Into The Badlands S03E02 "Moon Rises, Raven Seeks" Recap

M.K. has a confrontation with Moon, and tries to goad him into killing him so he will finally be put out of his misery. Moon leaves him alive, and later is sent by The Widow to hunt down and kill the Iron Rabbit's head (not knowing that the thief is actually Tilda), as well as to find Bajie and bring him to her since he has information she needs for her to thrive in the war. Moon is officially The Widow's new Regent.

Bajie sends a signal to Pilgrim, the son of Azra, who are travelling with their Acolytes on a long journey to find a new kingdom in the Badlands. They eventually find one deep within a ruined castle on an island; it was once an natural history museum. Pilgrim fights and kills some dissenters in their group while blindfolded, with the last dissenter being spared when he changes his mind and declares that he still believes in their cause.

Moon arrives at Lydia's camp and comes across Tilda, not knowing she is the Iron Rabbit's head, and none the wiser that the baby they are taking care of belong to Sunny, who learns that he passed The Gift to baby Henry. Lydia agrees to talk to Moon but discretely warns Tilda not to follow them or fight anyone.

M.K. has one of the house's servants sneak him a large dose of opium which he uses to attempt suicide, having grown tired and hopeless from his captivity and her failed attempts to bring back his Gift. While overdosing he has a vision of his Gifted self telling him that he's trapped inside M.K. because he blames himself for the death of their mother, forcing him to remember what really happened. The scene changes to the violent day when his mother died. The scene is replayed and M.K. watches in horror as Sunny stabs and kills M.K.'s mother. Seemingly, M.K.'s Gift then returns to him.

The Widow visits Lydia to try to convince her to help her hunt down the Iron Rabbit. But Lydia stands strong and refuses to give in to threats. The Widow reveals that she doesn't want to threaten Lydia, but to offer her a high-ranking position and a sizable portion of land to rule over if she only gives up the Iron Rabbit.

Sunny and Bajie have learned from Lydia about Ankara, the Mad Witch who possesses important knowledge about the Dark Ones. They intend to set out to north to Vulture's Peak in order to find her, and Tilda asks Sunny if she can come with them but he warns her that he can't offer her the redemption she is looking for.

The Widow returns to her home and learns of M.K.'s attempted suicides and calls for a healer to come tend to him.

Finally, Pilgrim performs a ritual in which he must sacrifice Azra, who willingly has her back pierced by hooks before they are used to lift her high into the air where she declares that she can see everything.

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