Black Lightning S01E13 "Shadow of Death: The Book of War" Recap

Gambi advises Jennifer that Tobias has the ability to see the worst in people and bring it out, which is something he did to Khalil when convincing him to get the spinal implant to walk again but has now been turned into a weapon. Tobias also rescued Syonide from an orphanage and trained her to be an assassin, eventually implanting a body armour under her skin.

Martin Proctor learns that many of the pod occupants are in an unstable condition and the only way to save them would be to find the correct metahuman DNA sample capable of stabilizing them. He also learns that Lala is the only lead they currently have to try to find Tobias. He sees the metahumans as bioweapons that need to be collected to arm themselves.

Tobias informs Lala that he was the one that spent the money to revive Lala with a control mechanism installed. The visions Lala has been having is a side effect of the procedure that causes him to be haunted by those he has killed. Tobias installs a bomb in him to be sent to the A.S.A. but Proctor figures out he has been armed with a bomb and gets out in time for Lala to only kill a few other agents.

Jefferson is near death and is having visions of speaking with his late father Alvin, who gives him a pep talk that coaxes him into waking up. However, they come to discover that Jefferson's powers are gone. Proctor sends agents to capture the family which Inspector Henderson hears about and sends police to go after.

Jennifer is able to generate enough electricity to restore Black Lightning's powers which is just in time to help the family fend off the impending arrival of the A.S.A. agents and the police that are also on the way. Bambi advises the family to go into hiding since they will never not be a target but they all agree that the right thing to do is to stay, fight, and protect their community. They are able to fight off the men that attack their cabin in the woods with little to no injuries. They manage to escape in a van just as the police arrive.

Once Tobias's men attack the A.S.A. headquarters, only Proctor is able to escape. The Pierce family confronts Martin and Gambi has the realization that Proctor is running a rogue operation. Gambi proceeds to kill Proctor as the culmination of making amends for the work he did with the A.S.A.

Despite Lynn's best efforts to save the kids in the pods, they don't survive. However, she is able to expose details of the A.S.A. experiments to the media which triggers a massive scandal for the government. Public opinion is once again in favour of Black Lightning and now Thunder, as they're revered as heroes for having stopped this rogue government conspiracy.

Secretly, Tobias has retrieved Martin Proctor's severed thumbs and uses them to open Proctor's briefcase. This provides Tobias with the means to take out Black Lightning once and for all.

Black Lightning will return to the CW for season 2.


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