. Tyrone is sympathetic to her grief and worry, and promises to be better.

Tandy attends a ballet with a ticket to the show that she stole from one of her wealthy marks. However, she opts to watch the show from one of the stage rigs high above the stage instead of in the audience. When she is leaving the show, she is cornered by a man named Rick whom she had robbed earlier who has his friends to back him up. Rick tries to rape Tandy alone but she summons a light dagger and stabs him with it, confused as to how it appeared and then disappeared after she used it.

Tyrone wakes up in the trunk of Connors' car with no idea how he got there and finds a stash of cocaine. Connors is a dirty cop trying to sell some drugs from the police evident locker. While he is at the deal, he opens the trunk to show the buyer some of the supply but Tyrone throws the cocaine and makes a mess of it all over Connors before running off. Connors catches up to Tyrone, whom he grabs by the throat. Tyrone has a flashback to the night Connors killed his brother and is horrified to learn that Connors talked to another cop that was with him after shooting Billy and said that he would call his uncle to cover up the situation. Tyrone gets away, hides under a tarp, and somehow teleports back to his room and finds a bullet that Connors had shot at him has also ended up in his room.

In a flashback, Tandy and Tyrone wake up the morning after the storm, having washed up on the beach and holding each other's hands. Tandy is the first to wake up and she takes Tyrone's hoodie to wear, grabs her bag, and walks off. Tandy is revealed to still have the hoodie and wears it to feel safe, while she tries to figure out how to summon the light dagger again. Tyrone as a child had woken up after Tandy left and found one of her ballet slippers among the debris around him and taken it home. Tyrone also still has the slipper and pulls it out while thinking about the mysterious girl from his childhood.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


Humans S03E04 "Episode 4" Recap

The episode opens with a flashback of Agnes in her earlier life. She had worked as a clown performing in children's parties but she woke as a conscious being while locked in a chest by her owner, He became frightened upon hearing her banging inside the chest and asking to be let out. She waited in the dark for seven hours, hoping that he would come back and let her out. As a result, Agnes is now highly nyctophobic and claustrophobic.

Max asks Agnes about where she disappeared to the night before and she admits to searching for the refugee synths but lies about finding their bodies. Max orders Agnes to be locked up in a room while the Dryden Commission visits the synth commune as he doesn't trust her erratic behavior during such a crucial occasion.

The Dryden Commission arrives and Max informs them that they're welcome to bring in the armed humans guards but not the orange-eyed synths as it would be offensive to have their enslaved counterparts present.

Mia continues to be harassed by the locals till one day she is visited by Ed. She allows him to come into her apartment and then punches him in the nose for his betrayal. When he wakes from being knocked unconscious, he tells Mia that he's been looking for her ever since his mother died. His mother always liked Mia, and Ed wants to make amends with her, even bringing a necklace for her that belonged to his grandmother. He claims to not have understood that Mia could feel pain and that he never would've done what he did if he'd known as much. Ed tells Mia he understands why she wouldn't feel inclined to trust him again but tells her that he has taken a job out of London, by the sea, and invites her to come with him so she can have a second chance at the life he feels she deserves. Mis kisses him, acknowledging the feelings she still has for him, and they have sex. However, she ultimately decides to not leave London with him, believing her cause is more important than her personal relationship. Before leaving, he reminds her that she knows where to find him if she changes her mind.

A young man is arrested under suspicion of being the one to cause Day Zero, causing Mattie to feel incredibly guilty. She wants to turn herself in to stop anyone else from being harmed by her actions. She drives to the police station and Leo comes with her. They sit outside the station pondering what they should do and Leo proposes another idea that will keep both of them out of prison as well as the innocent arrested for the crime. Leo helps Mattie to set up an encrypted anonymous message that confesses responsibility for releasing the code so that the innocent young man arrested will be released.

One of Agnes' co-conspirators tricks Max's advisor Anatole to switching jobs with him so he can let Agnes out of her locked room. Agnes intends to assassinate the members of the Dryden Commission, as she has a knife hidden up her sleeve. But Anatole returns in time to stop her, leaving no one but Max (who saw her trying to sneak up on one of the members) and Anatole to know what she was about to do.

After Joe's invitation to mini-golf is rejected by his own children he invites Karen and Sam to come. Sam wants to go but Karen says they can't, because of the risks. However, Joe assures her that she has done well with protecting him and that they should do so.

The Dryden Commission leaves the synth camp and the leader even agrees to shake Max's hand despite having refused to do so when he arrived. Max keeps a bright face on while the press are present and the Commission is leaving but appears angry when he is going back into the camp due to Agnes' actions. Max confronts Agnes for her actions and she reveals how the refugee synths died because the battery pack shorted. She intended for all the synths to die at the hands of the human government because she believed everyone else would've risen up against them. Max in turn locks Agnes in a shipping container to prevent her hostility from harming anyone else, triggering her phobias in the process.

Niska continues her investigation and ends up captured by Laurence, the bomber who injured Astrid. He hacks into her mind and learns more about her before declaring he intends to leave her dead at this location framed as the bomber. When Laurence threatens to kill Astrid to further cover up his tracks, Niska breaks free from the code he used to entrap her and kills him. Throughout their encounter she also learns that there are many other members of this secret organisation and they believe the "Synth Who Sleeps" will be their salvation and this is the same mysterious figure who sent the orange-eyed synth who delivered a message to her on where to find Laurence.

Laura and Sommer have sex but he becomes distant afterwards.

After Joe drops Karen and Sam off, Sam trips and gets a cut on his hand that nearly causes the synth-phobic townspeople to almost discover what he truly is. Karen instead exposes herself as a synth so Sam can escape while the townspeople viciously begin to attack her. Sam runs to find Joe at his apartment and Joe loads him up in his car so he can go out and look for Karen. Upon returning to the place where she was attacked, he tells Sam to stay in the car and finds Karen dead in a pool of blue blood.

Humans airs on Thursdays on Channel 4.


The Handmaid's Tale S02E08 "Women's Work" Recap

June continues to help Serena on Fred's work for a few months while he continues to recover from his bomb injuries, as June used to work as an editor and is an ideal candidate to help Serena with the various documents. But the work is set to slow down since Fred will be returning home the following morning. However, Fred quickly shuts Serena out from his work upon his return.

Serena informs June that the Putnams' child, Angela, has fallen sick. Angela is Janine's biological child, and Janine refers to her as Charlotte. Janine is alarmed upon hearing that her baby is sick, a fact that June had tried to keep quiet from her so she wouldn't panic. Janine begs June to help her see her baby but June tells her that it can't happen. Janine responds that June sounds like "one of them."

Serena asks June what she thinks would be the best way to help the sick baby and June advises that the best treatment should be pushed forward, even if it is something against the law. Serena then proposes to Fred that the best neonatologist in Gilead (who was once the best in the entire nation) be permitted a temporary transfer to check on the baby since it's a woman now working as a Martha, since women are no longer allowed to work as doctors. Fred says that they must trust the will of God. When Serena tells June about Fred's decline of the proposal, June proposes that Janine be allowed to see the baby. Serena is against the idea at first but later decides to suggest it to the Putmans. Naomi Putman is against the idea but her husband Warren overrules her and agrees to let Janine visit, as there are all but no options left yet.

Janine is brought to the hospital and allowed to see the baby, but Aunt Lydia warns June that she will hold her personally responsible if anything goes wrong with Janine's visit. Secretly, Serena forges Fred's signature to transfer the Martha to the hospital for the day to check on the baby. However, the Martha is unable to find anything physically wrong with the child even after numerous medical tests. She advises that they all unplug the baby from the various machines it is hooked up to and try to make her feel safe and warm. Janine is finally permitted to go in and hold the baby.

Serena and June return home where Nick informs them that Fred is waiting to see them in his office. Fred has discovered that Serena forged his signature to temporarily transfer the once-physician, now-Martha. As punishment for her transgressions as well as getting June involved, he ritualistically beats Serena with his belt while forcing June to watch.

Meanwhile, Eden has been working hard to try to please Nick as her wife but once she rearranges his trunk and its contents, she uncovers the bundles of handmaids' letters he had recovered from June. Nick becomes angry and demands to know if she read them and she says she only placed them by his bedside. He orders her to never touch his belongings again and she agrees to abide by his wishes.

June tries to apologise to Serena for what happened with Fred but Serena furiously rejects the sympathetic gesture.

Finally, Janine is shown in the hospital with her baby, singing "I Only Want to Be with You" while partially undressed. The skin-to-skin contact and mother/child reunion have shown to do wonders for the baby's health as it is now happily gurgling while Janine gently bounces it.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.


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