Into The Badlands S03E01 "Enter the Phoenix" Recap

It's been six months since Sunny returned to the Badlands with his child. There is a civil waging between the last two barons left: The Widow and Chau. The Widow meets with a skilled warrior, Moon, hoping to recruit him to her side but when he refuses the two break out in a fight. After considerable action between the two, they reach an impasse and Moon agrees to hear out her proposal.

Tilda, who has gained the name of the "Iron Rabbit," is working with a group of thieves to steal supplies from The Widow. Along the way, they inadvertently help Bajie to escape captivity while he is being transported.

M.K. is being held captive by The Widow, who is trying to help him get his power back. He has a large cage with a luxurious bed and women coming in and out his bed. He is despondent from the agonising process of pain to try to trigger his powers again. She tries to tell him that she's the only one he has left since Sunny hasn't tried to come for him for the last six months.

Sunny viciously beats some scavengers to death when they attack his in the trailer where he has taken refuge with his son. He has resorted to drinking often to nurse his emotional wounds following the loss of his love, and discovers a flier offering a large bounty for him on the body of one of the scavengers.

Tilda and the thieves are revealed to be protecting Lydia in a Totemist camp where they help refugees from the war. Lydia tells Tilda to stay away from the camp for a while, believing that her antics are too risky to the well-being of the refugees. Tilda becomes angry, saying that Lydia is breaking her promise to help her rescue M.K. She tries to get Bajie to help and mentions Sunny but Bajie points out that no one has seen Sunny in six months.

Sunny seeks help to treat his son Henry, who is sick. But his efforts turn up futile, forcing him to carry on and look elsewhere. Sunny ends up spotting Bajie at a marketplace, gambling and drinking. Bajie is about to get beat up for cheating and have his compass stolen but Sunny steps in, takes his compass back, and saves Bajie from the beating. While Henry is being tended to by a medicinal caretaker, she pricks his hand to check his blood and his eyes turn black. She calls Sunny and Lydia back, who learn that Henry has The Gift.

A new threat emerges in the form of a mysterious new leader who has bodyguards that also have The Gift along with tremendous fighting and killing abilities that will be unleashed to protect their leader.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


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