Black Lightning S01E12 "The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain" Recap

Tobias meets with Martin Proctor, who informs him that he must take over Lady Eve's operations and bring him Black Lightning alive.

Jefferson and Lynn resume their relationship but she tells him she wants to keep it a secret from the girls until they can be sure that they are really back together for the long-term.

Khalil resurfaces with a new spinal implant that allows him to walk again. He also has a new attitude and a fair amount of resentment against Jefferson. Jefferson brings this news to Gambi. This type of technology is billion-dollar calibre and it's clear that this is another experiment being run on poor black children. Gambi tracks down a weapon maker whom he threatens in order to get information on Martin Proctor while Jefferson warns Jennifer not to go near Khalil because he is potentially dangerous. But when she gets a text from Khalil she sneaks out in the hopes of meeting him.

Jefferson and Lynn get into an argument when he finds out she is trying to isolate Jennifer's meta-gene and that in doing so she could potentially try to get rid of her powers. Jennifer meets with Khalil who apologises for how things soured between them and shows her his spinal implant. He says that his new dreads are a result of some pills he was given to help with the regeneration which made his hair grow fast. Khalil gets angry when Jennifer begins to ask questions about how he was chosen to get the implant and blames her father for getting in her head. She is further shocked when he leaves by jumping off the second-story roof with ease. Khalil meets with Tobias who tells him to threaten Jefferson High in order to lure Black Lightning out. He is indebted to Tobias; he was able to regain his ability to walk in exchange for unconditional loyalty.

The weapon maker retrieves the information Gambi is after but Lala kills him, though he is shown to be acting strange upon hearing the phrase "The devil deals the cards."

Khalil attacks the school as Painkiller and uses paralysis needles based from a toxin his implant now creates to knock out various students. Black Lightning and Thunder emerge since Khalil refuses to stop even after Jennifer tries to get him to stop. Despite Jefferson commanding her to leave, she still follows after them. Thunder fights against Syonide and manages to get in a cut under Syonide's left arm under her internal body armour.

Tobias has a special material on for a protective undersuit that forces Jefferson to fight him in hand-to-hand combat. Eventually, Tobias and Painkiller are able to team up to taken him down as Tobias restrains him and Painkiller unleashes a strike that causes Black Lightning's heart. Tobias reprimands Khalil for that action since they're supposed to bring Black Lightning in alive. Thunder appears and Syonide begins shooting so she, Tobias, and Painkiller can escape. Jennifer is able to summon enough electricity to restart Jefferson's heart and they all escape back to meet Gambi and Lynn at a remote cabin in the North Freeland woods which Gambi has cloaked to keep any of them from being tracked.

Martin Proctor demands that Kara Fowdy find Black Lightning once and for all, even if she has to burn Freeland to do it, and says that Thunder can be killer or not in the process as she's entirely expendable to their endgame.

Lala is brought in by Syonide to meet Tobias, who seems unsurprised that Lala has been resurrected. Tobias uses the phrase "The devil deals the cards" in order to control Lala and declares that Martin Proctor is their next target to be taken out.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.


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