iZombie S04E11 "Insane in the Germ Brain" Recap

A man dressed as a woman was killed in a bar parking lot by blunt force trauma to the bed. He was dressed as a woman because he was part of a sketch in which he portrayed a female co-worker. The co-worker is brought in and we learn she worked in HR which means she wasn't exactly popular, The murder victim, Vince, was an intense germaphobe which Liv also starts to take on once she consumes his brain. Liv has a vision of the man on the Sick Puppies softball team had hit on Vince while he was dressed as a woman, only to be mocked by his teammates for not knowing that it was a man he was hitting on.

Ravi has an uncomfortable family dinner with Peyton and her parents. As acting mayor, Peyton will be leaving for Washington D.C. soon for an important meeting regarding the city and both her parents and Ravi think that she shouldn't come back afterward since she will be able to live a safer life if she stays out of New Seattle.

Dale breaks up with Clive after hearing him talking about wanting children and this being a benefit to being with Michelle on the surveillance tape. However, she doesn't tell him that this is the reason why he is breaking up with her.

Though the murder is solved per usual, this plot takes a back seat to the numerous other dramatic developments with the other plots.

Russ Roche bring Major to his superior, Jin, as part of the move for him to rise in the ranking. Jin order him to consume part of a brain that will act as a lie detector for Major in order to determine whether or not he is truly loyal to them or Filmore Graves. Major admits that he is loyal to Filmore-Graves and only played along enough for them to find the base of operations. He had previously swallowed a tracker and an explosive on him that will aid in the other soldiers to storm the base and take over.

Liv has to impersonate Peyton, who has already left New Seattle, in order to get Isobel's mother out of a holding centre so mother and daughter can be reunited.

The Filmore Graves soldiers celebrate at the Scratching Post but Major has to deliver the bad news that Russ got away by stealing Jordan's gun. Chase shoots at her repeatedly in the torso so Fisher shoots Captain Seattle in the neck. He responds by shooting Fisher in the head, killing him completely. Captain leaves the party and Major is shaken, holding a badly wounded Jordan in his arms.

An attack on the church involves an attempted assassination of Angus but a different zombie ends up killed in the commotion and the shooter, Mace, is devoured by the partitioners including Tucker who was once his friend when they were both humans.

Isobel dies, leaving her mother, Liv, and everyone else in their group distraught.

iZombie airs on Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.


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