iZombie S04E03 "Brainless in Seattle, Part 1" Recap

A young woman named Annie Wallace was reported missing by her parents. She stole $25,000 to pay a coyote to smuggle her into New Seattle. She fell in love with a man named Alan Fox who was living here but after getting into the city she was found dead with the majority of her brain matter missing. There are only a few bits left of it for Live to feed on and use to help her solve the case. She puts them into some spicy chocolates. Annie had a tendency to fall in love easily which makes Liv swoon over every new guy she meets.

Alan comes in to answer questions about his relationship with Annie. The transcripts of their conversations show that he had repeatedly warned her that it was too dangerous to try to come to New Seattle. He is devastated to learn that she is dead.

Major informs Graves about the recent scratching and the risk of the incident being exposed due to it being filmed. Graves is further stressed when he learns that they are quickly running out of the brain supply to feed the city. Graves proceeds to visit Blaine and asks him to find the coyote Renegade since his operations are creating more zombies and causing the brain supply to run out. Graves promises that this will be Blaine's final favour he owes him and then he won't have to be indebted to him any longer.

Liv goes to The Scratching Post, a local club, in the hopes of running into Allan. She brings Peyton and Ravi with her and is discouraged when she doesn't see Allan. But once she runs into a random guy at the club, she falls for him instead.

Liv eventually has a brain-vision that makes her realise that the coyote that snuck Annie in was the one to kill her. She and Clive track down the lair she saw in her vision and find many other human remains. It's clear that the coyote is a serial killer whose victims are all the clients that pay to get snuck into New Seattle.

Blaine follows different leads to find the coyote named Renegade. It eventually leads him to a new zombie that got turned by her in order to fend off his Parkinson's. The man doesn't want to reveal anything about her so Blaine says he has the cure for zombieism, showing him the syringes he has of it. Blaine threatens to turn him back into a human if he doesn't talk but the man won't budge. Eventually Blaine decides to kill him instead and eats his brain.

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