Black Lightning S01E11 "Black Jesus: the Book of Crucifixion" Recap

Black Lightning and Thunder raid another location in the hopes of finding the bodies of the missing children. They are working with Gambi again, who is still on the mend and trying to make amends for his past wrongs.

Vice-Principal Kara Fowdy tells a scientist to keep a careful watch over the stasis pods to keep them stable but one of the teenagers form 30 years ago still dies. Fowdy also gets Deputy Chief Cayman to orchestrate a frame job so Jefferson can get arrested for (false) possession of Greenlight. Fowdy later gets into an online chat with her bosses and is informed that there are federal agents will take Jefferson to the black site in order to test him on whether he is actually Black Lightning.

Lynn heads to the station and tries to see Jefferson but isn't permitted. She briefly encounters Inspector Henderson and implores him to find a way to get Jefferson released. Lynn heads out to try to find a lawyer that can work on Jefferson's case. Henderson acts out an interrogation with Jefferson, secretly warning him that they're being taped so they have to play out a facade. He asks him questions about his daughters being kidnapped by Lala. Their questioning is interrupted by Cayman who says that there's a transfer order from the feds claiming it's a matter of national security so they have to abide by it.

Anissa wants to break Jefferson out but Gambi reminds her that if he wanted to be broken out he is more than capable of doing that himself with his own powers. They must find a way to fool the ASA into thinking Jefferson isn't Black Lightning. Gambi works together with Thunder to run an operation in which Thunder will chase after a remote-controlled car that Gambi is operating alongside a hologram of Black Lightning to make the conspirators believe that Black Lightning is still free and out in the city. After seeing the story of Black Lightning seemingly running around the city, Fowdy requests that Jefferson be released but her boss refuses to give her permission to do anything else but monitor and facilitate.

Henderson is able to use his investigation into the corruption in his department to get one of the officers arrested. He also gets the officer to rat out the others. This allows Henderson to get Jefferson released and Cayman arrested for his many corruptions. Jefferson is fully exonerated from his charges and Henderson is sworn in as the new Deputy Chief of Police. Later, Gambi is invited to join the Pierce family for dinner to celebrate Jefferson's return to freedom.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


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