Black Lightning S01E08 "The Book of Revelations" Recap

Jefferson begins training Anissa so she can fight and defends herself as a superhero vigilante. Public opinion has begun to turn against Black Lightning since he was framed for killing Lady Eve. Jefferson knows that this frame job means he is getting close to stopping the plot involving Green Lightning. They need to clear his name by finding Lady Eve's real killer or else he won't be able to go out in the suit since police will be trying to shoot and kill him.

Two henchmen are practicing in the club and are surprised to see Lala emerge, back from the dead.

Bambi meets with A.S.A. member Martin Proctor who is resolute on Black Lightning being taken out since he is a threat to the Freehand experiment.

Jefferson and Anissa break into the morgue to examine Lady Eve's body. Upon tracing the radiation left by the weapon they are able to track down the weapon used to kill her as well as the killer themselves.

Jennifer is startled at school and manifests some electrical powers, much to her shock.

Lawanda encourages Lala to embrace a course of violence and seduces him to try to direct his path.

Lynn discovers that the component in Green Lightning were present in a vaccines that was found in Alvie Piercer's locker from 30 years ago. She informs Jefferson of this and he warns her to be careful while investigating these things. Lynn brings this information to Gambi next and is forced to admit that he knows something more about what's going on and promises to talk to Jefferson about this.

Jefferson calls Henderson before hiding with Anissa to hide upon seeing that someone is drawing near. Jefferson is preparing to sneak up on the person and tells Anissa to stay put. He is drawing near when Anissa sees that there is an explosion about to go off in the weapon so she tackles her father and uses her powers to shield him from the damage. They know that the man send to check on the weapon didn't know that it was dangerous. Jefferson suspects that The 100 had listened in on his call to Henderson and sent someone they considered expendable.

Lynn breaks the news to Jefferson that he needs to talk to Gambi. When they meet, Gambi admits that  his real name is Peter Esposito and that there are things he withheld to protect Jefferson and his family from the A.S.A. who were the ones to make the vaccine and hunt down metahumans. Jefferson is furious and tells Gambi to stay away from his family.

Finally, Jennifer decides to confide in Anissa about these new electrical powers.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


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