Gotham S04E17 "Mandatory Brunch Meeting" Recap

Bruce arrives at St. Ignatius too late to save a man booby-trapped by Jervis Tetch to blow himself up. But the man stays alive long enough to say that Jerome was looking for someone that graduated from there ten years ago named Xander Wilde. Jim and Harvey arrive at the institute just before the man blows himself up.

Meanwhile, Jerome has assembled the "Legion of Horribles" which consists of himself, Penguin, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Firefly, and Mr. Freeze. He shares how they need to find this Wayne Enterprises associate, Xander Wilde. Jerome invades a Wayne Enterprises building and shoots it up with a shotgun but he's forced to escape without getting the information he needs on Xander Wilde because the GCPD show up including Jim and Harvey.

Lee Thompkins challenges Riddler to his game, the Riddle Factory, with a promised wager that she will abolish it if she wins. She is able to outsmart him and figure out the answer to his riddle. Then she needs to come up with a riddle for him to answer and when the answer is "I love you," Riddler refuses to say it because he is concerned it will wake Ed up.

Bruce and Alfred team up with Jim and Harvey in order to track down the location of Xander Wilde. They deduce that he must be hiding from Jerome specifically. What they don't realise is that Xander has kidnapped Jerome and has him trapped in a concrete cell with surveillance cameras to monitor him as well as the surrounding area to the lair. Once Jim and Harvey drive up, Xander spots them on one of his cameras. They speak to Xander through an intercom to say they're there to see him. A woman leads them to Xander's office where they meet him and discover that he is Jerome's twin brother, Jeremiah. He shares how his mother snuck him away from the circus and sent him to St. Ignatius. It was inevitable that some day Jerome would come for him. Jim and Harvey figure out that Jeremiah has kidnapped Jerome. Jeremiah doesn't want to give up the location of Jerome to Jim and Harvey but before they can argue any further about whether he'll release Jerome, Mad Hatter and Scarecrow arrive to break Jerome out. Jeremiah reveals that he designed the place like a maze and he is the only one that can get them out. Echo, Jeremiah's assistant, tries to take Jeremiah captive after being hypnotized by Jervis Tetch. Jim and Harvey are able to knock her out. Jeremiah makes it to the exit only to be cornered by Jerome, Jervis, and Scarecrow. Jerome orders them to find Jim and Harvey and kill them. Jerome and Jeremiah have an argument in which Jeremiah admits that he lied to their mother about him trying to kill him as a boy which lead to him being sent away. Jeremiah insists that he wanted to regardless of whether he had actually tried to do so yet. Jerome is angry that their mother gave up on treating him well after she believed he had tried to kill his brother which lead to him eventually killing her. Jim and Harvey charge after Jim and Scarecrow and they must flee with Jerome without harming Jeremiah.

Oswald convinces Grundy to join the Legion of Horribles as hired muscle in exchange for access to the chemicals that turned him into Grundy. He agrees because he wants to be Butch again so he can be with Tabitha.

Lee confronts Riddler for why he would open a club in the Narrows, pointing out that he clearly wanted her attention. She confronts him for the love he has for her and he responds by holding a knife to her throat. She proposes that they work together and then they kiss.

Jim and Harvey bring Jeremiah back to the station and order he be put into protective custody. Jeremiah thanks Jim for saving his life.

Finally, Scarecrow is shown to have developed a laughing gas that Jerome intends to spread across the city to turn everyone mad.

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