iZombie S04E06 "My Really Fair Lady" Recap

Certain members of Renegade's network are reluctant to let her come into the fold of their work. They are skeptical that she will be able to properly complete the numerous jobs that Renegade took on while running the Railroad network that helped zombies and others in need. An overbearing actress dies in a bus crash and Liv feeds on her brain while trying to do her work on the Railroad.

Ravi eats the brain of a heroin addict that died in the bus crash. The man's wife is looking for the family dog and Ravi eats the brain in order to help Peyton but has to suffer from the addictive aspects to do so. Peyton tries to give him new brains to get rid of the effects of the brain but he insists on continuing this task in order to help her.

Liv uses the brains of the actress to fuel her intricate plan to help smuggle five humans across the border and turn them in the process. Liv dons a Kiwi accent to distract a security guard while Levon and the others rescue the humans. After they are all scratched, Liv gets to see a family reunited, making her feel satisfied that it was all worth it.

Ravi continues to suffer through the addictive symptoms until he finally has a vision that allows him to help Peyton find the missing dog. Once Peyton reunites the dog with the mother, she thanks Ravi with a passionate kiss.

Blaine finally learns that his father has gotten out of the well and is now leading a cult of religious zombies once they put on a protest at Blaine's restaurant in order to force them to give up free food to the followers.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


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