iZombie S04E09 "Mac-Liv-Moore" Recap

Liv and Peyton offer to try to help Isobel go back to where she came from but Isobel doesn't want to go since it won't make much of a difference where she will die. Liv and Ravi have been tasked with working on the cases of the prisoners that were killed in the bus that was attacked by Angus' followers.

Blaine acquires a $100,000 brain that he wants Don E to consume as part of his master plan. Blaine had recently fed on a real estate agent which got him to thinking about acquiring certain properties that have dipped in value because of New Seattle becoming a zombie territory. But whenever things return to normal, these currently cheap properties will skyrocket in value. Don E consuming this plan will further his agenda once he reveals what the brain will allow Don E to do.

Liv and Ravi must investigate the death of a zombie woman and her human boyfriend, Walden. Liv feeds on the man's brain and begins to use the persona of a wannabe rapper. She and Clive question the man's brother who used to rap alongside Walden but eventually Walden got signed by a big manager and the two split up. He wrote a diss track about his brother for abandoning him but remains insistent he had nothing to do with his death.

Liv has a vision of one of the prisoners from the bus, Ronnie 'Sugar Cain' AKA Zombie Killer Cain, confronting the Walden/'Reign' and his girlfriend at the Scratching Post. Since Cain had been in prison before the Scratching Post opened it's clear that the vision is recent. A city-wide lockdown is put in place by Fillmore-Graves who are looking for Cain. This prevents Clive and Liv from being able to leave the precinct and follow the lead to the Scratching Post as they had originally planned.

At the Scratching Post, Don E is on the brain Blaine gifted him. He is now more timid and virginal around women, highly complementary towards his superiors, and Blaine informs him that he has special skills surrounding technology. Blaine wants Don E to set up an auction on the Dark Web where Blaine will auction off ten zombie cures to the highest bidders.

Peyton brings Isobel to the station since they were already on the way there when the sirens went off to indicate the lockdown. Isobel thinks it's cool to see real dead bodies up close.

When Major brings up the Angus' church to Filmore Graves, he reacts with anger and smashes up a locker. Despite Major having put information about a prior confrontation with the church in a previous report, someone in the organisation had filtered the information out to keep Graves from learning about it.

Clive, Ravi, and two other officers decide to play a dungeons-and-dragons-like game together. Detective Hunter decides to join in on the game and later shares an intimate moment with Clive in private during which they kiss.

Don E asks Blaine how people will know that the cures are legitimate and worth bidding on. Blaine says that they will cure and then kill a high-profile zombie and film it in order to legitimize the cures on sale. Blaine also asks Don E to snoop on Peyton's e-mails to spy on what she's been getting up to. He is also confused as to how it was that they had previously seen Ravi eating out of a brain tube but appears to be sexually active with Peyton, a human.

Ravi leaves the game early upon learning that Peyton is at the station and meets Isobel. He is immediately charmed by her intelligence and wit.

Major brings Jordan and Fisher to pick up a drunk Filmore-Graves soldier from the Scratching Post and bring him back to the base. When he wakes up, he finds that his ID has been taken and reveals that he wasn't drinking. He is shown to have a head wound, indicating that someone knocked him out for the purpose of stealing his Level 5 security clearance. It's revealed that Cain was the one to steal his ID and is currently holding Filmore Graves at gunpoint. Their conversation shows that he blames Filmore Graves for his wife and daughter becoming zombies, after which Cain had killed them. Cain shoots Filmore Graves in the kneecaps, after which Major bursts in and shoots Cain and disarms him.

Ravi asks Liv about Isobel dying and asking why Liv hasn't scratched her. He offers to scratch her the next time he is a zombie but Liv reveals that she already tried to scratch her and have other zombies scratch her too but it didn't take. Since Isobel has had different experimental treatments to save her life, it is possible that one of those things is the reason she is immune. Isobel overhears the last part of their conversation in which Ravi says that Isobel should be studied in case she is the key to finding a vaccine for the zombie condition.

Blaine has Don E bring the zombie mayor Baracus into a back room. He claims to offer a drug and a shot to offer him a high to further his pleasure before he will be able to enjoy a sexual tryst with some prostitutes. After he sniffs the drug and takes the shot, Baracus says he feels funny and then tells Blaine he knows he is human again and can feel the difference. Blaine then shoots him through the chest, with the entire portion of him taking the drug, exclaiming that he's human, and being shot dead filmed for uploading onto the dark web.

When Isobel reveals to Ravi that Liv helped orchestrate the coyote sneaking her into New Seattle, Peyton proceeds to fully reveal how Liv has taken over Mama Leone's operations. Ravi is shocked but still agrees to help out, as Isobel insists that she wants to be studied since she wants her life and death to mean something greater.

Major finds Cain barely breathing as he bleeds out on the floor of Graves' office. Major is ordered to scratch Cain, despite his pleas to let him die. Graves wants to have him publicly executed with the guillotine.

The body of Baracus is found on a bench, dead with a bullet wound through the heart. Peyton shows the investigators the video of him taking a drug, turning human, and being shot dead. No one has been able to find the video's origins. Meanwhile, the cures are being sold for millions of dollars just as Blaine intended.

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