iZombie S04E02 "Blue Bloody" Recap

A rich, elderly socialite is this week's murder victim. The woman was known for speaking her mind no matter how much it offended others. She dies on the golf course by a golf ball flying full-speed into her eye/skull. It might have been considered an accident were it not for the fact that one of the boys working on the course saw a figure running away into the trees right after the ball hit her. He also heard a splash, prompting an investigation into the nearby lake which turns up numerous ball, clubs, and even a knight of armor. Eventually, a gun designed to shoot balls at a high-speed is also recovered, indicating that it is the murder weapon. Liv consumes a bit of the woman's brain as a cocktail garnish.

Angus continues his preaching and begins to gain a cult following. He takes his followers to the streets and has them attack a batch of homeless folks, ordering that they be brought forward. He kills some of the homeless humans and has his followers feed on them.

Liv's abrasive brain-induced personality makes Clive resent her. She begins to drink more and has some freaky encounters with Major in the bedroom.

Clive asks Ravi for help since he can't be intimate with Dale since she is a zombie. Ravi suggests prescribing him an anti-anxiety medication that should decrease his libido since Clive feels his urges are becoming a problem.

Liv has a vision of three of Sandy's assistants playing with the golf-ball gun, meaning that one of them is likely her killer. What's surprising is that each of those assistants were set to receive a million dollars when she died though supposedly none of them knew about these payments. Her driver is revealed to have been having sex with Mrs. Brinks for extra money. Brinks had refused to pay for her second assistant's expensive heart surgery. The third assistant was supposed to receive a recommendation letter for his daughter to get into an elite university but she never did. All three are shocked by the revelation that they were set to receive a million dollars when she died. But the second assistant is revealed to be the killer as she was the one that programmed the safe and would've seen the will. She is only willing to confess to the crime if Clive will get her son to a restricted zone because it's where he is supposed to get transferred to a hospital that can help him.

Fisher and Jordan are helping Major fend off some young adults attacking a zombie-friendly restaurant. The situation escalates until Jordan ends up attacking one of the young adults and he gets scratched. One of the man's friends tries to shoot him since they had an agreement that none of them would ever become a zombie. The third friend films the entire conflict on his phone and runs off before Major can stop him.

Dale finds Clive's anti-anxiety medication and tells him not to take them, and that they'll figure out another way to deal with the situation.

In the end, Liv manages to wear off the brain's effects and works with Ravi to get the assistant's son to the restricted zone. When they his the security checkpoint, the guard calls over his supervisor who ends up being Major. Major warns them that this zone is dangerous for zombies, particularly the ones that don't tan or dye to disguise themselves. Liv is risking a lot by entering but when other soldiers nearly spot the kid hidden in the back and she gets an alarmed look on her face, Major permits them to enter.

Liv and Ravi successfully get the kid to the checkpoint and he is able to get the help he needs to get to his father who is in Los Angeles. Major and Liv later get into an argument over her risking their safety to get involved in human trafficking. Major says they can no longer continue their casual sexual relationship since their philosophical differences have become too much.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


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