iZombie S04E07 "Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Brain" Recap

Max Roberts is a 39-year-old professional wingman-for-hire. The morning after sleeping with a woman one of his clients claimed to be in love with he is found dead by the hook-up. He is determined to have been killed by poisoned condoms.

Don E chops off Dino's head to bring to Blaine for questioning regarding Blaine's father getting out of the well.

Liv consumes Max's brain and begins to act like a douchebag player. While under these effects she hits on Levon and tries to get him to sleep with her. She also visits Angus with him in the hopes of getting him to help them distribute brains to the zombies they have smuggled across the New Seattle border.

Clive joins a dating app to try to find someone to sleep with since he and Bozzio are now in an open relationship. When Ravi finds out about this he tries to help Clive pick up a woman to go home with. Eventually, Clive has a one-night stand with an escort. But after seeing Dale and talking about it with her he finds out that he was the first of the two to have sex with another person.

Chase Graves assigns Major as the "Vice President of Getting Stuff Done," with the first assignment being to storm into a newspaper office with other soldiers and shutting the place down for printing "fake news" (pieces that are unflattering to their agenda). A staff reporter calls out Major for being the chaos killer.

Live and Clive determine that a woman who was transformed into a zombie after sleeping with one of Max's clients that didn't disclose his status was the one who killed Max. She feels that her life was taken away from her since she will now never be able to live a normal life and have kids.

Peyton returns home after a hard day at work and discovers Liv printing I.D. cards for the zombies she has smuggled across the border.

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