Black Lightning S01E10 "Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption" Recap

Thunder investigates Peter Gambi's lead about the gifted children going missing 30 years and discovers that they appear to still be alive in a suspended state in a warehouse. She wants to get them out but is worried that smashing up the machinery may do more harm than good so she brings what she has learned to Jefferson, asking him to help save them.

Lala begins having visions of Will, whom he previously killed but now appears as a tattoo on his chest. He intends to take over The 100 and orders the minions of the group to start selling regular drugs again. He intends to kill Tobias Whale if and when he ever comes back. Lala also violently assaults and kills some of the men that dare to defy him.

Black Lightning and Thunder return to the warehouse and discover that the kids have been moved and none of the equipment is left. They are attacked by some ASA agents but manage to fight them off. After they get away, they talk about the ASA and how Gambi was an agent of theirs until he forced them to stop. Anissa thinks they should start working together again but Jefferson insists that he can't trust him.

Two Bits visits Jefferson and tells him how he saw one of Jefferson's students kidnapped right after she displayed some sort of powered ability. She was also on Green Light so the police aren't investigating her disappearance, though her friend is looking for her and even brings fliers about her to Gambi, asking to put them up.

Anissa and Jennifer argue about powers once more because Anissa thinks she should learn about what she can do with her powers but Jennifer wants to pretend they don't exist. The argument escalates until Jennifer's entire body flares up in electricity. Anissa believes that Jennifer's powers are like Jefferson's.

Lynn also encourages Jefferson to start working with Gambi again since they need all the help they can get in this battle but Jefferson still refuses to do so. Lynn determines that Jennifer's ability differs from Jefferson's abilities in that while Jefferson can manipulate electricity, Jennifer can generate it.

Martin Proctor and the ASA kidnap and torture Gambi in the hopes of finding out who Black Lightning is, believing that Gambi was the one to tell Black Lightning about the warehouse of kids. When the initial torture tactics don't work, Martin orders two ASA agents to kidnap Jefferson since they know Gambi had helped to raise him after leaving the ASA even though Jefferson's father had been the one to investigate the ASA.

Jefferson is at the school mentoring a young boy inhale hopes of giving him a better future than a life of crime on the street. Two ASA agents arrive and take Jefferson away after he leaves the boy with an assignment to read some poems from a book by Langston Hughes, with the intent that they will discuss the poems next Saturday. They bring Jefferson to the warehouse where a badly wounded Gambi is lying on the floor. Gambi is able to kill the ASA agents once Jefferson causes an electrical surge that keeps them from being seen.

Jefferson brings Gambi back to his basement base where he can heal from his injuries while the Pierce family decides to hide out in Alvin's old house. Gambi tells Jefferson he needs to find the new ASA spotter in the community that identifies the kids that have gained powers from Green Lightning.

Martin is at the new base that holds the stasis pods holding the powered kids. He is able to deduce that Jefferson is Black Lightning and informs Vice-Principal Fowdy, who is revealed to be the new ASA spotter.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


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