Gotham S04E16 "One of My Three Soups" Recap

Jervis Tetch hypnotises a guard into letting him, Jerome, Scarecrow, and eighty other inmates out of Arkham. Upon breaking out, Jervis uses his hypnotic powers to get hundreds of Gotham citizens to stand on rooftops in order to force Jim Gordon into an impossible situation trying to save them.

Barbara continues to struggle with her headaches and finally begins to work through the memories buried deep within her mind of when Ra's al Ghul resurrected her. She discovers that he brought her back to life with the intention of having her be the new leader of the League of Shadows. By having her be the Demon's Head, her powers manifesting are acting as a beacon to summon all the current members of the League of Shadows to Gotham.

Bruce blames himself for Gotham's current predicament since he didn't kill Jerome when he had the chance. With Selina's help they break into the police station to get a file on Jerome to try to find him.

Jim and Harvey determine that Jervis must have taken over a radio station in order to get so many victims into their precarious rooftop positions. They can't figure out which one it is and Harvey locks himself into a car to be a guinea pig to figure out which station it is. He is able to give Jim the name of the correct station but ends up falling prey to the commands and punches Jim before heading up to join the others on the rooftop.

Jerome has tracked down his abusive uncle in order to enact revenge on him. Jerome's uncle manages to overpower him with the help of one of his goons and wants to kill him once and for all. But Bruce shows up at the diner and stops them from killing Jerome. The goon tries to attack Bruce. While those two fight, Jerome attacks his uncle at gunpoint and eventually shoots him through the head. It's unclear if Jerome will try to kill Bruce or the goon trying to kill Bruce but Selina shows up with a gun of her own to break up the situation. In the ensuing commotion, Selina tries to shoot Jerome, Bruce tackles her to stop this, and Jerome manages to get away. Jerome had also retrieved the location of someone he was searching for form his uncle before killing him.

The League of Shadows show up and the man leading the group currently wants to kill Barbara, believing that women aren't ever supposed to lead the organisation. Barbara kills him when he tries to kill her. Barbara gives a speech to rally the women to rise up and in turn they kill their male comrades to protect her and join this new age of the League of Shadows.

Jim tracks down Jervis Tetch at the radio station and is unable to get him to undo the command towards the people that are prepared to jump off the roof when the clock strikes midnight. However, Jim is able to find a loophole by telling the people to save each other. Tetch is taken back into custody but is later rescued by Jerome and Scarecrow. The trio head to St. Ignatius while Bruce is following after them. Bruce also calls Jim to inform him of where they're headed.

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