Black Lightning S01E07 "Equinox: The Book of Fate" Recap

Lynn and Jefferson are still reeling from the revelation that Anissa not only has developed metahuman powers and has been trying to run around the city doing vigilante super heroism not far off from what her father does. Lynn examines Anissa's injuries while Gambi finally admits that Tobias Whale is back in town but he didn't tell him sooner.

Inspector Henderson is tasked with investigating the break-in at the hospital. Lynn provides a description of the criminals that broke in. Henderson suspects that the 100 are behind the attack when the two thieves turn up killed. Henderson also learns from Black Lightning about Tobias still being alive and not having aged at all despite it having been thirty years since he was last seen.

Anissa implores Jefferson to train her but he doesn't want her to get involved and put herself in danger in the process. She tells him about the box of her grandfather's research and Jefferson suspects that this is the what the thieves were after.

Gambi visits Lady Eve and warns her that Tobias is supposed to be staying underground and hidden. Instead, he's strutting around like he owns the city and preparing to open his night club. Lady Eve admits that he needs to be checked but taking his out entirely would throw off a delicate ecosystem. She suggests that Toledo, Tobias' second-in-command, be killed in order to remind him to stay in his place. She promises to kill Tobias herself if he still doesn't fall in line.

Anissa learns that her father being Black Lightning was the reason why her parents split up for a while. She tries to warn David, the journalist that gave her the leads, about the impending danger but learns at his office that he died a few days prior in a hit-and-run.

Gambi dons a disguise and enters Tobias' club to kill Toledo. Tobias is outraged upon learning of his fate.

Lynn asks Gambi to make a suit for Anissa, now seeing that there won't be any stopping her from pursuing this same line of super heroism and it is better for her to be as protected as possible in the process.

Tobias visits a club and Black Lightning arrives to fight him, though not without having to fend off the henchmen too. In the confrontation, Tobias is wounded and his sister Tori is accidentally killed by one of the stray bullets flying from the henchmen. Tobias' henchmen use special electrical guns to kill Lady Eve and her minions during the fight too. After Tobias gets away, Black Lightning stays with Tori in her last moments trying to keep her breathing to no avail.

Later on, Black Lightning gets a call from Henderson who now believes that he was the one who killed Lady Eve because of the manner of her death.

Finally, Lala is shown to be in a hotel room and brought back to life with Lawanda's head tattooed on his chest.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


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