iZombie S04E08 "Chivalry Is Dead" Recap

Peyton tells Liv about Major being in charge of the team shooting up a newspaper office. Live asks Peyton not to tell Ravi or Major about the human smuggling she's gotten involved with. Peyton is understanding of why Liv is doing this line of work and demands to be part of the operation and help with the cause. Liv doesn't want Peyton to put herself in danger but does mention that a lack of funding for resources if one of the operation's biggest problems. Peyton finds out about a stash of cash from a criminal associate in prison in exchange for him being transferred from gen-pop to a white collar prison.

Liv meets Clive and Ravi at this week's crime scene where the victim has been found wearing a suit of armour. He was a medieval history professor who enjoyed LARP-ing in his spare time. Liv and Clive head to Garrett's (the victim) LARP-ing group to find out who would've had a grudge against him enough to stab him with a sword. The group claims that Garrett left the group after the wall went up because he felt it wouldn't be a good idea for zombies and humans to LARP together. He left to play with a new zombie LARP group but Garett wasn't actually a zombie, as evidence by Liv's ability to consume his brain and have visions from it.

Liv is helping Clive with the autopsy when Isabel, one of the people Liv is helping in her secret operation, calls her for help. Her coyote briefly goes missing but returns at the end of the phone call.

Angus and Blaine have an uneasy deal set up but Blaine feels compelled to ask him for a favour after Mr. Boss comes to visit him. Mr. Boss wants to go after the same stash of cash that Peyton is trying to get her hands on to help with Liv's operation. Beth and Geo, two sick individuals, arrive in New Seattle and Liv scratches them so they can be saved from death and start life anew. But the third person set to arrive, Isobel, doesn't arrive as planned. She and the coyote she was supposed to come with, Curtis, are missing.

Major decides to join Russ on some secret mission to try to make more money. The mission turns out to be beating up some zombies involved with a side-job Russ has going in which he sells watered down supplies of brains. They let the zombies live but ransack their operation space.

Liv and Clive track down some zombie LARP-ers that Garrett had joined up with. The zombies didn't know that Garrett wasn't really a zombie and were shocked when they were playing a game and he began to bleed once he was stabbed with a sword. A zombie named Kevin admits to being the one to stab him, as he was portraying Arthur opposite Garrett's Lancelot. Clive knows that killing Garrett was an accident but everyone needs to come in the next day to make a statement.

Angus and his followers block the road on which the prisoners are set to be transported. His followers surround themes and attack it. After tipping the bus onto its side they feed on the prisoners and other passengers inside. The accountant that told Peyton about the money is brought to Mr. Boss. He reveals where the hidden stash of money is but Blaine is still instructed to feed on the man's brain to ensure that the information is legitimate.

Liv has a vision of "Arthur" barging in on Garrett sleeping with "Guinevere" who was Arthur's real wife. When she is brought in, she admits that after her husband became a zombie and they were no longer able to have sex she needed to seek that intimacy elsewhere despite still loving her husband. She still believes her husband is innocent but is shocked when she sees a photo of the murder weapon since it wasn't Excalibur, the sword that he is supposed to fight with while LARP-ing. One of the other LARP-ers reveals that Arthur tricked Garrett into thinking he was wounded so he'd be able to stab him since Garrett was too good a fighter to lose legitimately.

Blaine and Mr. Boss arrive at the locker where the money is supposed to be but it's already been taken by Peyton. She has brought it to Liv and the other members of the operation so they can use it to save more people. It's then that Isobel finally arrives with Curtis the coyote. But despite Liv repeatedly scratching her, it doesn't work and she is unable to be turned into a zombie.

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