iZombie S04E04 "Brainless in Seattle, Part 2" Recap

Liv and Clive continue their investigation into the coyote serial killer preying on his rich and desperate clients. Ravi proposes that he will act as bait to lure the killer out.

Blaine enlists his subordinate Don E. to also feed on Blaine's recent victim's brain in the hopes of finding Renegade. The brain is from a zombie that Renegade turned but Blaine gave a dose of the cure to in order to feed on the brain and find the information he was looking for. As a result, he and Don E. have a compulsion to spill their secrets. Blaine has a vision and determines that Renegade is operating out of a laundromat.

The man scratched by Jordan, Tucker, decides not to kill himself and instead joins Angus' radical zombie cult.

Major tries to track the phone down with the incriminating video on it and is forced to get threatening with the men involved when they are initially uncooperative. When they eventually track Tucker down he gives the phone back but not without Major and the other soldiers being intimidated by zealous members of Angus' church. Major is shocked to see that Angus is the one leading the church and spouting all kinds of fanatical rhetoric. Angus says they're free to go but warns that if they come back again, he will kill them.

Ravi successfully sets up a meeting with the killer coyote in a shady location. Liv, Clive, and numerous other officers are hidden on the scene. The killer pulls a gun out and is prepared to kill Ravi but he is tackled by officers first. Everyone makes it safely out of the mission except for the killer himself who is arrested for murder.

Blaine finally has a vision that points him to the correct laundromat to be able to track down Renegade. Upon finding her, he kills her bodyguards and takes her captive to bring to Graves.

Liv finally tracks down Tim, the guy she made out with at the club and has ben searching for ever since. They make out again while Major is acting ridiculous due to being dosed with wrestler-brain. He still manages to apologise to her for their fight and says that he still wants them to be friends and she makes amends with him. Liv ends up losing her attraction to Tim once the brain wears off and she learns that Tim is a zombie-supremacist that believes humans are nothing more than food.

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