Gotham S04E21 "One Bad Day" Recap

Jeremiah arrives at GCPD headquarters with his followers in tow behind him. He informs Harvey and the other officers that Jim Gordon is dead and that if they don't do what he wants, he will detonate more bombs planted all over the city, including if they kill him since he's installed a dead man's switch. Jeremiah declares that while his brother wanted to just destroy things he wants to rebuild it after it's been destroyed. He orders Harvey to get the city evacuated within six hours or else everyone left in Gotham will die. He then detonates one of the bombs he has planted in order to ensure that Harvey understand what he's capable of.

Oswald and Grundy arrive at Barbara's club and informs them of what they've learned from the man they tortured, whom they've brought along. They now know that Jeremiah is the one in charge of this latest attack. Oswald offers them the opportunity to partner up and Barbara rejects it until Oswald says they plan to use part of the profits to cure Grundy, prompting Tabitha to force Barbara to agree to work together.

Bruce visits the station and learns from Harvey that Jim is likely dead. Jeremiah then calls Bruce and says that he needs to do what he says or else Alfred will die, telling him an address to come to.

Jim has escaped the bunker with blueprints of Jeremiah's plans but is knocked out from the blast. Nygma had already ordered someone to follow him and that person had rescued him and brought him back to the Narrows where Lee has patched him up. She tells him how Jeremiah blew up the clock tower and the city is being evacuated. Jim shows her the blueprints and asks to take them to Harvey but shedders him to stay put and rest while she takes the blueprints to be deciphered.

Selina accompanies Bruce to the location Jeremiah sent him to. Selina scopes out the roof while Bruce enters the building and is immediately tormented with a video of Alfred being beat up.

Lee tells Nygma to decode Jeremiah's plans in order to trade the solution to the GCPD in exchange for clemency. Nygma is weary that Lee only wants him to do this to help Jim but she assures him that if Jeremiah destroys half the city it will disrupt all the plans they have for the Narrows. He begrudgingly agrees to get to work on decoding the plans.

Jeremiah is confronted buy Oswald, Grundy, Barbara, and Tabitha, who demand a large ransom sum under threat of destroying the bombs' core relay. Jerome claims to be taking their offer seriously and calls the mayor in order to demand a sum of money. Oswald tells tabitha that once they have the money they will kill Jeremiah, turn the core over to the police and be hailed as heroes. But Jerome proceeds to destroy the core himself and proceeds to implement his back-up plan which will have the bombs rewired to detonate in sequence ahead of schedule due to this interference.

Bruce continues to be tormented by the footage of Alfred being tormented and seemingly sprayed with a dose of Scarecrow's toxin while the recorded video of Jeremiah taunts him.

Nygma and Jim reluctantly work together to solve Jeremiah's blueprints. They determine the buildings that Jeremiah plans on detonating so that they will collapse and form the labyrinth he designed. Jim knocks Nygma out when he expresses a wish to take the plans to the mayor first in order to get himself and Lee pardoned. Jim proceeds to take it to the GCPD instead. Meanwhile, Oswald has called Harvey to warn him of Jeremiah's intent to rewire the bombs to directly communicate with each other and detonate them once he is at a safe distance. Fox is able to determine what this backup system is and that they can disrupt the signal of the first one in the sequence but they need to know where the bombs are first. Right on cue, Jim arrives at the station with the locations of the bombs.

Selina enters the hideout and finds some of Jeremiah's goons watching surveillance footage of Bruce being tormented. She is also snuck up on by Scarecrow before proceeding to fight the goons. Scarecrows sprays his gas and it infects one of the goons. Selina knocks the other goon out and fights Scarecrow who proceeds to leave while telling her that soon Bruce will be driven mad. Bruce is being sprayed with Scarecrow'd fear toxin and begins to hallucinate an insane version of Alfred attacking him. In actuality, Selina has freed the real Alfred who works with him to break him out of the fear that the toxin created.

Fox directs Harvey to the location of the first bomb and instructs him on how to active the kill switch. Time is of the essence as the bomb is preparing to detonate, and Jeremiah is at his bunker with all of his followers. The news plays at the bunker and Jim taunts Jeremiah's followers by saying he failed to kill him. Jeremiah says it doesn't matter since he will soon detonate the bomb. But by the time he hits the switch, Harvey has already deactivated it. The lack of sound of explosions prompts Jeremiah's followers to turn on him and want to leave. Jeremiah chides their fickle ways and says they're very predictable, before locking them in a room and pressing a purge button which triggers a fire to incinerate all of them.

Grundy turns on Oswald, demanding that he reveal the location of Strange. Tabitha says that she will be able to convince Strange to fix Grundy regardless of their lack of funding.

Jeremiah is piecing together how his plan was foiled and is preparing to start all over again. But it's then that Ra's al Ghul appears to him, proposing an alliance. He points out that this isn't just about Gotham, but about Bruce Wayne.

Jim visits Lee to thank her for her help and also to tell her that she should leave Gotham so that they don't have to inflict any further harm against one another, admitting in the process that he still cares about her and always will. He then leaves, while Nygma is revealed to have overheard the entire conversation.

Harvey returns to GCPD headquarters and is revered as a hero, finally having regained the honour he had previously lost.

Bruce, Selina, and Alfred make it back to Wayne Manor. Bruce thanks Selina for her help and the two kiss, after which Bruce ponders if his parents' deaths made him a little bit insane. Jeremiah is then revealed to have broken in and shoots Selina in the stomach, after which Alfred tackles him and begins beating him while Bruce tearfully tries to stop Selina's bleeding.

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