Gotham S04E15 "The Sinking Ship, The Grand" Recap

As Riddler is working with Oswald again, he sets up a calculated plan to rescue Martin and bring him back to Oswald, who is working on his own part of the plan which will allow him to escape.

Sampson begins terrorizing the citizens of the Narrows in order to assure his power as the new leader.

Selina breaks into Bruce's home and asks for his help to steal back what she stole from the scientist with Ivy. She feels bad that he died since she didn't know Ivy was going to kill him. Bruce agrees to help her by getting some cash together so she can buy it back since stealing it back is proving too difficult.

When Sofia finds out Martin has ben taken she orders her men to hunt Oswald down and kill him. When her men show up to Arkham, Oswald is in the infirmary due to being punched by a guard but Harvey was visiting at the same time to ask him some questions. In the commotion, Oswald is able to escape from Arkham as Riddler drives the getaway vehicle.

Selina and Bruce go to buy back the stolen goods and are forced to fight off the buyers who want to rob them of the money instead of selling it back.

Riddler brings Oswald to Lee, who is taken aback to be interacting with Riddler instead of Ed. They want Lee to help them but instead, Riddler gets captures by Grundy who brings him back to the Sirens who in turn bring him to Sofia. Oswald runs into Jim and Harvey on the streets. They want to bring Oswald back in but he pushes them to let him go and take Sofia out. Jim also wants Sofia out of the way but he wants to do it in a lawful way. Oswald and Jim reluctantly agree to an impasse so they can each carry on their way once they exchange information but Harvey insists on taking him into custody. Sofia's men emerge, still intent on killing Oswald and having overheard Oswald telling them about an important associate. A shoot-out commences during which Oswald is able to escape once more, this time with the help of Lee.

Lee brings Oswald to Mr. Freeze so he can be frozen and brought to Sofia as a sort of ice version of a Trojan horse, a plan that Riddler had put together. Riddler was being tortured but when Freeze brings Oswald to her she pays him off and orders that Riddler be brought to the pier to be killed. Oswald heads to the pier to save Riddler. Riddler is shocked that Oswald gave up his opportunity for revenge and Oswald explains that he is the only one he can trust.

Sofia and her men arrive at the psychiatric hospital where they end up in a shoot-out with Jim and Harvey. Jim tells Harvey to get Penn, the man they were looking for, and take him to safety while he will fight off the shooters. Sofia corners Jim, who ends up shot repeatedly. She tells him to beg for his life and then they can start over. Lee arrives in time to save Jim and shoots Sofia in the head, which results in Sofia being in a coma. After this, Lee returns to the Narrows and regains her power which she punctuates by smashing Sampson's hand with a hammer similar to what was done to her.

Jim wakes in the hospital wanting to confess to his collusion with Sofia to the GCPD but Harvey forces him to live with the guilt instead. Meanwhile, Bruce and Selina have reconciled due to their recent misadventures, and Barbara's intense headaches are revealed to her being affected by Ra's al Ghul's powers.

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