iZombie S04E10 "Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!" Recap

Peyton has taken over as acting mayor since Baracus was murdered, and Blaine is questioned on whether he had anything to do with the murder. Dale has fed on Baracus' brain but since Blaine was wearing a mask and chose an unusual location to commit the murder in, she can't get anything from her vision to prove that he was the killer.

Isobel helps Liv with the human-smuggling operations by printing out IDs and spends time in the morgue so Ravi can perform experiments to try to find if her body chemistry can be used to create a cure for the zombie condition. Thy also binge-watch episodes of Zombie High with Isobel since she's been wanting to see it.

A rough cop named Detective Benedetto is this week's murder victim, having been shot three times. He was tracking a dangerous felon named Albert Ghansu who was business partners with another criminal named Anthony Jin, also known as Blue Cobra A.J. Liv had previously beat the hell out of Jin while on a brain that gave her kung fu skills. Benedetto had gotten Ghansu put away but he recently escaped from prison.

The officers investigating the murder of Baracus are unable to continue since the auction has proved untraceable.

Liv becomes a rough-around-the-edges cop-type after eating Benedetto's brain. She beats up a suspect on the street and gets caught on the dash cam doing so. Before this happens though, Clive admits that he really wants to be a father and being with Dale means having to give up that option since zombies aren't currently allowed to adopt. Liv is suspended as a result of her actions meaning she has to stay out of the field.

Isobel admits to Ravi that she wants to meet a boy to have sex with before she dies. She later is introduced to one of the actors from Zombie High, who is only two years older than her, and strikes up a fast relationship.

Jin is brought in for questioning regarding Ghansu's missing jewels. Ghansu admits that he's actually a zombie and claims that Benedetto was a dirty cop.

Blaine attends one of Angus' sermons at his church and watches in shock as his old housemaid is brought forward. Frau Bader had worked for Angus for thirty years but was highly abusive towards Blaine. Angus reveals this to the entire congregation and orders his followers to kill and feed on her.

One of the coyotes working for Liv, Curtis, is caught by Chase Graves and pressured to give up the name of the new Renegade. He spins a story to try to implicate Brother Love. Liv has also struck a relationship with Levon and together they track down where Curtis is being held. They come up with a distraction to get the zombie guards away from Curtis so Liv can reach him through a window and scratch him so that the soldiers won't be able to kill him.

It's revealed that AJ is doing his criminal work alongside Jin, despite Jin's facade that he has turned over a new leaf since he got out of prison. Finally, Major figures out that Liv has taken over for Mama Leon as the new Renegade after he finds a tracker she put in his pocket. He confronts her about it and they get into an argument over different philosophical approaches to New Seattle.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


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