Gotham S04E18 "That's Entertainment" Recap

Jerome takes the interim mayor hostage along with many other powerful Gothamites, dosing one of them with Scarecrow's new laughing gas in the process. Penguin eventually sneaks away to visit Jim at the station and warn him of what Jerome has done.

Bruce has a birthday and Alfred gifts him with a new luxury car that also happens to be bulletproof so he will be better prepared on future missions to stay safe and protected.

Jerome brings the hostages to a music festival and orders Jim to bring him Jeremiah and Bruce Wayne in order for the hostages to be set free. Jim refuses, saying he will offer himself up in their place but Jerome refuses to negotiate with him and sets off one of the explosive collars he has set up on each of the hostages. Jim heads back to the station to determine a course of action, working alongside Bruce, Alfred, and Fox, and they all observe Jerome kill another one of the hostages on TV.

Barbara heads to an ancient door with the other members of the League of Shadows that only she can unlock as the new Demons Head.

The other Legion members have secretly begun to load up the laughing gas they forced scientists from Wayne Enterprises to engineer onto a blimp. While Bruce and Jeremiah make their way towards the festival stage, Jim has many snipers set up on various high points overlooking the stage where Jerome is set up but Jerome has his own men kill the snipers. He gives Jeremiah a knife and challenges him to try to kill him but m=knocks him down once he charges forward. A fight breaks out on stage while the blimp rises over the crowd and prepares to release the gas.

Oswald wakes up on board the blimp, having been knocked out and forced on board. The captain of the blimp is under hypnotized orders to release the gas once he is given the final signal. The GCPD takes out the rest of Jerome's men and is able to save the mayor once his collar malfunctions. Jim chases Jerome onto a roof and Oswald calls him to say he is on board the blimp. While Oswald manages to overpower the pilot and steer the blimp away from civilians, Jim is forced to shoot Jerome. Though Jerome willingly falls to his death, he first declares that he will live on.

Tabitha and Barbara fight over their differing beliefs regarding Barbara's new status. Barbara severs ties with her so her followers force her out and a fight breaks out. Tabitha is beat up by some of the women, after which another League faction still loyal to Ra's al Ghul pick her up off the street.

Jeremiah finds a gift left for him and opens it, not knowing it is a trick from Jerome that contains a modified version of the laughing gas which drives him insane.

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