iZombie S03E05 "Goon Struck" Recap

The Renegade's bodyguards murdered by Blaine in the previous episode are this week's murder case. Liv needs to consumes one of their brains to help solve the case. He was a Canadian and an avid hockey player so Liv becomes an accented hockey brute. His teammates don't want to cooperate in answering Clive's questions so Liv goes onto the ice to show them up and force their hands. While rough-housing with the various players, Liv has a vision of one of the players having a fight with the victim but it turns out the fight was from many years prior when they were playing on different teams. The man reveals that he's also a zombie.

Major and Don E. must work together to kidnap the daughter of a man who is planning to nuke New Seattle in order to wipe out the zombie population. She tries to kill herself with drugs in a motel bathroom while Major and Done E. are sleeping. With her being on the brink of death, Major feels there is no other choice but to scratch her so she will survive. She is brought back to New Seattle to start life as a new zombie and Graves hopes that by her being in the city and now a zombie that it will keep the city safe.

Liv has a vision of Blaine being the one to shoot the murder victim and someone else before him. Unfortunately, a zombie vision isn't enough to put Blaine away so they need to find evidence to prove this. When Blaine is brought in for questioning, Blaine lets it slip that the murder happened at a laundromat even though they never said it was there. Liv immediately suspects that this happened at Renegade's laundromat. Filmore Graves orders that the case be classified as solved by another department and for Blaine to be released.

Graves has been keeping Renegade in zombie jail, which entails zombies being frozen and kept locked up. But numerous others in the public have been calling for Renegade to be executed. Eventually, Renegade bows to public pressures and brings Renegade out to be executed publicly. Liv, Ravi, and Peyton watch the execution horrified. Liv speaks to Levon, who was one of Renegade's associates, and insists that he gather what's left of Renegade's associates in order to restart her various operations.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


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