Gotham S04E13 "A Beautiful Darkness" Recap

Ivy goes on a home invasion robbery with Selina but once Selina steps out of the main room to look for more items, Ivy reveals that she is investigating those involved with "Project M" which is an experiment being conducted at Wayne Enterprises which has caused the death of several plants. This angry Ivy greatly so she uses her powers to kill the man of the house, who is a Wayne Enterprises employee involved with Project M. Selina walks in to see the man dying and is horrified by these actions so she abandons her alliance with Ivy.

Jim is called in to investigate the murder of Roland Charles and Fox calls Bruce to warn him of the death. Jim identifies that Selina was at the scene of the crime based on the testimony of the witnesses left alive from the home invasion. Meanwhile Ivy has decided to go after Bruce Wayne. She invades his home and uses her powers to hypnotize and poison him to obtain more information on Project M. She leaves him to die slowly from the injury she has inflicted and he begins to hallucinate visions of his closest friends and allies, along with a mysterious cloaked figure.

Oswald is pestered in Arkham by Jerome, who wants Oswald to become the intense criminal he believes him to truly be. Jerome begins to set up a series of escapades to humiliate and provoke Oswald including ordering him to be dressed up like a clown and dance for the amusement of the other prisoners. Ed later visits Oswald to gloat about him in being in prison but the Riddler leaves Oswald a secret message to say that he still exists.

Jim tracks Selina down and gets Ivy's name. He realises that Fox knew more about the case and murder than he revealed. But Fox is already being visited by Ivy, who quickly hypnotizes him and orders him to take her to the laboratory where Project M is being conducted. While there, she collects a sample of the Lazarus water that is being used in the experiments before making her escape.

Jim manages to track down Ivy and Fox in time in order to save Fox from being killed by her. He finds the antidote and uses it to save Bruce who is on the brink of death from Ivy's poison. When Bruce wakes, he believes that he has seen visions of his future.

Meanwhile, Ivy uses the Lazarus water to engineer a new flower that can immediately kill someone if they come into contact with the petals.

Oswald learns that Jerome is planning an escape from Arkham in order to wreak havoc and destruction on Gotham, prompting Oswald to decide to piggyback off of this in order to make his own escape.

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