Gotham S04E14 "Reunion" Recap

Ivy kills some men to send a message to Harvey by using her newly engineered plant to take out the many patrons of the bar he works in.

Bruce burns his vigilante mask before tracking down Alfred to ask him to return to his post. Alfred refuses to do so until Bruce can show that he has truly changed from the billionaire brat persona he had fully embraced.

Jim and Fox are brought in to investigate the deaths at the bar. Jim tracks Harvey down to tell him what has happened and try to bring him back onto the force. Harvey says that he only shot Ivy's father to protect Jim while on the job. She sends a tape in to be broadcast on the news that Jim and Harvey see in which she threatens to kill everyone in the city and shows her powers, though they know she will want to kill Harvey first.

Jim and Harvey track Ivy down at a warehouse but it's revealed that she had already visited Harvey and hypnotized him into doing her bidding. She is able to get away by ordering Harvey to kill Jim before killing himself. The two battle after she leaves and Jim is able to knock him down and heal him from the trance.

Lee meets with Sofia and demands control over a significant portion of the Narrows. Lee discusses her options with Ed, who has secretly been struggling with the returns of his Riddler personality. Ed has even considered suicide as a means of stopping his succumbing to it. Lee learns about Sofia's prior involvement with Jim and is willing to concede control over to Sofia's demands if it will keep the citizens of the Narrows safe.

Bruce attends a charity event and makes a speech to once again apologise to Alfred for his wrongdoings and Alfred tells him afterward that he needs to accept "who he really is". Bruce interprets this as Alfred's continued refusal for them to reunite and leaves upset. It's then that Ivy emerges on stage at the event and uses her deadly plant to kill many of the people in attendance. The GCPD arrive and try get control over the situation. Bruce finds and Alfred, who encourages him to help the people who need it. Bruce finds a suit, puts it on, and manages to rescue many people before bing shot by Jim. He is unharmed due to wearing a bulletproof vest and is able to escape.

Ivy gets away and returns to her apartment where Selina is waiting to confront her for her actions and asks what she has stolen. Ivy shows the last bit of Lazarus water she stole from Wayne Enterprises to make more killer plants. Selina says she will not allow this to happen and pulls out her whip to get a hold of Ivy's wrist and knock the vile of Lazarus water off to the side. The two battle until Selina gets a hold of the vile

Sofia meets with Lee once more. Lee refuses to give over control of any part of the Narrows, prompting Sofia to kill all of Lee's bodyguards and proclaiming she has control of the Narrows. She then smashes one of Lee's hands with a hammer and appoints Sampson as the new figurehead.

Riddler tricks Ed into turning himself into Arkham. Oswald appears and reveals that he had written a letter to him containing a secret message to Riddler specifically and get Ed back to Arkham. Ed seemingly loses control, with Riddler taking over once again and offering to resume working with Oswald once more.

Alfred returns to Wayne Manor and helps Bruce patch up his battle wounds. Bruce says he wants to help people and understands that he will need to accept all the good and bad parts of himself to be able to do so.

Harvey returns to the precinct as an officer. With Jim learning what Sofia has done to Lee, he vows to take Sofia down.

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