Gotham S04E20 "That Old Corpse" Recap

Jerome's followers gather for his funeral but a mysterious masked figure arrives to play a recorded posthumous message seemingly from Jerome about one more mission that begins with them digging up his body.

Back at the GCPD, Harvey offers Jim the opportunity to let Lee go for the crime of robbing the bank but Jim is determined to do what is right by the law. Jim offers Lee the opportunity to go free if she returns the money and gives up Nygma but she refuses to give in to any of those demands. Their interrogation session is interrupted by a package arriving for Jim. Inside is a tape Jerome left of his last will and testament. He tells Jim he wants him to throw a wake for him at the GCPD and say that he's already sent the invitations. Right on cue, Jerome's followers arrive outside the station dressed like circus performers and ready to break into the station.

Nygma and some other of Lee's followers are debating how to get Lee out of the station. He leads a few of the Narrows subservients to accompany him to the station. There, Jim is making a call to Alfred to warn him of the threat to the station and Jerome's recent antics left in the wake of his death. Bruce has left for a meeting with Jeremiah and Alfred agrees to go after him to make sure they are all safe.

Jim determines that Jerome always likes to put on theatrical displays to hide his true intentions. He devises a plan to get all the officers to sneak out of the side buildings so that they can surround the building once Jerome's followers have gotten inside. All the while they must also figure out what the true target is.

At his bunker, Jeremiah shows Bruce a new self-sustaining energy generator he has developed. Bruce then gets a call from Alfred who warns him of Jerome's recent attacks and subtly signals to Alfred to come after him. However, Alfred is attacked in the kitchen of Wanye Manor by unknown assailants. Jeremiah is alarmed by Bruce telling him about Jerome's attacks, believing that Jerome is actually alive again. He admits to Bruce that he was sprayed by a laughing gas Jerome left for him. Now Jeremiah is struggling with paranoia regarding whether or not Jerome is still alive. Bruce suggests that they go to Jerome's grave so they can see the body for themselves so Jeremiah can try to keep his sanity in check. But Bruce doesn't know that Jerome's followers dug up the body...

Back at GCPD, Jerome's followers burst into the building. Jim begins to organise a way for the officer and Lee to get out of the building and out of the path of the destruction coming at them. As the officers begin to back up, Lee is accidentally knocked unconscious on a fire extinguisher.

Bruce and Jeremiah arrive at Jerome's grave and Jeremiah becomes hysterical at seeing Jerome's grave dug up, running away while Bruce tries to catch up.

Grundy is furious at Oswald because they are hiding out at Falcone's manor biding their time. When they see the news report of Jerome's followers unleashing chaos at the GCPD station Oswald decides they should go down to find a way back to reclaiming their power. Jim and Harvey interrogate one of Jerome's followers who reveals that Bruce and Jeremiah will be dead soon, prompting Jim to go after them.

Nygma arrives at the station with the other Narrows residents intent on getting into the station to rescue Lee, who is just beginning to wake up from her unconscious state. Inside it's a state of disarray as Jerome's followers make a mess of everything in sight. Meanwhile, Oswald and Grundy take one of Jerome's followers captive to torture in order to learn who the true mastermind of recent things is in order to regain their power.

Bruce catches up to Jeremiah near some indoor grave slots and tires to reason with him. Jeremiah's grip on reality is slipping and he draws a gun on Bruce, claiming that Bruce has made a switch. He claims that Bruce is really Jerome wearing Bruce's face and he intends to put Jerome (Bruce) back in his grave where he really belongs.

Ed dons a clown disguise to get into the station and gets knocked out by Lee before she can recognise him. She immediately tends to him so they can get out of the station together.

Jim arrives at Jeremiah's bunker and finds the generator along with a tape left by Jerome in which he reveals he always intended to bring Jim to the bunker. It's then that the masked figure to deliver the tape of Jerome's first orders emerges and holds Jim at gunpoint. When Jerome is being choked by an unknown figure on the tape, Jim uses the distraction to attack the masked figure. The two fight and eventually Jim is able to knock them out. Upon pulling the mask off he discovers that it's Echo behind the mask.

Back at Jerome's grave, Bruce is still held captive by Jeremiah. They find Jerome's body propped against the grave but Jeremiah claims it's a fake and pulls out a razor blade he intends to use to cut Bruce's face off to reveal the truth.

Jim watches in horror as the tape of Jerome is revealed to actually be Jeremiah wearing prosthetics pretending to be Jerome. Bruce is then overpowered by some of Jerome's followers who Jeremiah then claims as his own. Jeremiah has fully succumbed to the effects of the gas, though he claims that its effects were only cosmetic since he now has a paler complexion more remnant of the Joker comic fans are most familiar with. He believes he must tear down the city in order to rebuild it and Jim learns that the generator has actually been modified into a bomb which Echo locks him in the room with. Jim barely escapes the room before the bomb goes off.

Jeremiah tells Bruce he doesn't want to kill him because he wants to show him all of what he is achieving. Jeremiah reveals how the generators Bruce helped build are bombs and it's then that several of the bombs go off in the city. Jeremiah tells Bruce that progress requires sacrifice and knocks Bruce out, leaving him unconscious on top of Jerome's body before heading off to steal more generators from Wayne Enterprises.

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